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Sunday, August 29, 2010

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THE SUBHUMANS – We’re Alive (Alternative Tentacles)

RKL – I’m Locked Up (Mystic)
CITIZENS PATROL – Schizophrenic Nightmare (Way Back When / Even Worse)
THE ACCUSED – Take My Time (Condar)
DFA – Our Lord and Saviour (Ugly Pop)
FRATRICIDE – Beaten Senseless (CFRO)
REPROACH – School Sucks (Deep Six)

THE SWEET NOTHINGS – Girl Can’t Help It (Primitive Air Raid)
VAPID – Victim (Nominal)
RENEGADES OF PUNK – E Uma Simples Questao de Usurpacao (Thrashbastard)
MAX AND THE MAKEUPS – Lets Go (Puke ‘n Vomit)
RAKKAUS – Testamentti (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
BEYOND PINK – Killed by Ugly (Emancypunx)

PUNCH – Don’t Need You (625 Productions)
CAREER SUICIDE – Career Suicide (Deranged)
VICTIMS – Refuse to feed the Machine (Havoc)
RAH – In the End (Labelled)
VICIOUS CYCLE – Gamma Ray (Deranged)
CURSED – 1974 (Goodfellow)

LAPINPOLTHAJAT – Oikea Laakitys (Kamaset Levyt)
GAS CHAMBER – Price of Greatness (Warm Bath Label)
LIP CREAM – Radical Mental Truth (Terror Shock Discs)
HZERO – Me Cagoen tu Rock (Sell Our Souls)
LICE LICE LICE – You’re the Butcher , and I’m the Beast (N-Kenos)
LICE LICE LICE – God Reduce You, You Fucking Louse (N-Kenos)

OUR WAR – Hard to Swallow (Self-Released)
THE HIVES – Early Morning Wake Up Call (No Fun)
FLOORPUNCH – Change of Heart (Equal Vision)
YOUTH OF TODAY – Wake Up and Live (Revelation)
NEGATIVE APPROACH – Friend or Foe (Touch n Go)
TRUE COLORS – Can’t Turn Away (Powered)
LIBYANS – Welcome to the Neighborhood (Shock to the System)

THE WANKYS – No Control (La Vida Es Un)
WAR HERO – 2010 Riots (Just Say No)
VOID – War Hero (Weekend Punk)

REQUIEM – Succession (Crimethinc.)
RAPE REVENGE – Fuck Your Gender (True)
LAB RAT – Heart of Darkness (Rawer Breath)
CROSSED OUT – He Man (Self- Released)
HATRED SURGE – Stubborn (Blastasfuk)
VILE INTENT – Teeth (Self-Released)
COBRA NOIR – The Buried (Chainsaw Safety)
UNPERSONS – A Small Gesture (At A Loss)
BURIED INSIDE – 2 (Relapse)
BLACK SHIPS – Lowest of the Low (Self-Released)

CULO – Can’t Grow Up (Self-Released)
CULO – Black Lives (Self-Released)
CULO – Solanum Suicide (Self-Released)
CULO – Drained Brains (Self-Released)
CULO – Padded Cell (Self-Released)
CULO – My Brain (Self-Released)
CULO – Desperate for DKKS (Self-Released)

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