Saturday, January 30, 2010

School Jerks "Decline" ep

I am loving this second ep even more than the first. Ben’s riffs sound more and more like early CIRCLE JERKS, which probably gets them comparisons to REGULATIONS because the REGULATIONS used to be ETA and ETA went for the same CIRCLE JERKS appreciation. Well SCHOOL JERKS do the CIRCLE JERKS without getting as amped up. I prefer the SCHOOL JERKS version better because you can actually keep up with their pace. They just bash it out. The anger is more pronounced. And Luke’s vocals get more and more off beat like Darby Crash and yet still somehow sync up. The song “Decline”  makes me think of Darby’s interview in “Decline of the Western Civiliaztion” but I think it has more to do with Tara’s artwork. Tara explains the cover art as representing the decline of the 60’s counterculture with drawings of the Manson family, bikers, hippies draped in the American flag and a student shot at Kent state. A proper explanation can be found on Tara’s site at It looks incredible. There is a song on here called “Rent Boy” that makes me think of the Toronto punk band by the same name. “Guestlist” sounds self-explanatory as does “Street Talk”. Stripped down basic punk. And this is the last record Matt gets to do with the SCHOOL JERKS as he is off and starting his own band. (Cowabunga Records –

The songs found on this record are:
1. Decline
2. Rent Boy
3. Street Talk
4. Guestlist

Update: January 30, 2010

We were able to upload some more first wave interviews that Greg Dick did which include:

- the Viletones recorded on October 15, 2006
- The Mods recorded on November 19, 2006
- Simply Saucer recorded on May 27, 2007
There should be more coming this week.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

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KRUNCHIES - You Put the U in Useless (Southkore)

RESIST CONTROL - Kill the News (Self-Released)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART – Young Explorers (Self-Released)
ANCHOR – Perspective (Refuse)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Shut Your Mouth (Refuse)
RATIONAL ANIMALS - Everybody's Cool Friend (Feral Kid)

NUNFUCKERS - Be Yourself (Still Thinking)
YOUTH OF TODAY - We Just Might (Positive Force)
MOVING TARGETS - Changing Your Mind (Conflict/Radio Beat)
CRIMPSHRINE - Summertime (Lookout)
CHRIST ON A CRUTCH - Off Target (Dischord)

BILLY BRAGG – Garageland
7 SECONDS – Wartime (Bootleg)
DOA – Waiting for You (Friends)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Fake Youth (Deranged)

SHORT FUSE – You already stank yesterday (Assault)
SNIFFING GLUE – Nothing to Regret (Assault)
NAZI DUST – Impulse Control
KSM 50 -

UBER - Crisis (Sell Our Souls)
FIX ME - Pacto (Sell Our Souls)
PRIMATES - Villancico (Thought Crime)
MALIN HEADS - Wargame (Thought Crime)
NO POLICY - Hyper Reality (Self-Released)

CHOKEHOLD - Anchor (Conquer the World)
BORN AGAINST - Nine Years Later (Kill Rock Stars)
STEEL POLE BATHTUB - Christina (Boner)
ERIC'S TRIP - Sunlight (Sub Pop)
DEVIL DOGS - Once Around the Block (Sympathy For the Record Industry)

TRUE COLOURS – No Way to Live (New Breed)
WARZONE – Under 18 (Unreleased)
ABOMINATION – Red Storm Rising (Self-Released)
DEAD END – Subversive Fool (Self-Released)
LEEWAY – On the Outside (Profile)

ANGELHAIR – Second Cousin
BLITZ – Criminal Damage

Demo Feature
STAY YOUNG - Intro (Self-Released)
STAY YOUNG - There is a Need (Self-Released)
STAY YOUNG - Too Much Regret (Self-Released)
STAY YOUNG - Stand Up (Self-Released)
STAY YOUNG - Proud (Self-Released)

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Flyer - Sunday January 23, 2010

Update - January 23, 2010

In the spirit of the Treat Me Like Dirt book launch we were able to put up some audio downloads for some of the shows of some of these bands who appeared on EXD. That means you can download the songs of their live sessions and their interviews by searching out the bands. The first wave bands that were put up were:

Teenage Head (recorded January 28, 2007)
The Diodes (recorded June 8th, 2007)

We also have some newer bands that were recorded in the old Studio 3 that have been put up. You can download the songs from Studio 3 sessions for :

- Scare Tactic (recorded March 11th, 2003)
- Runnamucks from Orlando (recorded Feburary 14th, 2002)
- Terminal State (recorded October 16th, 2005)
- Terminals (recorded August 24th, 2008)

Last week we put up a bunch of interviews from MRR of bands that were Canadian. Hosted up are:
- Riot99 from November 2002
- Will Munro of Vaseline from March 2002
- Scare Tactic from February 2002
- Ruination from May 2001
- Day of Mourning from September 2000
- Teen Crud Combo from February 2000
I also put up interviews with:
We also did a lot of profiles on record labels that were printed in MRR with:
Found a couple of scene reports as well. There were two I did on Toronto and another one on Winnipeg.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Click to download the show
THE VILETONES – Screamin’ Fist (Other Peoples Music)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE RAMONES – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Sire)
Interview with Liz Worth
TEENAGE HEAD – Little Boxes (Sonic Unyon)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE DIODES – Noise (Polydor)
Interview with Liz Worth
Interview with Liz Worth
THE VILETONES – Rebel (Other Peoples Music)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE UGLY – Alley Cat (Other Peoples Music)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE CURSE – Shoeshine Boy (Other Peoples Music)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE FORGOTTEN REBELS – Third Homosexual Murder (Other Peoples Music)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE DEMICS – New York City (Ready)
Interview with Liz Worth
THE B GIRLS – Fun at the Beach (Other Peoples Music)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interview with Liz Worth

Tune in tonight for the first interview with Liz Worth about her book "Treat Me Like Dirt", which is an oral history of punk in Toronto and Hamilton and a little bit on London from as far back as can be traced. We will get into the lore and legend of our local punk pioneers and their stories. I just finished the book after reading it for three weeks straight and to be honest I couldn't put it down. I was always trying to find time to sneak away and read more. I have heard stories from this past, but Liz has figured out a way to make sense out of the various narratives. This is the first time I understand what went down at the Crash 'n Burn the night Phil Lynott knocked out Mike Nightmare. I never realized the extent of how outside the law the Ugly and the Curse lived. I had heard that the Go-Go's were inspired by the bands in Toronto but I never realized that Charlotte had written the B-Girls on how to start up a band. The Misfits played here the day after David's burned down. There is loads to this book and without giving it all away I hope you tune in tonight for more details on the book and the music from the period. 89.5FM for those in southern Ontario and for those outside the listening range.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flyer - Saturday January 16, 2010

Fear of Tomorrow “No Fucking Future No Way” ep

FEAR OF TOMORROW are a band from Squamish, BC, which is a small town in between Vancouver and Whistler. It’s almost like a suburb. So how a blazing motorcharged disclone band comes from here is beyond me. But they certainly follow the lead that INEPSY have carved out. And they have gotten the singer to draw the artwork for this cover so it eben looks like an INEPSY release. They even use the typewriter font for the lyrics. Is that a bad thing? Not in this case. FEAR OF TOMORROW don’t sound as polished as INEPSY. It is a lot rawer and sloppier sounding and that works in their favour. Where INEPSY come up with more of a MOTORHEAD sound, FEAR OF TOMORROW come out with more of a DISCHARGE sound. And I am talking early DISCHARGE, not the period where they started sounding like they were recording in a big studio. West coast d-beat. (Charged // Distorted – P.O. Box 21530 / 1424 Commercial Drive / Vancouver, BC / V5L 5G2 / Canada / - SP

Flyer - Saturday January 16, 2010

Flyer - Saturday January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Flyer - Friday January 15, 2010

AK 47 CD

This is a brand new CD by Victoria’s AK 47. Still at it and still sounding as urgent as ever. The chorus on the opening song “You’ve Got Nothing” is “Never Surrender”. Right from the get go we get evidence of the band’s revolutionary spirit. Great to see it alive and well from these angry old men. And because of it I can’t help think of bands’s like DEADSTOOLPIDGEON, MANLIFTINGBANNER, and BIRDS OF A FEATHER. Just ripping hardcore with a revolutionary message played by scene veterans. It gives me hope at a time when everything is so shit. A voice in the darkness if you will. AK47 come from the LARM school of hardcore, except that they do have melody in a “Screaming for Change” kind of way. The atrocity of New Orleans, numerous examples of racism, injustice, oppression are not lost on this band. I particular love the song directed at the scene regarding apologetic approaches to SKREWDRIVER. Finally someone calls them and their listeners out. There is enough material to go into how righteous AK 47 just on their political stand but I feel the song “Burn it Down” sums it up just bringing this shitty system down. 24 songs deliver twenty four calls to action. Heed the call. Read up more about the band at or write them at Reason Records c/o Tony Goluza / 706 Yates Street / P.O. Box 8829 / Victoria, BC / V8W 1L0 / Canada. The songs on here are:
1. You've Got Nothing
2. New Orleans
3. They Killed Radio Raheem
4. Burn the Motherfucker
5. Dalai Liar
6. Fuck Racism, Fuck Screwdriver and Fuck You Too
7. I Regret Nothing
8. Your Parents Failed
9. Not Enough
10. January 29th
11. Love to Hate
12. I Feel Something Break Inside
13. Freedom
14. Guananamo
15. I Don't Give a Fuck
16. Burn It Down
17. Death in a Free Land
18. The Luxury of Faith
19. A Hundred Battles
20. Prachanda
21. You'd Better Watch your Fucking Mouth
22. Fuck You You're Dead
23. Ever wanted to Curbstomp Your Fucking Boss?
24. One Step Away

Monday, January 11, 2010

Radio - Sunday, January 10, 2010

GODCORP. - Trial by Fire (Self-Released)
GODCORP. - Priests of Profit (Self-Released)
FAIR WARNING - Search For (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)

BLACK DONNELLYS - Take a Ride (on the Bleeding Railroad) (Audio Fellatio)
SUDDEN IMPACT - First Time There (Marquee)
GODCORP. - Killing, Death and Mutilation (Self-Released)

GODCORP. - Mask (Self-Released)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Posse Comitatus (Over the Top)

GODCORP. - Man with Porridge Function (Self-Released)

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

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ATTENTION – Tonight Will Be Like Any Other Night (Self-Released)

RAH - Change (Labelled)
KEEP IT CLEAR - See It My Way (Self-Released)
URBAN BLIGHT - Enough (Slasher)
ROCKET REDUCERS - Shit Talker (Rocket Reducers)
GERM ATTAK – Servitude (MCR Company)

VICIOUS CYCLE - Heaven or Hell (Deranged)
VACANT STATE - Bleak (Self-Released)
SCHOOL JERKS - Stray (Riff Raff)
LET'S DANCE - X-Ray Eyes (Meaty Beaty)
BAD CHOICE – Lash Out (Self-Released)

PUNCH – Fuming (625 Productions)
CONVERGE – Cutter (Deathwish)
NO TOLERANCE – Sentenced (Gravewish)
SHITTY LIMITS – My Limits are Your Limits (Sorry State)

URBAN BLIGHT – Leech (Slasher)
PSYCHED TO DIE – Final Bath (Grave Mistake)
LIMP WRIST – Bought Out (Lengua Armada)
TRUE COLOURS – Forward Concern (Powered)

THE ACTION - TVs on the Blink (Sudden Death)
LEGION 666 – No God (Schizophrenic)
JERK WARD - Fuck You Quincy (Supreme Echo)
TYRANNA - Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
FILTH - Lust for Glory (Alternative Tentacles)

THE CLASH – 1977 (Bootleg)
THE SUBHUMANS- Firing Squad (Alternative Tentacles)
LAPINPOLTHAJAT - Jos Uskot (Kamaset Levytt)
HUL - Ingen Lektier (Hjernespind)
CAUSTIC DEFIANCE – One Million Stares (Akashic)
GORDON IVY AND THE JAYBIRDS - Breaking Through (Self-Released)

CITY SWEETHEARTS - Can't Stop Shaking (Self-Released)
DICHOTOMY - Mine (Self-Released)
SCOTIA WIDOWS – Don’t Rewind (Self-Released)
NAZI DUST - Subservient (Self-Released)
MAD MAN - Mad Man (Self-Released)

NEGATIVE STANDARDS – Track 4 (Self-Released)
EDDIE BROCK – Skateboard Bikini Wax (Self-Released)
NOT SORRY - Learned (Self-Released)
POINT BLANK - Reagan's Still Dead (Self-Released)

Konflict in the Kino #18

Here is the newest issue that was handed out at this week's "Shock and Awe" fest. This issue features Antonio Biaggi who is an adult porn star that has started up an eco store. Director Michael Goorjian answers the three questions. Dion interviews a Kosovan music producer and DJ Andin Randobrava. There is a piece of what Dion has been up to as of late. And the review section.