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Radio - Sunday, December 29th, 2013

This is the last show for 2013 so this is a retrospective look at the year in punk. You can hear the show on the player above or download the file here.

We started out with some of my favourite Canadian releases.

DEMOLITION - Big Jon's Mosh (Triple B)

KREMLIN – Buried (Bad Vibrations / Beach Impediment)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS – Man Enough (Self-Released)
BORN WRONG – Loujack Cafe (Schizophrenic)
PROXY – Shackled to a Corpse (Inflammable Material / Imminent Destruction)
SYSTEMATIK – Decay (Deranged)
ROYAL RED BRIGADE – Sickness (Self-Released)
HASSLER – Escape (Beach Impediment)
BISHOPS GREEN – Stay Away (Rebellion)
ASILE - La Maudite Guerre (Rust and Machine)
THE SCREWED – Last Pogo (Screwed)

We moved to bands that were new to the scene in 2013.

CHRISTER PETTERSSEN - Simulation of reality (Self-Released)
RAD “Loud and Fast” LP – Sk8bored / Legancy of Bro-tality / Don't call the cops (Phono Select / Sacramento)
CAGED ANIMAL – PPM / Betrayed (Warthog Speak)
UTANFORSKAPET - Kängor från rännstenen (Fight Back / Rawby)
NAPALM HEARTS – No Reply (Helta Skelta)
THE SHORTS – Inspiration (Suspect Device)
SPIKNYKTER – Det syns inte utanpa (Refuse / Commitment / Ugly and Proud)
INSTINTO - Días de dolor (Hysterical / Angry Voice / Grito o Muere / Mass Productions / Svodoba)
HELVETIN VIEMARIT - Kuilun Partaalla (Absurdo / Terrotten)
UHRIT – Lapsimorsian (Tuska ja Ahdistus / Kamaset Levytt)

I compiled some of my favourite demos released in 2013.

GAS RAG - Progress (Self-Released)
GREY NURSE - Stolen Language (Self-Released)
PILLAGE - Head in the sand (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - In The Night (Self-Released)
ANCIENT FILTH - Egokill (Self-Released)
ACOUSMA - Ancient Transcripts (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Moral Graffiti (Self-Released)
CORRECTION - Resist Stance (Flophouse Tapes)
GRUMP - Empty Lungs (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Savages (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Science Fiction (Self-Released)

Lastly was a look at some of the many re-issues that came out in 2013.

DNA - Done Laughing / Rich Man's Society (Even Worse / Way Back When)
ASTA KASK - Den enes bröd (Prank)
BAD SKIN - We're dogs (Bad Vibrations)
POINTED STICKS - Somebody’s Mom (Ugly Pop)
BUREAUCRATS - Grown up age (Ugly Pop)
COCKNEY REJECTS - Flares 'n Slippers (Ugly Pop)
THE BUSINESS - Employers Blacklist (Ugly Pop)
FIRE EXIT - Timewall (Last Laugh)
KLAXON “1984” LP - Riot (Sydney Town)
CAMERA SILENS - Squatt (Sydney Town)

Then we featured the DISDONUT demo. DISDONUT features Mike from Oxbaker as a one man donut themed band. The demo is titled "Dazed and Confused" and you can hear it at

DISDONUT - Fritter Obliteration (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Honey Glazed Holocaust (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Old Fashioned Pain (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Nuclear Dutchie (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Jelly Full of Napalm (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Coconut Cream Genocide (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Maple Dip Massacre (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Walnut Crunch Warfare (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Death's Doorstep Double Chocolate (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - The Cruller knows only cruelty (Self-Released)

We did some show listings and then we played most of the last release by Kremlin which was a cassette only release. You can download the tape at Cut and Paste.

KREMLIN - Empire (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Abuse Asylum (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Waking E (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Untitled (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Sun Never Sets (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Amidst an ice storm Dave Stevenson from OXBAKER and DIRTY BLACK SUMMER guest hosts the Christmas edition of Equalizing-X-Distort. Dave approached me at Not Dead Yet about the idea and as we got talking about it I realized that Dave would have a lot of new material that Pete Genest of Hits and Misses hadn't covered with exception of the Yobs song which was a request by Pete. You can listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

DESTRUCTORS666 - Punk Rock Christmas Song (Rowdy Farrago)

ANTI-HEROES - All Hail Santa (Link)
THE PORK GUYS - Rudolph Burger Hold the nose (Tarquin)
THE VIBRATORS - I Hate X-mas (Raw Power)
BLACK DHALIA - Drinking Up Christmas (No Balls)
FEEDERZ - Aborted Jesus (Brokin)

BAD ENGRISH - Ho Ho Oh No (Black Hole)
WHITE FLAG - Death under the Christmas Tree (Mystic)
HAUST - No Christmas (Fysisk Format)
THE FUCK UPS - White Christmas (Knock Out)
RAJOITUS - Joulu on Taas

SABOTAASI - Jouluopukin Maa (Kahlenjukke)
APPENDIX - Joulu Laulu (Uho)
EUTHANASIA - Joulu Peruutettu (Deggael)
TAMPERE SS - Kun Joulu on (Havoc)
NAIKIT JA MUUSI - Koko Joulun Tofut (Skeletor Tapes)

DONNAS - Christmas Wrapping (Self-Released)
EA 80 - It's Christmas (Self-Released)
DAG NASTY - Merry Christmas Baby (Revelation)
999 - Christmad Cards (Overground)
NIGHTBIRDS - Less the Merrier (Grave Mistake)

POINTED STICKS - Christmas Time Again (La-Ti-Da)
TOY DOLLS - Credit Crunch Christmas (Secret)
SSS - Merry Christmasss (Ear Ache)
THE A-TEAM - Christmas Claws (Painkiller)
GERIATRIC UNIT - Christmas 1977 (The Endless Sickness)

THE DEAD MILKMEN - Christmas Party (Jerrock)
FEAR - Another Christmas Beer (The End)
PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES (with GBH) - I'm Getting Pissed for Christmas (We Bite)
THE YOBS - Oy Santa (Receiver)

ANGRY SNOWMAN - Sugar Plum (T.K.O.)
MISSILE TOADS - Santa's on Methadone (Black Hole)
FIGGY AND THE SCROOGES - The Scrooge's Carol (Used Kids)
BAD RELIGION - Father Christmas (Epitaph)

JOEY RAMONE - What a Wonderful World (Sanctuary)

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Dead Mouth studio 3 session

Dead Mouth are a band from Toronto that have been around since 2010. The band features members of some bands like Teethmarks and Black Faxes. They are pretty amazing and cover some of their influences like Agnostic Front, S.O.D., and Integrity. Although they take some of the heaviness from this scene they approach things with a critical mind which is refreshing to hear in a time of never ending whitewash. This is a session recorded by Ian Wilkinson in CIUT's studio 3. Here are the songs recorded:

1. Why Should I Care?!
2. Dead
3. Through Being Cool
4. Hipster Holocaust / Years and Years
5. Pull the Plug
6. PTS to SP
7. Losing Control
8. Everest
9. Iron Fist (Motorhead) - This took three takes and was done as a request because the band had just played a Motorhead set at the Punks is covers series
10. Victim in Pain (Agnostic Front)
11. Milano Mosh (S.O.D. from NYC)
12. Hipster Holocaust EXD ID
13. Losing Control CIUT ID
14. Losing Control CIUT ID dub

The band features Jesse Robinson on vocals, Martin Poulin on guitars, Dave Fenton on bass, and Joe Drebit on drums. They have two releases up on bandcamp which you can find at

Punks 'n Rockers has captured a medley of songs from that session. They have a blog that you can go and see past sessions found at

Flyer - Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Radio - Sunday, December 15th, 2013

A big snowstorm hit Toronto this weekend and after much snow shovelling this NoMeansNo song "'Til I Die" soke to me with the opening lyric "I'm gonna Shovel snow til I die".

We started off the show with a dedication to Greg Dick for the loss of his father, Martin, who passed away last week. He was from Hamilton and "Picture my face" was a song that Martin knew. We had to keep it Hamilton. The rest of the set was by bands from Belfast because Greg let us know about this film on Belfast called "Good Vibrations". This Friday "Good Vibrations" will be showing the film for a week at the TIFF Lightbox. You should try and see it.

After that I played a set based on my top 10 picks for October and a set of runners up.

There was a set of new material mostly of the grind / power violence nature.

Then a set of galloping hardcore inspired by Discharge, Japacore, and kang.

D'Arcy finished up the show with a preview of the top 10 for 2013. We wil be going through it in two weeks. You can listen to the show on the player above or download it here. Here is what was played.

NOMEANSNO - 'Til I Die (AntAcidAudio)

TEENAGE HEAD - Picture my Face (Teenage Head)
VICTIM - The Teen Age (Good Vibrations / Overground)
THE XDRERAMYSTS - The Heat is on (Polydor)
STRIKE - Running past (Good Vibrations)
the OUTCASTS - Magnum Force (Cherry Red)
THE YOUNG LIONS - Goodnight Belfast (Schizophrenic)

SICK/TIRED - Warm Beer (Self-Released)
HELVETIN VIEMARIT - Vihaan Työtä (Terrortten)
GREY NURSE - Asleep (Self-Released)
DEALBREAKER - Here lies... (Cricket Cemetary)
HERO DISHONEST - Systeemi ei lepää (Peterwaulkee)
CHRISTER PETTERSSEN - For those about to thrash (Self-Released)
NEIGHBOURHOOD BRATS - Break Down The Walls (Deranged)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Random Acts (Refuse)
POISON PLANET - Death Of Ideas (Refuse)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Anxiety (Feral Ward)
VENGEANCE - Buy the record (Search for Fame)

CHEAP ART - Hate this Party (Fastercore)
HIGGS BOSON - 6 6 Sick (Self-Released)
THE FLEX - Repressed (Video Disease)
WASTOIDS - Brown Sugar, Brown Liquor (Deranged)

NO QUALMS - Squander / Follow Me (Give Praise)
BASTARD SWINE - Pigs Eating Pigs (Give Praise)
CAGEDGRAVE - Filthy Streets (Self-Released)
ALTERED BOYS - Choosing Sides (Give Praise)
STOIC VIOLENCE - Waste of Life (Katorga Works)
ANCIENT HEADS - Fight Back (Give Praise)

DEVIL'S HAND - World Gone to Shit (Grave Mistake)
BATTLESCARD - Speed chaos (Self-Released)
LAUTSTURMER - Bedtime for Humanity (Unrest)
UHRIT - Rantojen Miehet (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
CRIATURAS - Anti Autoridad (Residue)
INEPSY - Fast Way To Die (Feral Ward / Ineptik Records)

HARD SKIN - You Still here? (JT Classics)
LIFE - Enduring freedom (Punk Bastard)
SLANG - Glory outshines doom (Pizza of Death)
INSTITUTION - Vansine (D-Takt and Raw Punk)
TV FREAKS - Salvation / Nothing (Schizophrenic)
VALLEY BOYS - Autopilot / Feel like shit (Beach Impediment)
HASSLER - Apathy (Beach Impediment)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Fuck You Pay Me (Self-Released)
BIRD DEATH - cHEST pAIN bLUES (Self-Released)
BURIAL - More to Come (Hardware)
RAD - You're Next /Strike the Spine / Simple (Sac)

LEATHERFACE - Not a day goes by (Roughneck)

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Radio - Sunday, December 8th, 2013

The Viletones have their first show in six years coming up this Friday. Steve Leckie, the singer for the Viletones, came in to tell us about the current line up, answer questions about their songs and provide some other background and context to the Viletones over the years.

You can hear the interview on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

THE VILETONES - Rebel Unorthodox (Vile)
THE VILETONES - Possibilities (Other Peoples Music)
THE VILETONES - Screamin' Fist (Vile)
THE SCREWED - Screamin' Fist (Screwed)
THE VILETONES - KGB (Other Peoples Music)
THE VILETONES - C.O.N.T.R.O.L. (Other Peoples Music)
THE VILETONES - Danger Boy (Razor)
THE VILETONES - Dog Style (Other Peoples Music)

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Radio - Sunday, December 2nd, 2013

Tonight's show starts out with a recording and interview with Snake Charmer conducted on Tuesday November 26th in Studio 3. Snake Charmer are a band from Hamilton that started in 2011. The band originally came to our attention when D'Arcy saw them at a Slamfest in hamilton and we played them in a demo feature. That was for their first demo. Kelsey, the singer, visted the station with Born Wrong during their studio 3 session and even did vocals on one of their songs. The band has recorded two cassettes and an ep and they floored me at last year's Not Dead yet. You can get some of their music at, but you should really order their new ep from Schizophrenic Records. You can hear the interview on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

SNAKE CHARMER - Ball and Chain (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - Self-Immolate (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - Reaganomics (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - Identity Crisis (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - I'm not responsible, you're not responsible (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - Part 1 / Part 2 (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - Snake Charmer Death Cult (CIUT)
SNAKE CHARMER - Nothing west of Queen Street (CIUT)

RAZOR - Stamp out Disco (Abel)
CORTINAS - Delicate Pose (Step Forward)
BOYFRIENDS - You're the One (Bomp!)
WIDONES - For the Freedom (Poko)
UBER - Crisis (Sell our Souls)
RAPED - Normal (Parole)

APPARATUS - Who gives teh Right (Disarmament)
TETSU ARREY - Sassy (Selfish)
GLASSES - Into the Wild (Vendetta)
GENDERS - the Worst Day (Self-Released)
NO PARADE - Nightstick Justice (Self-Released)

Dedicated to Rob Ferraz who stayed home tonight to nurse his hangover
SECTION A - Fat Drunk and Stupid (Alternative Tentacles)
ADRENALIN OD - Pizza and Beer (Buy Our Records)

Dedicated to Martin Farkus (Career Suicide) and Vassill (Absolut) because it is their birthday this week.
HUSKER DU - I Will Never Forget you (SST)
ANTI-CIMEX - Make my Day (CBR)

Division Burzaco are from Uruguay and I learned about them in the November issue of MRR where they were reviewed in the demo section. The reviewer described them as a cross between the Germs and Vitamin X which makes some sense. The band has a blown out sound and they go between mid and fast paced styles of punk. You can download this recording at

DIVISION BURZACO - Jit (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - Mira Atras Sin Caer (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - Into the Wild (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - Numeros (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - No somos invincibles, Pero Estamos Unidxs (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - Sin Pulso (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - Animal (Self-Released)
DIVISION BURZACO - Muerdeme (Self-Released)

MRR Review - Stiv Bators and David Quinton "Make Up Your Mind" ep

Two recordings of the same song released by Ugly Pop. This review is from the December issue of MRR (#367).

MRR Review - Stiv Bators' Dead Boys "Last Stand 1980" ep

I know the Dead Boys were not a Canadian punk band but they did have a Canadian drummer, David Quinton, from the Mods/Arson fame. This is a recording released on Ugly Pop and reviewed in the December issue of MRR (#367).

MRR Review - Snake Charmer "Self Immolate" ep

Snake Charmer are a new band from Hamilton. They released a demo last year and they were on the show recently. The title for this ep comes from an incited that is credited for sparking the Arab Spring in Egypt. There is a lot more to this ep like the artwork inside and every song has a story. This review is from the December issue of MRR (#367). This recording and some earlier demos can be heard and downloaded at their bandcamp page.

MRR Review - Weak Link demo

Weak Link are from St. John's Newfoundland. I seem to remember another demo that is not up on the band camp page making this their third recording. It is referred to as the LP promo tape on their bandcamp page. Here is a review from the December 2013 issue of MRR (#367).

MRR Review - Eekum Skeekum "Glitter Bomb" demo

Eekum Skeekum are from Halifax and this is their first recording as far as I know. This is the review from the December 2013 issue of MRR (#367). You can download the demo from their bandcamp page.

MRR Review - Bricks "Forfeit" demo

The Bricks are from Halifax. The demo is called "Forfeit" and was recorded in July 2013. The demo was reviewed in the December issue of MRR (#367).  You can download it from their bandcamp page.

MRR Review - Propagandhi "How to Clean Everything" CD

Re-issue which was reviewed in the December issue of MRR (#367).  

MRR Review - The Flatliners "Dead Language" CD

The Flatliners, who are from Toronto, get reviewed in the Decemeber issue of MRR (#367).

MRR Review - Born Wrong "Holding Cell" ep

This is the second ep and they both came out in 2013. But the band also has a split 10" out making this the band's third official release. Review comes from the December issue of MRR (Issue #367).