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Flyer - Saturday March 20, 2010

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BROKEN - At the Border (Vex Records)

HARRINGTON SAINTS - Bootstraps (Longshot)
TERMINAL DECLINE - Story of Life (Self-Released)
LAYBACKS - Liferaft (Roku)
ANGELS SAINTS AND HEROES - Let Darkness Prevail (Unreleased)
LET’S DANCE - Outta time (Meaty Beaty)
THE RESTARTS - TV Detector (No Label)

MINOR THREAT - In My Eyes (Dischord)
THE ANSWER - All I Need (Excursion)
ENVISION - Proud to Be (Self-Released)
HANDS DOWN - Grateful (Self-Released)
EASY DAYS - Make Me a Deal (Self-Released)
BATTERY - Young ‘Til I Die (Lost and Found)

BUDDY HOLLY - Rave On (Coral)
KING KHAN AND THE BBQ SHOW - Whaddlin’ Around (In the Red)
VELVET UNDERGROUND - I Heard Her Call My Name (Verve)
MESS FOLK - If I Don’t Get Out (Hozac)
MICKEY - I Am Your Trash (Hozac)


MOCKINGBIRD, WISH ME LUCK - Survival and Defeat (Self-Released)
MOCKINGBIRD, WISH ME LUCK - Hollow Graves (Self-Released)
MOCKINGBIRD, WISH ME LUCK - Orphans of a Storm (Self-Released)
MOCKINGBIRD, WISH ME LUCK - Brooklyn, NY (Self-Released)

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Review of EXD, Volume 9, Issue #5

Bob Goldie, a zine reviewer for MRR, gave us this really nice review of the zine in the March issue of MRR. Copies of their issue are available at

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JOAN JETT - Touch Me (Blackheart Records)

THE ACTION - Success without College (Sudden Death)
THE ACTION - Interview (CIUT)
THE BUREAUCRATS - The Game (Self-Released)
THE ACTION - Interview (CIUT)
THE ACTION - TVs on the Blink (Sudden Death)
THE ACTION - Interview (CIUT)
THE ACTION - Do the Strangle (Sudden Death)
THE ACTION - Interview (CIUT)
THE ACTION - Waiting for the Man (Sudden Death)
THE ACTION - Interview (CIUT)
THE ACTION - Downtown Boy (Sudden Death)

ELTON MOTELLO - Jet Boy Jet Girl
THE SAINTS - A Private Affair
DREAM DATES - Moans on the Phone (Ugly Pop)
THE GERMS - Richie Dagger's Crime (Slash)
DEAD BOYS - Sonic Reducer
JELLYFISH BABIES - Certain Memories
MOCKINGBIRD WISH ME LUCK - Orphans of a Storm (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
SUCIO PODER - Inmagracion (Self-Released)
SUCIO PODER - Paramilitar (Self-Released)
SUCIO PODER - Policia (Self-Released)

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I noticed (for me anyways) that the CIUT website is not up.

Here is the link to listen live.


Porcelain Forehead "Right Now! The World needs a Clear Head" CD

This is a re-release on the ep by the same name as a CD. This Ottawa area band is responsible for the CD release. Canuckistan provides an awesome description of the original release

"Much of Right Now... straddles the two worlds of straight-up seventies punk and the rapid-fire rhythms of hardcore, with songs like the biting 'Unfinished Porch' ("Big business knows its friends / You'd better do what they say") and 'Human Torch' veering off into Minutemen territory with Bruce Stevenson's staccato bass riffs. And then there is the fiery 'That Number Again Folks' ("Porcelain Forehead's tuneful punk crowd-pleaser"). To Hillis, the anti-Jerry Falwell screed was in fact doubly significant, " in, 'call this number and gimme some money, it's goin' to gawd!' and also cheeky, as in, 'you've heard this riff kids, somewhere, I think you must've, well here it is again gang!'... self-conscious to the hilt."

Go and read more on the background of the release and some of the troubles the band had with it.

My main criticism of this CD re-issue is that the band also has a number of songs that live only on out of print compilations. This was an opportunity to collect all of those.  But for fans of the band the last of the two songs are newly recorded so that is great news. The songs on here are:

1. That Number Again Folks
2. Q
3. How High?
4. Human Torch
5. Unfinished Porch
6. Gleaning Ground

7. This is What You Can Do
8. Gnawin' On

You can contact the band about the release at

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Flyer - Saturday March 20, 2010

Saturday March 20, 2010

Update: Saturday March 20, 2010

My brother came down to visit and he brought down some old local zines. I got some of them scanned and put up. A great old zine from Mississauga called Pirates of Doom got scanned. You can find Issue 01, and Issue 02.

Glenn Salter, the guitarist in MSI, did a number of awesome zines in the city. Some of these were scanned and put up on the site. Mount the Purple Sceptre is up and so is Subject to Change.

Rob Freeborn did a couple of issues of Kill Poseurs. Issues 1 and Issue 2 are scanned and available for download.

Ian Fenton and Steve Wiltsey from Burlington did a zine called Severe. Issue 1 is available for download.

We put up some sound files for different live Studio 3 sessions. So you can find audio downloads for the Way-Outs, Hostage Life, Homostupids, and the G-Men.

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Flyer - Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

White Lung "Atlanta" ep

This third EP sees WHITE LUNG breaking in a new guitarist. While this quartet still play their signature lo fi garage punk which is common among the Emergency Room scene, the change in guitarist has had a subtle effect in sound. In listening to “Atlanta” next to “Magazines” I feel there was a lot more chaotic experimentation in the songs on “Magazines”. “Magazines” had a more BLACK FLAG meets the CRAMPS feel to the guitar. Oddly I find the songs on “Atlanta” a return to form even though the band has not really had a huge time to stray from their original sound. The songs on “Atlanta” share an appreciation for the mechanized GANG OF FOUR crunch that was heard on the “Local Garbage” ep. And in some ways “Atlanta” is a much better ep. The song “D.O.I.” is much faster than anything the band has ever written, which is something I appreciate. Most bands opt for slowing down the sound, but Kenny the new guitarist has injected more spirit into this WHITE LUNG release. “80,000 x” has a scratchy screaming guitar throughout the song. I think of the WIPERS as a Kill Rock Stars band. I look forward to hearing the “It’s the Evil” LP that is due out anyday now. WHITE LUNG carry on the mission of turning Vancouver from “No Fun City” into a musical scene to be reckoned with. (Deranged Records - 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada / The songs on this release are:

1. Atlanta
2. D.O.I.
3. 80,000 X

Colin Brunton in MRR

This interview with Colin Brunton was done on our radio show initially. Colin Brunton is a filmaker who made the movie the Last Pogo. The Last Pogo captured the early Toronto punk scene as they were getting kicked out of their digs at the Horseshoe Tavern. Many from that era consider those shows at the death of punk in Toronto. It was a significant event nonetheless. the show featured performances by the Ugly, the Secrets, the Mods, the Viletones, the Ugly, and Teenage Head getting the plug pulled by the Fire Department. The interview was conducted by Greg Dick of the Dream Dates and was printed by Maximumrocknroll in the April 2010 edition. Copies of this issue are available and copies are available at

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Class Assassins "You've Got It All Wrong" CD

I’m surprised to see this new full length because I thought the CLASS ASSASSINS broke up. Jamie Vella, a.k.a. Cactus, of SINKIN’ SHIPS, is doing double duty with the new CLASS ASSASSINS line up. The rest of the band is made up of CHAD formerly of BITTER GRIN, Chris formerly of HOCKEY TEETH, and Gary formerly from PROBLEM CHILDREN. As the lineage suggests, CLASS ASSASSINS are a hybrid of oi and melodic punk. And when I say melodic punk I am not talking about the crappy scene defined by bands like RANCID and BAD RELIGION. I am talking something more mid-paced and political in nature and a bit more DIY. They remind me of a more oi version of KNUCKLEHEAD. They play this style of pun because CLASS ASSASSINS were around in early versions of the hardcore scene. In fact, Chad’s involvement goes back to the first wave of the Toronto hardcore scene. He was buds with the guys in CHRONIC SUBMISSION and this association gives the band so much more cred. Well this new full length has none of the gems that defined CHRONIC SUBMISSION’s demo releases. But these guys were poisoned by the GREEN DAY generation of punk. They grew up listening to the old UK oi. Think of the BUSINESS, ANGELIC UPSTARTS, COCK SPARRER, and the like. This bleeds through on the new material. The songs on here are:
1. Crack of Thunder
2. Run for Cover
3. Empty Dollar
4. Outside Looking In
5. You've Got It All Wrong
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Stop the World
8. Going the Distance
9. After the Story
10. A Generation Robbed
11. Buy to Sell
12. Sex and Guns
13. Taking the Fall

Top 10 - February 2010

Top 10 - February 2010

1. BROKEN NEEDLE Discography CD (Lengua Armada)
2. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. “Gotta Get Away from You” ep (Tombstone)
3. MALINHERS “Probs Gaput sus Spandau” ep (Thought Crime)
4. INSURANCE RISK “Violence in Our Minds” LP (Crucial Response)
5. COMMITMENT CREW “What Are You?” LP (Crucial Response)
6. STATE “Nihil Ex Nihilo” ep (Punks Before Profits)
7. DSB “Useless System Abuse” 12” (Vex)
8. THE CRACK “In Search of Crack” LP (Daily)
9. THE KRUNCHIES “Ugly Inside” ep (Southkore)
10. POINTED STICKS “Three Lefts Make a Right” CD (Northern Electric)

Label Info:
* TOMBSTONE – 16631 SE 82nd Drive / Clackamas, Oregon / 97015 / USA / www.deadmoonusa/contact.htm
* THOUGHT CRIME – Muskauer Str. 19 / 10997 Berlin / Germany /
* CRUCIAL RESPONSE - Von-der-Mark Str. 31 / 47137 Duisburg / Germany /
* PUNKS BEFORE PROFITS – P.O. Box 1148 / Grand Rapids, MI / 49501 / USA /
* VEX –
* DAILY – C/ De Les Sitges 9 / 08001 Barcelona / Spain /
* SOUTHKORE – 2814 S. Spaulding Avenue / Chicago, IL / 60623 / USA

Flyer - Monday March 15, 2010

Radio - Sunday, March 14, 2010


POINTED STICKS – By Your Side (Northern Electric)
THE KRUNCHIES – Deflated (Southkore)
THE CRACK – Don’t Just Sit There (Daily)
DSB – Reject, Denied, Refuse (Vex)
STATE – Puppet State (Punks Before profits)
COMMITMENT CREW – We Are Nothing (Crucial Response)
INSURANCE RISK – I Want More (Crucial Rsponse)
MALINHERS – Hoax (Thought Crime)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - P.R.O.B.L.E.M. (Tombstone)
BROKEN NEEDLE – Bring Out Your Dead (Lengua Armada)

AC DC – Rocker (Atlantic)
BLACK FLAG – Black Coffee (SST)
BEYOND POSSESSION – Hard Times (Death)
DRI – Argument Then War (Beer City)
GOOD CLEAN FUN – In Defense of All Life (Equal Vision)

THE BATBOYS – OK Blue Jays (Freedom)
FUCKED UP – Police (Deranged)
PROPAGANDHI – Pigs Will Pay (Fat Wrechords)
COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION – Four Alarm Fire at Lockport Gambino Ford (Ugly Pop)
THE CLASH – 1-2 Crush on you (Epic)

G.I.S.M. – Endless Blockade for the Pussyfooter (New Red Archive)
CRO-MAGS – We Gotta know (Bootleg)
HENRIETTA COLLINS – Drive By Shootiong (Texas Hotel)
MDC – Who’s the terrorist Now (R Radical)
NO FX – The Idiots Have Taken Over (Epitaph)

ECONOCHRIST – Treadmill (Ebullition)
CHINO HORDE – Natural (File 13)
RED 40 – The Outsiders (Landmark)
SCREAM – Fight / American Justice (Dischord)
RIP OFFS – Zodiac (Pure filth)

IN TIME – Daily Commute (Self-Released)
IN TIME – Genocide (Self-Released)
IN TIME – Keep it Together (Self-Released)
IN TIME – Road (Self-Released)

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Photos from the broadcast booth

Rob holds "Dirty Deeds" while cueing up an AC DC song

Stephe wears a Greece soccer jersey in support of the General Strike last thursday that took place in Athens.
Rob's friends, Todd and Laurie
Chris Perry adjusts the volume in his headsets

Ed sports a St. Pat's hat in honour of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

Rob looks through the new issue of the EXD zine

Brothers in arms and on the air

Chris' DOA shirt

Ed's ten year old Smugglers ep

Rob's cat shirt

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Zine - EXD, Volume 10, Issue 01

This issue features Let's Dance and SNFU. Both bands are from Edmonton. Let's Dance refer to Edmonton as Stabmonton, so this is the Stabmonton issue. Their first ep has loads of knives on it. I think that's how bar fights are fought especially amongst the rig pigs.


1. Daily Commute
2. Genocide
3. Keep It Together
4. Road* (Originally By Nick Drake)

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

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THE FITS – Bored of Education (Stagefright)

THE FIFTH COLUMN – Counterfeit Culture (Crass)
THE FIFTH COLUMN – Born in a War (Live)

THE DIRTY ANGELS – Danger Boy (Unreleased)
THE DIRTY ANGELS – I’m Gone Goodbye, Goodbye (Unreleased)

THEE IMMACULATE HEARTS – Thee Immaculate Hearts (Unreleased)

THEE IMMACULATE HEARTS – Messed Up (Unreleased)
THEE IMMACULATE HEARTS – Good News in the Graveyard (Unreleased)

THEE IMMACULATE HEARTS – Dead Museum (Unreleased)


THEE IMMACULATE HEARTS – Space Trippin’ Baby (Unreleased)

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Moments the night of the Wayne Brown interview

Dog eat dog

Aldo Eldric, Wayne Brown, and Greg Dick

Stephe doing some tongue wagging

Wayne Brown and Greg Dick

The re-appropriated chalice. Wayne was trying to turn wine into blood.

Wayne sports a Habs toque and Greg gets to the crux of it.

Stephe, Wayne, Harrison and Linda

Wayne Brown, the gothic cowboy

Harrison makes out with straight Ed

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Update: Saturday March 6, 2010

We put up an old comp I did that was originally released in 1988 as a tape comp called "Ontario: Yours to Discover". Ed saw the New Breed comp download blog so we just applied that here. To check it out or download the files go to the post hyperlinked above.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paxels TV

Dion Conflict, someone who has been behind a lot of great screenings in the city and the publisher of Konflict in the Kino, has just launched an internet superstaion that plays streaming video. The station is called Paxels and has loads of independently made shows that Dion has developed. I have helped do some introductions for concert capsules which are live shows. They appear on Wednesday. Fridays has a Free Form format with all sorts of films. Saturday is ToonTown. You need to go to the site and if you have some material to contribute get in touch with Dion there.

Critical Convictions "The Crisis of Modernity" ep

CRITICAL CONVICTIONS are from Ottawa and feature members of TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, TRIOXIN 245, and a few bands that I have not had the pleasure of hearing yet. They totally remind me of the power violence nuttiness of TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM with a bit more of a youth crew flavour steering this ship. The singer, Maxx, has vocals reminiscent of REAGAN YOUTH. Musically the band reminds me of a cross between AOF, SEEIN’ RED and HAYMAKER. At times the band is ripping fast, at times they slow down for some hammering breakdowns, and lyrically the band is solid with regards to the lyric matter. This was a small press of 300 copies so write quickly to the contacts below. ( / e-mail:critical

The songs found on here are:

1. Hardcore Sick
2. Anomie
3. Condos
4. Crisis of Modernity
5. Manifest Destiny
6. Incarcerated
7. Break

Limited to a pressing of 300 copies.

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The Sick Needs "Exit Wounds and Plastic Band Aids" CD

This is a new band from Newmarket featuring Spencer from the Metal Eddies. The CD is self-released and contains the following songs:
1. Badge of Dishonour
2. Engulfed by Hate
3. Out of My Mind
4. Line Up
5. Web of Lies
6. Code
7. Untitled 462
8. Not Like You
9. Suburban Nightmare
10. Converted Robot

Flyer - Monday March 1, 2010

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Bonehead Music - Oh Canaduh
SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh (Alternative Tentacles)

FIX ME - El Cobrador Loco (Sell Our Souls)
STATE - Destroyed Rock City (Punks Before Profits)
SBV - Chaos in Paradise (Refuse)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Once in a While (Refuse)
THE DEFENSE - Hard to Find (Crucial Response)

BLUNDERMEN - Stations of teh Crass (Ragamuffin Soldier)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Kepone Factory (Alternative Tentacles)
LAUGHING HYENAS - Crawl (Touch 'n Go)

BAD RELIGION - The Empire Strikes First (Epitaph)
THE ROOTS - !!!!!! (MCA)
MOS DEF - Rock 'n Roll (Rawkus)
BAD BRAINS - Attitude (Roir)
THROWDOWN - baby Got Back (Self-Released)

BROKEN NEEDLE – My Rules (Lengua Armada)
CURRAHEE – B Postive (Commitment)
INSURANCE RISK – Speak Our Minds (Crucial Response)
MAD WORLD – Pulling Me Down (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
ASSPISS – Already Dead (Suburban White Trash)

NERVE CITY - Get Gone (Hozac)
HAMMERHEAD - M.I.A. (Amphetamine Reptile)
SQUIRREL BAIT - Kid Dynamite (Homestead)
SOUL SIDE - Bass (Dischord)
PHLEG CAMP - Beaker(Final Notice)

MARILYN'S VITAMINS - Ernst Zundell, Voltaire And Me (Ugly Pop)
DOA - Disco Sucks (Sudden Death)
RIOT 99 - Destroy the City (Riot)
JERSEY - Untouchable (Fuelled by Ramen)

Demo Feature
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Graveyards (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Breakfast (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Cut Loose (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Toronto (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Open (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Worry Cycle (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Where this is Going (Self-Released)