Friday, August 13, 2010

Hammer City Records

Tonight at 8:00pm a launch party will be happening for Hamilton's newest record store. The place will be known as Hammer City Records and will be run by the folks at Schizophrenic Records and some of the dudes in Gunnar Hansen. The location of the store is 228 James St North in the Ricca Building. Refreshments and records will be served. The shop will focus on Punk & Metal vinyl but will stock select other genres and sub genres as well as sell some CDs and tapes and horror related books, DVDs, t-shirts, patches, and other accessories will also be sold direct or on consignment. Please note that the shop is located at the back of the Ricca Building and it's entrance outside of the Art Crawl launch will be from the alley off Robert Street. Opening hours coming soon! For More info please contact Craig or Leah and 905-387-2471. Hail the new Reigning Sound.

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