Sunday, August 15, 2010

Molested Youth "We're Always Going to Have Breakfast Alone!" ep

MOLESTED YOUTH are part of Toronto’s newest wave of hardcore bands. They have been around for a couple of years in a different line up. Warren’s brother has replaced Sean on vocals giving them more of an early L.A. punk sound. Or at least it reminds me of how hardcore band’s today are looking back trying to recapture that essential anger that spawned bands like BLACK FLAG. And I mean pre-Rollins Flag. Like the way TERMINAL STATE were able to channel the Dangerhouse sound. Well Side B of this ep has the band developing more of their own sound. Songs like “Reparations” really demonstrate a coming into their own. A blending of hardcore speed with punk sounding accents has them straddling both worlds. They demonstrate a knowledge of the generations that make up punk without the baggage of having lived it. The sound really borrows and develops a sonic soundscape that is virgin territory while still sounding vaguely familiar. This is what you want to hear in a new record. A band developing the punk sound. I’m sure the band is happy to hear comparisons to SEX/VID and DEEP WOUND, but really it is somewhere more like trying to be like CAREER SUICIDE exploring early FLAG, STOOGES, ABURADAKO and GANG OF FOUR territory. (Deranged Records - 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada /

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