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Top 10 – March 2007

Top 10 – March 2007

1. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH “Totalitarian Sodomy” LP (Hardcore Holocaust)
2. WARKRIME “Give War a Chance” ep (No Way)
3. V/A “No Bullshit, Volume 2” ep (No Way)
4. AFFLUENTE “Libera Fame” CD (S.O.A.)
5. AFTER THE MASSACRE “A Future Discarded to the Bonepits” CD (S.O.A.)
6. FORCED MARCH “Wasted Existence” ep (Forced March)
7. LA PIOVRA “Risacca” ep (Punks Before Profits)
8. ARMAGEDOM / BOMBEN ALARM split ep (Hate)
9. SOCIAL CIRCKLE “Static Eyes” ep (No Way)
10. COBRA NOIR “Barricades” CD (Chainsaw Safety)

Label Info:
* HARDCORE HOLOCAUST – P.O. Box 143403 / Austin, TX / 78714-3403 / USA /
* NO WAY – c/o Brandon Ferrell / 13 S. Blvd #3 / Richmond, VA / 23220 / USA /
* S.O.A. – c/o Paolo Petralia / via Oderisi da Gubbio 67/69 / 00146 Rome / Italy
* FORCED MARCH – c/o J. Hughes / 2619 NE 6th Place / Portland, OR / 97212 / USA /
* PUNKS BEFORE PROFITS – P.O. Box 1148 / Grand Rapids, MI / 49501 / USA /
* HATE – P.O. Box 105824 / 28058 Bremen / Germany /
* CHAINSAW SAFETY – P.O. Box 260318 / Bellerose, NY / 11426-0318 / USA /

Monday, March 26, 2007

Radio: Sunday, March 25, 2007

SEX/VID - Misprint (Dom America)

MINOR THREAT - Cashed in (Dischord)
SUNPOWER - Shut Up (Peter Bowers)
TERMINAL STATE - All in My Head (Deranged)
MARGARET THRASHER - Hell No (Clarence Thomas)
REGULATIONS - No Rights (Havoc)
CIRCLE JERKS - What's Your Problem (Frontier)

ZAAT - Arigoto (Nauscopy)
DIE BRUCKE - The Bridge (Self-Released)
C.I. - Deceived (Self-Released)
THE HOLD - Criminal (Divorce)
SYSTEM SHIT - Lost Control (Regurgitated Semen)
ENVISION - Not Alone (Hopeful Days)

TRIAL - One Step Away (Equal Vision)
CROW - In Kenji (Prank)
THE BLACK HAND - Disburden (Scorched Earth)
IRON AGE - Twisted Faith (Youngblood)
CRO MAGS - Face the facts (Profile)

THE ARCHIES - You Little Angel, You (RCA)
DOLLY MIXTURE - Ernie Ball (Respond)
SHOP ASSISTANTS - Looking Back (Chrysalis)
CLOROX GIRLS - The Press (Smart guy)
BUZZCOCKS - You Tear me Up (United Artists)
THE VICIOUS - Walking Dead (Feral Ward)
BLACK LIPS - Dirty hands (Vice)

KONTEMPT - A Nation of Aggressors (The Total End)
BOMBENALARM - Virus (Hate)
DRILLER KILLER - Blind naked and Covered with Shit (Crimes Against Humanity)
TO WHAT END - Versus (Crimes Against Humanity)
MASSMORD - Slaktsplats Sverige (Crimes Against Humanity)
BALLAST - Dead Words (Trujaca Fala)

JUDGEMENT - No Reason Why (HG Fact)
UNDER PRESSURE - Safety (Yellowdog)
DISCHARGE - Death Dealers (Castle)
BASTARD - Dear Cops (Self-Released)
POISON IDEA - Death of an Idiot Blues (Epitaph)

LIFE'S HALT - More Than once (Youngblood)
ATARI - Times Together (Teamwork)
STOP AND THINK - Get lost (Painkiller)
TURNING POINT - Growing Stronger (Jade Tree)
WHIZ KIDS - Gorilla Whiz Kids (Unrest)
THE FIRST STEP - What we Know (Rivalry)
LIGHTS OUT - Old News (Youngblood)

Demo Feature
TAKE ON ME - Take Me On / Dry Downing (Self-Released)
TAKE ON ME - Another Place, Another time (Self-Released)
TAKE ON ME - Parading in a wake of Sad Relations (Self-Released)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Margaret Thrasher "Does It Matter?" ep

This was Margaret Thrasher's second ep. The songs on here are listed above.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Radio: Sunday, March 18, 2007

THE LEFT - Redneck 7-11 (Bona Fide)

SPRĂ„NGD - Visa mig vagen till Platsen dit man gar for att do (Self-Released)
PULLING TEETH - Our Downfall (a389)
DRILLER KILLER - Ruled by None (Crimes Against Humanity)
LOUTISH - No Sleep at All (Born 20 Years too Late)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Triumph of Evil (Hardcore Holocaust)
THE DISCHARGERS - Incoming Art War (Born 20 Years too Late)

EXPLODING HEARTS - Rumours in Town (Dirtnap)
JAWBREAKER - Do You Still Hate Me (Tupelo-Conmunnion)
BUSY SIGNALS - All The Time (Shit Sandiwch)
BEAT BEAT BEAT - Psycho (Alien Snatch)

S.I.E.G.E. - Starvation (Deep Six)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - When There's Nothing Left to Lose (Schizophrenic)
CALIFORNIA LOVE - Total Bummer Forever (Self-Released)
HATRED SURGE - Gag Reflex / Respect (Schizophrenic)
NEMA - Law's, Deeds, Rights, Title (Sound Pollution)
THINK I CAN - Different Face (DeadAlive)

UNDERTONES - Really Really (Sire)
THE BUREAUCRATS - Feel the Pain (No Exit)
THE BOYS - Weekend (Safari)
THE RECORDS - Starry Eyes (Virgin)
THE DIODES - Red Rubber Ball (Epic)
THE ONLY ONES - Another God, Another Planet (Epic)

REPOS - Attack from All Sides (Youth Attack)
CHARLES BRONSON - Youth Attack (Coalition)
TREPAN NATION - Scathing Indictment (Lengua Armada)
PUNCH IN THE FACE - Beer Cold, TV Loud, Homosexuals Flaming (Lengua Armada)
LOS CRUDOS - No se acalo (Lengua Armada)
CHRONIC SEIZURE - Tuned Out (Fashionable Idiots)

FOUR STROKE - Apathy (Crusty)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - I Do Nothing (Deranged)
CAREER SUICIDE - Out of the Fray (Deranged)
HERO DISHONEST - Stalin vs Hank Hardy (if society)

TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM - the Moon Conspiracy (Sir Punkly)
CRUCIAL UNIT - Communitea (De La Mente)
…AND THE SAGA CONTINUES - Dance on your Grave (Contempt for Humanity)
SPAZZ - Willis (Sound Pollution)
NO COMMENT - Hacked to Chunks (Self-Released)
INFEST - Sick-o (Deep Six)

INTEGRITY - Hollow (Victory)
VILE - Definitions (Redrum)
ELECTRIC DEADS - Zig Zag (Bootleg)
ARTLESS - Donnerwetter (Bootleg)

Demo Feature
SQUALORA - Villains Desire (Self-Released)
SQUALORA - United we Slouch (Self-Released)
SQUALORA - Sugar Coated Submission (Self-Released)
SQUALORA - Whats at Stake (Self-Released)
SQUALORA - Identity Crisis (Self-Released)
SQUALORA - Insult Crusade (Self-Released)

DANGERLOVES - Easy (Dead Ideas)
DADDY'S HANDS - I Went Back in Time (To Shut You Down) (Kill Devils Hills)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

POINTED STICKS - Part of the Noise (Sudden Death)

Top 10 for February 2007
SECOND COMBAT- Second Combat (Commitment)
PULLING TEETH - Vicious Skin (A389)
PERMANENT TRIP - Losing Ground (Shock to the System)
NO GOAL - Relate (Third Party)
FUCK ON THE BEACH - Something I Don't Want to Know (MCR Company)
FOR THE WORSE - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Speak Nothing (Bridge Nine)
VALSE TRISTE - Myrkyn Kylvaja (if society)
RAKKAUS - Palavat Liput (Barrage of Salt)
RATS, THE - I Don't Know (Thrashbastard)
ENCROACHED - Shoot the Icons (Shock to the System)

SNIPERS - Howling (Kick n Punch)
IMPERIALIST PIGS - Cherub Face (Fatal Erection)
OBSERVERS - Can't Be Sad (Deranged)
CARBONAS - Froathing at the Mouth (Douchemaster)
BAYONETTES - Let it Go (Deranged)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Stained Circle (Kick n Punch)

THE RIPTIDES - Red Dawn (Union 2112)
Interview with Tony Bardach
POINTED STICKS - Out of Luck (Sudden Death)
THE MOTORS - Crazy Alice (Captain oi!)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Shake (Captain oi!)

BLACK LIPS - Oh Katrina (Die Slaughterhaus)
RIFF RANDELLS - Lethal Lipgloss (Alien Snatch)
THE VICIOUS - Alienated (Feral Ward)
LIFETIME - Irony is for Suckers (Jade Tree)
CLOROX GIRLS - The Press (Smartguy)
DEFECT DEFECT - Yeah, I'm a Terrorist (Clarence Thomas)

SQUALOR - Identity Crisis (Poison Candy)
MASS APPEAL - Pissed on Life (Relapse)
MISERY - Pressure (Profane Existence)
HAIL OF RAGE - One of Them (Regurgitated Semen)
SIMBIOSE - Terrorismo de Estado (MCR Company)
FRAMTID - Nuclear Power Genocide (MRR)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Sarajevo Snapshot (Hardcore Holocaust)

Demo Feature
EVICTION PARTY - New Bridges to Drink Under Then Burn (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - I'm a Shit (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - If You Love Someone, Smother Them to Death (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Kathleen Hanna Broke My Fucking Heart (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Travel Mug (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - I Could Have Grown My Own (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - My Debts to You (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - All Day Breakfast (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Mandolin Song (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Lauren (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Newfie Dance (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Pete's Song 2 (Self-Released)

Friday, March 9, 2007

Flyer: Friday March 9, 2007

Living Darkness opens up for the Strawman Fallacy at the White Orchid.

The Skitzos "Faster! Louder! Better!" ep

This is a band from Calgary and this is this first release. The songs on here are:

1. Sinking Fast!
2. Watch Out!
3. Set It Off!
4. S.K.I.T.Z.O.S.

The Endless Blockade / Hatred Surge LP

The Endless Blockade did a split LP with Hatred Surge from Austin. This was released on Schizophrenic Records and contains the songs:

1. Abraxas

2. When There's Nothing Left To Lose
3. Dr. Stockwell
4. Tar Pit Neanderthal
5. Dawn Man
6. Pathologised
7. Don't Voice Your Opinion
8. Big City Nights
9. The Endless Blockade
10. Hex
11. 091006

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Flyer - March 8th, 2007

I Hate Sally and To the Lions opened up for Comeback Kid at the Kathedral.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Radio: Sunday, March 4, 2007

SUBSISTENCE - Quiet Revolution (Arisen)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Government is Asshole (Deranged)
CAREER SUICIDE - Recipe for Disaster (Deranged)
MADIDO REPIRO - Il Mio Male (Self-Released)
The FREEZE - Sickly Sweet (Dr. Strange)
HERO DISHONEST - I Saw It (If Society)
THE NOW DENIAL - Through Torrents of Shit (Too Circle)

86 MENTALITY - Intro / Life Tsoyo (Grave Mistake)
DIRECT CONTROL - Police Threat (No Way / Tank Crimes)
GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS - Bought & Sold (625 Productions)
GENETIC ANGRY - Thoughts (Self-Released)
GRIMPLE - Violent Fuk (Prank)
FILTH - Dear Fuck (Rust)

RABIES - Burning Tires (Sorry State)
PERMANENT TRIP - Stasi (Shock to the System)
BLANK STARE - White Hell (Third Party)
SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Hardcore Makes Me Cum
WARKRIME - No More (No Way)

CRUCIFIX - How When + Where ? (Southern)
SUBHUMANS - Death to the Sickoids (Friends)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Made in England (Fringe)
UNRULED - Forced Mistake (Self-Released)
CIRCLE JERKS - World Up My ass (Frontier)
RIKK AGNEW - Falling Out (Frontier)

THE NOW DENIAL - New Defined Needs (Tomte Tumme Tott)
BREATHING FIRE - Plant (Painkiller)
LION OF JUDAH - Astral Masker (Youngblood)
DRY ROT - Don't Touch Me / Bleached (Cold Vomit)
SEX/VID - Tazia (Dom America)

I FARM - G Samsu (Go Kart)
CODE OF HONOR - Death to You (Subterranean)
THE LEFT - Frontline (Bona Fide)
GANGWAY, MAN - One Chapter in the Book (Cracks in the Sidewalk)
VALSE TRISTE - Ilman Saattajaa (If Society)
FOURTH ROTOR - Gatefold Mouths (Southkore)

Demo Feature
BRODY'S MILITIA - All Ties Severed (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Knife Fighting in Finland (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Under the Shepherd's Crook (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Same Shit, Different Dress Code (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Won't Change a Thing (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Slut Burner (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Carry on Mumbling (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Morbid Tales (Celtic Frost) (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Useless (Self-Released)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Scum (Napalm Death) (Self-Released)