Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Sunday, January 21, 2001

Legion666 "Kiss the Goat" CD

I believe this was Legions first full length. They do a Mob 47 cover on this release. Schizophrenic put it out. Songs on here are:
1. Into the Shadows
2. Suicide Crusade
3. Selfless
4. Abhorrence Contained
5. On Wings of Death
6. Consume without Cause
7. True Atheist Faith
8. Expelled from Paradise
9. Karnvapen Attack
10. Abandoned Complex

Ruination "Year One" CD

This is a discography CD that collects Ruination's recordings from their first year of existence on one CD. The first eight songs are from an ep that was originally self-released and later pressed by Youth Attack. The next three songs are from a compuilation titled "Seven Deadly Sins". Track 12 is from a "Short, Fast, + Loud" comp. Track 13 was intended for a comp for Inside Front #3 but never came out. Tracks 14 - 17 were for the split with They Live. Tracks 18 - 21 were released as an titled "Dead Horse" released by No Idea. The remainder of the CD is a live show in Philadelphia from January 3, 2001 by Jon Hiltz, the former drummer from Rorschach. Here is a review I wrote of the release:
A collection of a number of hard-to-flnd releases by this ex-member band. I have to say that it is awesome to fill some of the gaps in trying to collect this group's material. I also have to say that the equalization of the sound also helps bring cohesion to this otherwise scattered project, Chris, from the SWARM, has very distinctive vocals and Ebro's CHARLES BRONSON style drumming is unmistakable. Andy, from BLOODPACT, plays guitar and draws infleunces as wide as MANLIFTINGBANNER and MOTORHEAD. The thick rolling basslines are shared by Mike Haliechuk - a local DIY promoter with a heart of gold - and Jaime Towns - who played for ANTI-FLAG and TEEN CRUD COMBO, I strongly urge you to pick this up as much for the originals like "No One Can Save You", as for the covers of the FREEZE's "Sacrifice Not Suicide". I'm not sure why the live set is on here. But this collection of the band's first year of output will save you a lot of headaches in tracking down their originals. The "Inside Front" song is unreleased as far as I know. And the equalized sound makes a difference on their earlier material. Highly recommended, (Plus/Minus / P.O. Box 7096 / Ann Arbor, Ml / 48107 / USA)
The song listing is:
1. Intro / Burnout
2. Hero/Suspect
3. The One that Got Away
4. No One Home
5. Escape / Control
6. From Bad to Worse
7. No One to Save You
8. Roll Over and Die
9. Theme for a Crucifiction
10. Mission from God
11. Sacrifice Not Suicide
12. Who's in Season
13. Convictions
14. Got Myself a System
15. Note to Self
16. Do I Know?
17. Yours to Kill
18. Holy Terror
19. Home Sweet Home
20. Giblets
21. Alone in a Room
22. Intro
23. Hero/Suspect
24. No One Home
25. Burnout
26. Got Myself a System
27. Note to Self
28. Mission from God
29. Do I Know?
30. Chris Testifies
31. Yours to Kill
32. Giblets
33. All Y'all ....
34. Home Sweet Home
35. Bad to Worse
36. Convictions
37. Gene
38. The One that Got Away
39. Roll Over and Die

Monday, January 8, 2001

The Vapids "Charm School Dropouts" CD

Released by Amp Records back in 2001. The songs on here are:

1. I am a Square
2. Make Mommy Proud
3. Pocket Full of Nails
4. Appetite for Adrenochrome
5. In for the Kill
6. Monkey Beach
7. The Bad Lieutenants
8. Iron Will
9. Tommy Ramone
10. Satellite debris
11. When the Lights are Out
12. Product of your Family
13. These Kids are Sick
14. Secret Destroyer

Sunday, January 7, 2001

Knucklehead "Voice Among Us" CD

Knucklehead had become a four piece adding Kris on drums and freeing up Kyle just to do vocals. "Voice Among Us" had also come out on Whiskey Voice Records and was recorded in January 2001. Here is a review I wrote of the release:
This is the great new voice for Canadian street punk. Great tuneful punk, with a left leaning message like the CLASS ASSASSINS or MARILYN'S VITAMINS. The group back up vocals really draw out a '77 chaos punk sound, but their speed and rolling bass lines create catchy songs similar to PROPAGHANDI. It's like someone took an oi band and introduced them to fast aggressive pop punk and didn't let them get watered down by the experience. New school oi from out west that'll blow you away, It is great to see this scene making a comeback. (Whiskey Voice records / 1008 8* Street SE / Calgary, AS / T2G 2Z4 / e- mail: whiskeyvoice@knucklehead.ca)
The songs on this CD are:
1. Voice Among Us
2. One Last Chance
3. Compromise California
4. Avarice
5. Fallin' Hard
6. Big City Lights
7. Price We Pay
8. Leaving Town
9. Wasted 22
10. Loggerheads
11. Right Cross

Monday, January 1, 2001

MRR Interview - Born Dead Icons

Born Dead Icons were an awesome hardcore band from Montreal that had a Tragedy style to their sound. Mike thorne, who was the zine co-ordinator at the time did an interview with the band when they came through San Francisco. This was printed in the January 201 issue (#212). The issue is not available as a back issue, but you can download a PDF of the interview by clicking on the cover above.