Sunday, December 31, 1995

Gus / Gus "Floriduh vs. Canaduh" ep

No Idea Records knew of a band from Florida called Gus. It makes sense as the label is based in Gainesville, Florida. They came across the band from Victoria, BC so they decided to put together a split between the two bands with the same name. The BC recorded two songs at the Rat's Nest in October 1994. The songs were:
1. Lettuce is Dead
2. Snivling
The band from Florida are from Hollywood and they recorded at Studio 13 on January 1995. The songs on here are:
1. Organ Donor Potential
2. Dirt Bike
The record was pressed twice in two different presses of 300 copies. The first pressing is on black vinyl and the second press is on a Purple-Grey marble.

Flyer - Sunday, December 31st, 1995

This was the first New Years Eve fest in the city. It may have been the first fest pre-dating the Columbus fest and whatnot. The unique thing about this show was that there was a great representation of regional bands, so loads of bands from Canada were on the bill. And folks flew in from California and Philly to see the Chokehold and Union of Uranus reunions.

In the zine "Thousand Year War #7", the organizer of the event, Dave Munro, recounts the following:

"What was conceived in ignorance (?), brought forth an unknown monster. Seven venues and two band cancellations plus an incorrect ad in Heart attaCk. Constant explanations to bands why there was already too many bands. Threats of possible violent confrontations with Northern New York scenesters. Crazy midnight Detroit border crossings the night before the show with a semi-delirious, blood soaked member of Coleman at the wheel. Last minute arrangements for: final venue, advertising, sound and band line ups. Plus, a shit load of stuff that comes crashing back to me in the form of stress induced flashbacks (watch Opera!)

In the end, the work of the few was dispersed to the many on the day of the show. Each person who attended, played a part in making the show actually come together and not fall apart into a blur of repetitive decibel oscillations. Though some peoples efforts did stand apart and were far greater help than expected, For that and any other assistance - I say thanks! The final tally: each band received $150, club $600, myself $55, ONtario Coalition Against Poverty $308.

Maybe we'll do this again? Maybe, we'll hurt ourselves? Who's ta say"


Thursday, December 21, 1995

Resin Scraper "Harmful If Swallowed" ep

The second ep by Resin Scraper includes a Gang Green cover with a bunch of originals described by the label as Gaunt meets a stripped down version of the New Bomb Turks. Mag Wheel Records released this. The songs on here are:
1. Harmful if Swallowed
2. Get Your Hat Back On
3. Alcohol

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The Glorystompers "Abandoned Youth" LP

The Glorystompers were from Edmonton and this LP was recorded in New York on August 18, 1994. The band released this on their own label called Disturbance Records and Profane Existince did their distribution. The songs on here are:
1. Homeless
2. Waste
3. No More
4. (Not a) Machine
5. Redline
6. Tory Crimes
7. Deceiver
8. My Life
9. Fight
10. City Life
11. Part Time (You Don't Give a Shit)

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Sunday, October 29, 1995

Chokehold "Content with Dying" LP

This LP came out on Great American Steak Religion in 1995. This was with a newer line up and the songs on here are:
1. Underneath
2. Afraid of Life
3. Content with Dying
4. Not a Solution
5. Relisgion on a Stick
6. Regression
7. Conditioned
8. Sidetracked
9. You're the Only One?

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Flyer - Friday October 20, 1995

Sunday, October 15, 1995

The Mods "Twenty 2 Months" CD

The title represents the time that the Mods were together. The Mods were from Scarborough and the band was on the Last Pogo bill and self-released an ep on White Collar Records. This CD collects the ep and the other songs that were recorded at the ep recording back in May 1979. There was another recording at Phase One studios in January 1980 and live material from the Horseshoe collected for this CD. Chris Spedding mixed the material in January 1985. The songs on here are:

1. Reign of Terror
2. Troubled Times
3. Reactions
4. You Use Me
5. Between Four Walls
6. Coming In Out of the Rain
7. Changed my Mind
8. The Other Side
9. Tell Her I'll Be There
10. Second Chance
11. Anywhere but with you
12. I Don't Even Mind
13. Swaying Hair
14. Just Begun
15. The Look in Your Eyes
16. Out of Your Hands
17. The Other Side (Live)
18. From a Window (Live)
19. New Breed (Live)
20. Bust Down (Live)
21. Step Out Tonight

Saturday, October 14, 1995

Hocley Teeth "Smells like Stanley's cup!" CD

This is Hockey Teeth's first full length release. It was released by Outcast Records and was recorded at Rumenal Studios. The songs on here are:

1. Today
2. Lost friend
3. Not so long ago
4. Rich man's stuff
5. Just let me think
6. Behind these eyes
7. Hungry and homeless
8. Game Face
9. Blowin' in the Wind
10. Trick of the Jack
11. Power and Control
12. Stolen Land
13. The death of dollar bill
14. Believe

15. Hit and Run
16. My dad's Jeans
17. Hockey Teeth

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Shoulder ep

These songs were recorded at Signal to Noise. The ep was released by Conquer the World and Rhythm of Sickness. The songs on here are:
1. Body
2. Kindling

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Okara "Red Tide" ep

Okara were a punk band from Orleans, Ontario. They recorded this at Robyn's Fun House in the summer of 1995. They released this on their own label Squewky Records. This is the second ep and the songs on here are:
1. Long Distance
2. Enough, Already
3. Red Tide
4. Aguirro

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Flyer - Tuesday June 24, 1995

Flyer - Saturday June 24, 1995

There was a year when Rotate This would host shows in their back area of the store. Here is one with Blowhard.

Tuesday, June 20, 1995

Tuesday, June 13, 1995

The Curse "Teenage Meat" CD

"Teenage Meat" is basement recordings and lo-fi material recorded by the Curse. This also includes the "Shoeshine Boy" single the band released along with some live material. Other People's Music released the CD. You can find a link for the CD at The songs on here are:

1. Raw
2. Aggravation
3. Switchblade Love
4. Something Ya Can't Tell Your Mother
5. I Accuse You
6. Eat Me
7. Shoeshine Boy
8. Killer Bees
9. Teenage Meat
10. Oh My God
11. Feelin' Dirty
12. Something Ya Can't Tell Your Mother
13. I Accuse You
14. Switchblade Love
15. Eat Me
16. Aggravation
17. Blunks
18. No More Ice Cream
19. He's My Boy
20. Johnny Feels Good
21. If It Tastes So Great, Swallow it Yerself

Thursday, June 8, 1995

Various Artists "Smash the State, Volume 2" LP

This was the second installment of the Smash the State series. This too came out on Frank Manley's label No Exit Records. Once again Frank stuck to releasing eps in the entirety. He starts out with a band from Winnipeg called Lowlife. This band featured Richard Duguay on bass who went on to play guitar in Personality Crisis. The ep re-released on this comp is called "Leaders" and was originally released on a label called Airout Music back in 1979. MP3 files can be found out Good, Bad Music for Bad, Bad Times!

The Spys were a repeat band to the series. The Spys were from Windsor and self-released this ep in 1980. The songs were "Underground" and "Machine Shop".
Private School were also on this comp. They were from Vancouver, BC and appeared on the "Vancouver Complication" comp. The band formed in 1977 originally as an art school band. The band had rotating members and at one point had Tony Bardach on bass from the Pointed Sticks. They opened for the Police on their first North American tour in 1979. The songs on here are on a self-released ep and are:
1. Money, Guns and Power
2. Fuck You
3. I Wanna Know
4. Sci-Fi

Silicone Injection self-released a 5 song ep titled "Sic Nos Non Nobis". It was recorded at R+R Studios from September 1980 to Januaury 1981. The songs released on the ep are:
1. Kids are People Too
2. Payday on Friday
3. Agro
4. At War with Peace
5. She's A
The ep can be downloaded at

The Malibu Kens were from Edmonton. They released an ep titled "Be My Barbie" on their own label Exploding Debut in 1981. The band also had some songs on the "It came from Inner Space" comp which is a little known Edmonton punk comp. Let's Dance do a tribute to the above shot in their first ep on Longshot Music. 7" from the Underground has a download for the "Be My Barbie" ep. The songs on this ep are:
1. Crude City
2. Wednesday Morning at 5:00 as the Day Begins

Wasted Lives and Big Black Puppets were from Vancouver and featured future Modernettes and Pointed sticks members. Wasted Lives did a song called Divorce" and Big Black Puppets did a song called "False Hopes". This ep came out on Gestus Music in 1979 originally.
A summary on the collection of the Smash the State materials can be found up at Model Citizen ... Zero Discipline.

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