Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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CAMBRIDGE – Anymore (Rebel Time)

THE BRISTLES – Porn Drugs Arms (Genocide) (Switch Blade)
ALTERNATE ACTION – Dead End Street (Longshot)
EMERGENCY – I Ain’t Listening (Step 1)
DOA – Don’t Let Your Life (Sudden Death)

REAL KIDS – Down to You (TKO)
CRIMPSHRINE – Butterflies (Lookout)
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER – Losers of the Year (Lookout)
THE RIPTIDES – Dragstrip Girl (Goblin)
THE LAST – Every Summer Day (Bomp)

9 SHOCKS TERROR – Screw this Town (River on Fire)
GAS CHAMBER – The Nineteenth Hole (Warm Bath)
LEFT FOR DEAD – Nothing there (No idea)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE – Fed up (Schizophrenic)
HAYMAKER – Cameras in the Streets (Deranged)
ACRID – Panic (Dirty Kidz)

CIRCLE JERKS – behind the Door (Frontier)
MINUTEMEN – Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (SST)
DRI – I Don’t Need Society (Death)

SOCIAL SUICIDE – Lokel Yokel (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE GAIN – My Old Man’s An Asshole (Pusmort)
DISCO LEPERS – Little Crackhouse on the Prairie (Shattered Debauchery)
THE HICKOIDS – Corn Foo Fighting (Saustex)

DIRTY SHEETS – Over the Thrill
EVIL GRIMACE – Give It Back (Dead Nuns)
THE GERMS – Manimal (Rhino)
MUSTANGS – Fergin (Dead Nuns)
POOR CHOICE – No Hope for Humanity (Self-Released)
SCHOOL JERKS – Passed Out (Deranged)
SHOCKIN’ TV – Kill for Sex (Milano)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Breakfast (Self-Released)

THE ROTTEN – Enemy of the State (Rebel Time)
SHOTMAKER – Public Eye Opinion (Vinyl Communications)
WHITE WIRES – Pogo ‘til I Puke Tonight (Ugly Pop)

ART VADUTILOY – Can’t Stand Ya (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Jerk Store (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – I.Q. Test (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Dammit, Newman! (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty (Self-Released)
ART VADUTILOY – Goofball Blowhole (Self-Released)

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