Saturday, January 29, 1983

Thursday, January 27, 1983

Saturday, January 22, 1983

Flyer - Saturday January 22, 1983

From the archives of James Zero.

Tuesday, January 11, 1983

Flyer - Tuesday, January 11th - Friday January 14th 1983

CKLN, the station at Ryerson does co-presents this great showcase of the local indie and punk scene in the early 80's.

Monday, January 10, 1983

Zine - Bomb Factory #3

This was a zine from Toronto. It published sometime in late 1982 or early 1983 because there was a review of the Bad Brains show on November 26, 1982. There was also a review of the Sanata' revenge show so that places the publication after December 4th, 1982. So there are reviews about Youth Youth Youth, and the Young Lions in here as they opened up shows. There is a review column which describes records in a big column as opposed to a capsule review. And there is a zine review section. All written back in 1982 by Scott T. Click on the cover to download a PDF of everything except the back cover.

Saturday, January 1, 1983

MRR - Toronto Scene Report in MRR #4, - January 1983

This Canadian scene report starts off with an update on the Subhumans and then gets into the Toronto scene starting off with Youth Youth Youth and Rob's zine called Civil Disobedience. Chronic Submission are talked about as the band to see. The Young Lions are mentioned as an honourable mention. SCUM and the Discords are mentioned for Montreal. Personality Crises and Sudden Death peak the report on Winnpieg. Vile is mentioned in a report about Calgary. The Neos, gentlemen of Horror, and the Dayglos are mentioned in the rerport on BC.

MRR Review - Youth Youth Youth "Why Pay More" cassette

"Why Pay More" was reviewed in MRR #4, which printed in January 1983.

MRR Review - Neos "Hasibah gets the Martian Brain Squeeze" ep

This appeared in MRR #4, which came out in January 1983.

MRR Review - Nostrils "Live with the London Symphony Orchestra" cassette

A review of a Nostrils cassette in MRR #4, which came out on January 1983.

MRR - The Neos in MRR

This piece on the Neos was part of a four page canadian scene report in issue #4 of MRR that came out in January / February 1983. Click the above image to enlarge.