Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update: Saturday March 20, 2010

My brother came down to visit and he brought down some old local zines. I got some of them scanned and put up. A great old zine from Mississauga called Pirates of Doom got scanned. You can find Issue 01, and Issue 02.

Glenn Salter, the guitarist in MSI, did a number of awesome zines in the city. Some of these were scanned and put up on the site. Mount the Purple Sceptre is up and so is Subject to Change.

Rob Freeborn did a couple of issues of Kill Poseurs. Issues 1 and Issue 2 are scanned and available for download.

Ian Fenton and Steve Wiltsey from Burlington did a zine called Severe. Issue 1 is available for download.

We put up some sound files for different live Studio 3 sessions. So you can find audio downloads for the Way-Outs, Hostage Life, Homostupids, and the G-Men.

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