Sunday, January 7, 2001

Knucklehead "Voice Among Us" CD

Knucklehead had become a four piece adding Kris on drums and freeing up Kyle just to do vocals. "Voice Among Us" had also come out on Whiskey Voice Records and was recorded in January 2001. Here is a review I wrote of the release:
This is the great new voice for Canadian street punk. Great tuneful punk, with a left leaning message like the CLASS ASSASSINS or MARILYN'S VITAMINS. The group back up vocals really draw out a '77 chaos punk sound, but their speed and rolling bass lines create catchy songs similar to PROPAGHANDI. It's like someone took an oi band and introduced them to fast aggressive pop punk and didn't let them get watered down by the experience. New school oi from out west that'll blow you away, It is great to see this scene making a comeback. (Whiskey Voice records / 1008 8* Street SE / Calgary, AS / T2G 2Z4 / e- mail:
The songs on this CD are:
1. Voice Among Us
2. One Last Chance
3. Compromise California
4. Avarice
5. Fallin' Hard
6. Big City Lights
7. Price We Pay
8. Leaving Town
9. Wasted 22
10. Loggerheads
11. Right Cross

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