Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dead Mouth studio 3 session

Dead Mouth are a band from Toronto that have been around since 2010. The band features members of some bands like Teethmarks and Black Faxes. They are pretty amazing and cover some of their influences like Agnostic Front, S.O.D., and Integrity. Although they take some of the heaviness from this scene they approach things with a critical mind which is refreshing to hear in a time of never ending whitewash. This is a session recorded by Ian Wilkinson in CIUT's studio 3. Here are the songs recorded:

1. Why Should I Care?!
2. Dead
3. Through Being Cool
4. Hipster Holocaust / Years and Years
5. Pull the Plug
6. PTS to SP
7. Losing Control
8. Everest
9. Iron Fist (Motorhead) - This took three takes and was done as a request because the band had just played a Motorhead set at the Punks is covers series
10. Victim in Pain (Agnostic Front)
11. Milano Mosh (S.O.D. from NYC)
12. Hipster Holocaust EXD ID
13. Losing Control CIUT ID
14. Losing Control CIUT ID dub

The band features Jesse Robinson on vocals, Martin Poulin on guitars, Dave Fenton on bass, and Joe Drebit on drums. They have two releases up on bandcamp which you can find at http://deadmouth667.bandcamp.com.

Punks 'n Rockers has captured a medley of songs from that session. They have a blog that you can go and see past sessions found at http://punksandrockers.com/blog/.

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