Sunday, December 15, 2013

Radio - Sunday, December 15th, 2013

A big snowstorm hit Toronto this weekend and after much snow shovelling this NoMeansNo song "'Til I Die" soke to me with the opening lyric "I'm gonna Shovel snow til I die".

We started off the show with a dedication to Greg Dick for the loss of his father, Martin, who passed away last week. He was from Hamilton and "Picture my face" was a song that Martin knew. We had to keep it Hamilton. The rest of the set was by bands from Belfast because Greg let us know about this film on Belfast called "Good Vibrations". This Friday "Good Vibrations" will be showing the film for a week at the TIFF Lightbox. You should try and see it.

After that I played a set based on my top 10 picks for October and a set of runners up.

There was a set of new material mostly of the grind / power violence nature.

Then a set of galloping hardcore inspired by Discharge, Japacore, and kang.

D'Arcy finished up the show with a preview of the top 10 for 2013. We wil be going through it in two weeks. You can listen to the show on the player above or download it here. Here is what was played.

NOMEANSNO - 'Til I Die (AntAcidAudio)

TEENAGE HEAD - Picture my Face (Teenage Head)
VICTIM - The Teen Age (Good Vibrations / Overground)
THE XDRERAMYSTS - The Heat is on (Polydor)
STRIKE - Running past (Good Vibrations)
the OUTCASTS - Magnum Force (Cherry Red)
THE YOUNG LIONS - Goodnight Belfast (Schizophrenic)

SICK/TIRED - Warm Beer (Self-Released)
HELVETIN VIEMARIT - Vihaan Työtä (Terrortten)
GREY NURSE - Asleep (Self-Released)
DEALBREAKER - Here lies... (Cricket Cemetary)
HERO DISHONEST - Systeemi ei lepää (Peterwaulkee)
CHRISTER PETTERSSEN - For those about to thrash (Self-Released)
NEIGHBOURHOOD BRATS - Break Down The Walls (Deranged)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Random Acts (Refuse)
POISON PLANET - Death Of Ideas (Refuse)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Anxiety (Feral Ward)
VENGEANCE - Buy the record (Search for Fame)

CHEAP ART - Hate this Party (Fastercore)
HIGGS BOSON - 6 6 Sick (Self-Released)
THE FLEX - Repressed (Video Disease)
WASTOIDS - Brown Sugar, Brown Liquor (Deranged)

NO QUALMS - Squander / Follow Me (Give Praise)
BASTARD SWINE - Pigs Eating Pigs (Give Praise)
CAGEDGRAVE - Filthy Streets (Self-Released)
ALTERED BOYS - Choosing Sides (Give Praise)
STOIC VIOLENCE - Waste of Life (Katorga Works)
ANCIENT HEADS - Fight Back (Give Praise)

DEVIL'S HAND - World Gone to Shit (Grave Mistake)
BATTLESCARD - Speed chaos (Self-Released)
LAUTSTURMER - Bedtime for Humanity (Unrest)
UHRIT - Rantojen Miehet (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
CRIATURAS - Anti Autoridad (Residue)
INEPSY - Fast Way To Die (Feral Ward / Ineptik Records)

HARD SKIN - You Still here? (JT Classics)
LIFE - Enduring freedom (Punk Bastard)
SLANG - Glory outshines doom (Pizza of Death)
INSTITUTION - Vansine (D-Takt and Raw Punk)
TV FREAKS - Salvation / Nothing (Schizophrenic)
VALLEY BOYS - Autopilot / Feel like shit (Beach Impediment)
HASSLER - Apathy (Beach Impediment)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Fuck You Pay Me (Self-Released)
BIRD DEATH - cHEST pAIN bLUES (Self-Released)
BURIAL - More to Come (Hardware)
RAD - You're Next /Strike the Spine / Simple (Sac)

LEATHERFACE - Not a day goes by (Roughneck)

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