Sunday, December 29, 2013

Radio - Sunday, December 29th, 2013

This is the last show for 2013 so this is a retrospective look at the year in punk. You can hear the show on the player above or download the file here.

We started out with some of my favourite Canadian releases.

DEMOLITION - Big Jon's Mosh (Triple B)

KREMLIN – Buried (Bad Vibrations / Beach Impediment)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS – Man Enough (Self-Released)
BORN WRONG – Loujack Cafe (Schizophrenic)
PROXY – Shackled to a Corpse (Inflammable Material / Imminent Destruction)
SYSTEMATIK – Decay (Deranged)
ROYAL RED BRIGADE – Sickness (Self-Released)
HASSLER – Escape (Beach Impediment)
BISHOPS GREEN – Stay Away (Rebellion)
ASILE - La Maudite Guerre (Rust and Machine)
THE SCREWED – Last Pogo (Screwed)

We moved to bands that were new to the scene in 2013.

CHRISTER PETTERSSEN - Simulation of reality (Self-Released)
RAD “Loud and Fast” LP – Sk8bored / Legancy of Bro-tality / Don't call the cops (Phono Select / Sacramento)
CAGED ANIMAL – PPM / Betrayed (Warthog Speak)
UTANFORSKAPET - Kängor från rännstenen (Fight Back / Rawby)
NAPALM HEARTS – No Reply (Helta Skelta)
THE SHORTS – Inspiration (Suspect Device)
SPIKNYKTER – Det syns inte utanpa (Refuse / Commitment / Ugly and Proud)
INSTINTO - Días de dolor (Hysterical / Angry Voice / Grito o Muere / Mass Productions / Svodoba)
HELVETIN VIEMARIT - Kuilun Partaalla (Absurdo / Terrotten)
UHRIT – Lapsimorsian (Tuska ja Ahdistus / Kamaset Levytt)

I compiled some of my favourite demos released in 2013.

GAS RAG - Progress (Self-Released)
GREY NURSE - Stolen Language (Self-Released)
PILLAGE - Head in the sand (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - In The Night (Self-Released)
ANCIENT FILTH - Egokill (Self-Released)
ACOUSMA - Ancient Transcripts (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Moral Graffiti (Self-Released)
CORRECTION - Resist Stance (Flophouse Tapes)
GRUMP - Empty Lungs (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Savages (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Science Fiction (Self-Released)

Lastly was a look at some of the many re-issues that came out in 2013.

DNA - Done Laughing / Rich Man's Society (Even Worse / Way Back When)
ASTA KASK - Den enes bröd (Prank)
BAD SKIN - We're dogs (Bad Vibrations)
POINTED STICKS - Somebody’s Mom (Ugly Pop)
BUREAUCRATS - Grown up age (Ugly Pop)
COCKNEY REJECTS - Flares 'n Slippers (Ugly Pop)
THE BUSINESS - Employers Blacklist (Ugly Pop)
FIRE EXIT - Timewall (Last Laugh)
KLAXON “1984” LP - Riot (Sydney Town)
CAMERA SILENS - Squatt (Sydney Town)

Then we featured the DISDONUT demo. DISDONUT features Mike from Oxbaker as a one man donut themed band. The demo is titled "Dazed and Confused" and you can hear it at

DISDONUT - Fritter Obliteration (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Honey Glazed Holocaust (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Old Fashioned Pain (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Nuclear Dutchie (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Jelly Full of Napalm (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Coconut Cream Genocide (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Maple Dip Massacre (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Walnut Crunch Warfare (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - Death's Doorstep Double Chocolate (Self-Released)
DISDONUT - The Cruller knows only cruelty (Self-Released)

We did some show listings and then we played most of the last release by Kremlin which was a cassette only release. You can download the tape at Cut and Paste.

KREMLIN - Empire (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Abuse Asylum (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Waking E (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Untitled (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Sun Never Sets (Self-Released)

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