Sunday, March 21, 2010

Porcelain Forehead "Right Now! The World needs a Clear Head" CD

This is a re-release on the ep by the same name as a CD. This Ottawa area band is responsible for the CD release. Canuckistan provides an awesome description of the original release

"Much of Right Now... straddles the two worlds of straight-up seventies punk and the rapid-fire rhythms of hardcore, with songs like the biting 'Unfinished Porch' ("Big business knows its friends / You'd better do what they say") and 'Human Torch' veering off into Minutemen territory with Bruce Stevenson's staccato bass riffs. And then there is the fiery 'That Number Again Folks' ("Porcelain Forehead's tuneful punk crowd-pleaser"). To Hillis, the anti-Jerry Falwell screed was in fact doubly significant, " in, 'call this number and gimme some money, it's goin' to gawd!' and also cheeky, as in, 'you've heard this riff kids, somewhere, I think you must've, well here it is again gang!'... self-conscious to the hilt."

Go and read more on the background of the release and some of the troubles the band had with it.

My main criticism of this CD re-issue is that the band also has a number of songs that live only on out of print compilations. This was an opportunity to collect all of those.  But for fans of the band the last of the two songs are newly recorded so that is great news. The songs on here are:

1. That Number Again Folks
2. Q
3. How High?
4. Human Torch
5. Unfinished Porch
6. Gleaning Ground

7. This is What You Can Do
8. Gnawin' On

You can contact the band about the release at

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