Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

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7 SECONDS - This Is Angry Pt. 2 (BYO)

ZERO BOYS - Dirty Alleys / Dirty Minds (Secretly Canadian)
JFA - Coffeeshop MOFO (Placebo)
ATTENTION! - Fries With Spice And Coffee Please (Juice Box)
ROLLINS BAND - Black Coffee (Live featuring Keith Morris)
DESCENDENTS - Coffee Mug (Epitaph)

FRATRICIDE - Going Under (Ugly Pop / Schizophrenic)
GAUNT - Jim Motherfucker (Get Hip)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Bottle Island (Damaged)
RIPOFFS - Wild Jane (Rip Off)
TOKYO KNIVES - I Keep Thinkin About You (Wrench)

THE SLITS - Love And Romans (Island)
ANGRY SAMOANS - I'm In Love With Your Mom (Shaken Street)
BLACK FLAG - I Love You (Live Tokyo Radio 84')
IN TIME - Good Lonely Day
HAYMAKER - Life Love Revenge (Regurgitated Semen)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Modern Love Story (Revelation)

REAL KIDS - Down To You (TKO)
SLEEPOVERS - Secret (Hozac)
WHITE WIRES - Don't Call Me When You're Ill (Ugly Pop)
NEW TOWN ANIMALS - Baby You're The Reason (Zaxxon Virile Action)
BARRACUDAS - Don't Let Go (Bomp)

FUGAZI - Greed (Dischord)
SAINTE CATHERINES - You Smell Like Greed You Dirty Bastard (Dare To Care)
4 WALLS FALLING - Greed (Jade Tree)
HOPE CONSPIRACY - Greed Taught, War Driven, Born To Die (Deathwish)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device (Rough Trade)
STATICS - Rebel Like Me (Ugly Pop)
DEMICS - Talk's Cheap (Ready)
ONLY ONES - Another Girl, Another Planet (CBS)

CEREMONY - Open Head (Bridge 9)
PUNCH - Break A Leg (625)
VEINS - Sniper Parade (Youth Attack)
STRONG AS TEN - Immature State (Self Released)
THE HATEPINKS - Shifting Dead Peoples Dirt
SHITTY LIMITS - Last Orders (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
WASTE MANAGEMENT - Mind War (Self Released)

PLUS MINUS - Hell On Earth
PLUS MINUS - Live & Let Die
PLUS MINUS - March Of The Lifers
PLUS MINUS - Strictly Business
PLUS MINUS - Reasonable Doubt
(One track didn't make it to Air the track was entitled Ready To Die)

Download the plus minus demo here.

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