Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Critical Convictions "The Crisis of Modernity" ep

CRITICAL CONVICTIONS are from Ottawa and feature members of TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, TRIOXIN 245, and a few bands that I have not had the pleasure of hearing yet. They totally remind me of the power violence nuttiness of TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM with a bit more of a youth crew flavour steering this ship. The singer, Maxx, has vocals reminiscent of REAGAN YOUTH. Musically the band reminds me of a cross between AOF, SEEIN’ RED and HAYMAKER. At times the band is ripping fast, at times they slow down for some hammering breakdowns, and lyrically the band is solid with regards to the lyric matter. This was a small press of 300 copies so write quickly to the contacts below. ( / e-mail:critical

The songs found on here are:

1. Hardcore Sick
2. Anomie
3. Condos
4. Crisis of Modernity
5. Manifest Destiny
6. Incarcerated
7. Break

Limited to a pressing of 300 copies.

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