Friday, January 15, 2010

AK 47 CD

This is a brand new CD by Victoria’s AK 47. Still at it and still sounding as urgent as ever. The chorus on the opening song “You’ve Got Nothing” is “Never Surrender”. Right from the get go we get evidence of the band’s revolutionary spirit. Great to see it alive and well from these angry old men. And because of it I can’t help think of bands’s like DEADSTOOLPIDGEON, MANLIFTINGBANNER, and BIRDS OF A FEATHER. Just ripping hardcore with a revolutionary message played by scene veterans. It gives me hope at a time when everything is so shit. A voice in the darkness if you will. AK47 come from the LARM school of hardcore, except that they do have melody in a “Screaming for Change” kind of way. The atrocity of New Orleans, numerous examples of racism, injustice, oppression are not lost on this band. I particular love the song directed at the scene regarding apologetic approaches to SKREWDRIVER. Finally someone calls them and their listeners out. There is enough material to go into how righteous AK 47 just on their political stand but I feel the song “Burn it Down” sums it up just bringing this shitty system down. 24 songs deliver twenty four calls to action. Heed the call. Read up more about the band at or write them at Reason Records c/o Tony Goluza / 706 Yates Street / P.O. Box 8829 / Victoria, BC / V8W 1L0 / Canada. The songs on here are:
1. You've Got Nothing
2. New Orleans
3. They Killed Radio Raheem
4. Burn the Motherfucker
5. Dalai Liar
6. Fuck Racism, Fuck Screwdriver and Fuck You Too
7. I Regret Nothing
8. Your Parents Failed
9. Not Enough
10. January 29th
11. Love to Hate
12. I Feel Something Break Inside
13. Freedom
14. Guananamo
15. I Don't Give a Fuck
16. Burn It Down
17. Death in a Free Land
18. The Luxury of Faith
19. A Hundred Battles
20. Prachanda
21. You'd Better Watch your Fucking Mouth
22. Fuck You You're Dead
23. Ever wanted to Curbstomp Your Fucking Boss?
24. One Step Away

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