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THE SUBHUMANS – We’re Alive (Alternative Tentacles)

RKL – I’m Locked Up (Mystic)
CITIZENS PATROL – Schizophrenic Nightmare (Way Back When / Even Worse)
THE ACCUSED – Take My Time (Condar)
DFA – Our Lord and Saviour (Ugly Pop)
FRATRICIDE – Beaten Senseless (CFRO)
REPROACH – School Sucks (Deep Six)

THE SWEET NOTHINGS – Girl Can’t Help It (Primitive Air Raid)
VAPID – Victim (Nominal)
RENEGADES OF PUNK – E Uma Simples Questao de Usurpacao (Thrashbastard)
MAX AND THE MAKEUPS – Lets Go (Puke ‘n Vomit)
RAKKAUS – Testamentti (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
BEYOND PINK – Killed by Ugly (Emancypunx)

PUNCH – Don’t Need You (625 Productions)
CAREER SUICIDE – Career Suicide (Deranged)
VICTIMS – Refuse to feed the Machine (Havoc)
RAH – In the End (Labelled)
VICIOUS CYCLE – Gamma Ray (Deranged)
CURSED – 1974 (Goodfellow)

LAPINPOLTHAJAT – Oikea Laakitys (Kamaset Levyt)
GAS CHAMBER – Price of Greatness (Warm Bath Label)
LIP CREAM – Radical Mental Truth (Terror Shock Discs)
HZERO – Me Cagoen tu Rock (Sell Our Souls)
LICE LICE LICE – You’re the Butcher , and I’m the Beast (N-Kenos)
LICE LICE LICE – God Reduce You, You Fucking Louse (N-Kenos)

OUR WAR – Hard to Swallow (Self-Released)
THE HIVES – Early Morning Wake Up Call (No Fun)
FLOORPUNCH – Change of Heart (Equal Vision)
YOUTH OF TODAY – Wake Up and Live (Revelation)
NEGATIVE APPROACH – Friend or Foe (Touch n Go)
TRUE COLORS – Can’t Turn Away (Powered)
LIBYANS – Welcome to the Neighborhood (Shock to the System)

THE WANKYS – No Control (La Vida Es Un)
WAR HERO – 2010 Riots (Just Say No)
VOID – War Hero (Weekend Punk)

REQUIEM – Succession (Crimethinc.)
RAPE REVENGE – Fuck Your Gender (True)
LAB RAT – Heart of Darkness (Rawer Breath)
CROSSED OUT – He Man (Self- Released)
HATRED SURGE – Stubborn (Blastasfuk)
VILE INTENT – Teeth (Self-Released)
COBRA NOIR – The Buried (Chainsaw Safety)
UNPERSONS – A Small Gesture (At A Loss)
BURIED INSIDE – 2 (Relapse)
BLACK SHIPS – Lowest of the Low (Self-Released)

CULO – Can’t Grow Up (Self-Released)
CULO – Black Lives (Self-Released)
CULO – Solanum Suicide (Self-Released)
CULO – Drained Brains (Self-Released)
CULO – Padded Cell (Self-Released)
CULO – My Brain (Self-Released)
CULO – Desperate for DKKS (Self-Released)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Urban Blight "More Reality" 12"

This is the pressing taken to Europe. I like this cover artwork better.

Flyer - Saturday August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Urban Blight "Total War" ep

This is Urban Blight's second ep and the follow up to the "More Reality" 12". The recording is totally overmodulated and fuzzy sounding in a way that makes you think these guys are trying to blow your speakers. The sleeve comes with a fold out poster of a mushroom cloud nuking the inner city kind of thing. They still sound like SSD but with a crust-ish distortion layered over top. Youth crust lives again. You can pick this up on Static Shock records out of Berlin. An e-mail address is

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CAMBRIDGE – Anymore (Rebel Time)

THE BRISTLES – Porn Drugs Arms (Genocide) (Switch Blade)
ALTERNATE ACTION – Dead End Street (Longshot)
EMERGENCY – I Ain’t Listening (Step 1)
DOA – Don’t Let Your Life (Sudden Death)

REAL KIDS – Down to You (TKO)
CRIMPSHRINE – Butterflies (Lookout)
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER – Losers of the Year (Lookout)
THE RIPTIDES – Dragstrip Girl (Goblin)
THE LAST – Every Summer Day (Bomp)

9 SHOCKS TERROR – Screw this Town (River on Fire)
GAS CHAMBER – The Nineteenth Hole (Warm Bath)
LEFT FOR DEAD – Nothing there (No idea)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE – Fed up (Schizophrenic)
HAYMAKER – Cameras in the Streets (Deranged)
ACRID – Panic (Dirty Kidz)

CIRCLE JERKS – behind the Door (Frontier)
MINUTEMEN – Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (SST)
DRI – I Don’t Need Society (Death)

SOCIAL SUICIDE – Lokel Yokel (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE GAIN – My Old Man’s An Asshole (Pusmort)
DISCO LEPERS – Little Crackhouse on the Prairie (Shattered Debauchery)
THE HICKOIDS – Corn Foo Fighting (Saustex)

DIRTY SHEETS – Over the Thrill
EVIL GRIMACE – Give It Back (Dead Nuns)
THE GERMS – Manimal (Rhino)
MUSTANGS – Fergin (Dead Nuns)
POOR CHOICE – No Hope for Humanity (Self-Released)
SCHOOL JERKS – Passed Out (Deranged)
SHOCKIN’ TV – Kill for Sex (Milano)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Breakfast (Self-Released)

THE ROTTEN – Enemy of the State (Rebel Time)
SHOTMAKER – Public Eye Opinion (Vinyl Communications)
WHITE WIRES – Pogo ‘til I Puke Tonight (Ugly Pop)

ART VADUTILOY – Can’t Stand Ya (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Jerk Store (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – I.Q. Test (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Dammit, Newman! (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Goofball Blowhole (Self-Released)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Molested Youth "We're Always Going to Have Breakfast Alone!" ep

MOLESTED YOUTH are part of Toronto’s newest wave of hardcore bands. They have been around for a couple of years in a different line up. Warren’s brother has replaced Sean on vocals giving them more of an early L.A. punk sound. Or at least it reminds me of how hardcore band’s today are looking back trying to recapture that essential anger that spawned bands like BLACK FLAG. And I mean pre-Rollins Flag. Like the way TERMINAL STATE were able to channel the Dangerhouse sound. Well Side B of this ep has the band developing more of their own sound. Songs like “Reparations” really demonstrate a coming into their own. A blending of hardcore speed with punk sounding accents has them straddling both worlds. They demonstrate a knowledge of the generations that make up punk without the baggage of having lived it. The sound really borrows and develops a sonic soundscape that is virgin territory while still sounding vaguely familiar. This is what you want to hear in a new record. A band developing the punk sound. I’m sure the band is happy to hear comparisons to SEX/VID and DEEP WOUND, but really it is somewhere more like trying to be like CAREER SUICIDE exploring early FLAG, STOOGES, ABURADAKO and GANG OF FOUR territory. (Deranged Records - 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada /

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hammer City Records

Tonight at 8:00pm a launch party will be happening for Hamilton's newest record store. The place will be known as Hammer City Records and will be run by the folks at Schizophrenic Records and some of the dudes in Gunnar Hansen. The location of the store is 228 James St North in the Ricca Building. Refreshments and records will be served. The shop will focus on Punk & Metal vinyl but will stock select other genres and sub genres as well as sell some CDs and tapes and horror related books, DVDs, t-shirts, patches, and other accessories will also be sold direct or on consignment. Please note that the shop is located at the back of the Ricca Building and it's entrance outside of the Art Crawl launch will be from the alley off Robert Street. Opening hours coming soon! For More info please contact Craig or Leah and 905-387-2471. Hail the new Reigning Sound.

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7 SECONDS - This Is Angry Pt. 2 (BYO)

ZERO BOYS - Dirty Alleys / Dirty Minds (Secretly Canadian)
JFA - Coffeeshop MOFO (Placebo)
ATTENTION! - Fries With Spice And Coffee Please (Juice Box)
ROLLINS BAND - Black Coffee (Live featuring Keith Morris)
DESCENDENTS - Coffee Mug (Epitaph)

FRATRICIDE - Going Under (Ugly Pop / Schizophrenic)
GAUNT - Jim Motherfucker (Get Hip)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Bottle Island (Damaged)
RIPOFFS - Wild Jane (Rip Off)
TOKYO KNIVES - I Keep Thinkin About You (Wrench)

THE SLITS - Love And Romans (Island)
ANGRY SAMOANS - I'm In Love With Your Mom (Shaken Street)
BLACK FLAG - I Love You (Live Tokyo Radio 84')
IN TIME - Good Lonely Day
HAYMAKER - Life Love Revenge (Regurgitated Semen)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Modern Love Story (Revelation)

REAL KIDS - Down To You (TKO)
SLEEPOVERS - Secret (Hozac)
WHITE WIRES - Don't Call Me When You're Ill (Ugly Pop)
NEW TOWN ANIMALS - Baby You're The Reason (Zaxxon Virile Action)
BARRACUDAS - Don't Let Go (Bomp)

FUGAZI - Greed (Dischord)
SAINTE CATHERINES - You Smell Like Greed You Dirty Bastard (Dare To Care)
4 WALLS FALLING - Greed (Jade Tree)
HOPE CONSPIRACY - Greed Taught, War Driven, Born To Die (Deathwish)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device (Rough Trade)
STATICS - Rebel Like Me (Ugly Pop)
DEMICS - Talk's Cheap (Ready)
ONLY ONES - Another Girl, Another Planet (CBS)

CEREMONY - Open Head (Bridge 9)
PUNCH - Break A Leg (625)
VEINS - Sniper Parade (Youth Attack)
STRONG AS TEN - Immature State (Self Released)
THE HATEPINKS - Shifting Dead Peoples Dirt
SHITTY LIMITS - Last Orders (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
WASTE MANAGEMENT - Mind War (Self Released)

PLUS MINUS - Hell On Earth
PLUS MINUS - Live & Let Die
PLUS MINUS - March Of The Lifers
PLUS MINUS - Strictly Business
PLUS MINUS - Reasonable Doubt
(One track didn't make it to Air the track was entitled Ready To Die)

Download the plus minus demo here.

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BATTERED WIVES - Angry Young Man (Bomb)
BATTERED WIVES - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Self-Released)
BATTERED WIVES - My Generation (Unreleased)
BATTERED WIVES - Lovers Balls (Bomb)
BATTERED WIVES - Hit and Run (Bomb)
BATTERED WIVES - Fantasy (Bomb)
BATTERED WIVES - Everybody Loves a Loser (Bomb)
BATTERED WIVES - Uganda Stomp (Bomb)