Monday, March 26, 2007

Radio: Sunday, March 25, 2007

SEX/VID - Misprint (Dom America)

MINOR THREAT - Cashed in (Dischord)
SUNPOWER - Shut Up (Peter Bowers)
TERMINAL STATE - All in My Head (Deranged)
MARGARET THRASHER - Hell No (Clarence Thomas)
REGULATIONS - No Rights (Havoc)
CIRCLE JERKS - What's Your Problem (Frontier)

ZAAT - Arigoto (Nauscopy)
DIE BRUCKE - The Bridge (Self-Released)
C.I. - Deceived (Self-Released)
THE HOLD - Criminal (Divorce)
SYSTEM SHIT - Lost Control (Regurgitated Semen)
ENVISION - Not Alone (Hopeful Days)

TRIAL - One Step Away (Equal Vision)
CROW - In Kenji (Prank)
THE BLACK HAND - Disburden (Scorched Earth)
IRON AGE - Twisted Faith (Youngblood)
CRO MAGS - Face the facts (Profile)

THE ARCHIES - You Little Angel, You (RCA)
DOLLY MIXTURE - Ernie Ball (Respond)
SHOP ASSISTANTS - Looking Back (Chrysalis)
CLOROX GIRLS - The Press (Smart guy)
BUZZCOCKS - You Tear me Up (United Artists)
THE VICIOUS - Walking Dead (Feral Ward)
BLACK LIPS - Dirty hands (Vice)

KONTEMPT - A Nation of Aggressors (The Total End)
BOMBENALARM - Virus (Hate)
DRILLER KILLER - Blind naked and Covered with Shit (Crimes Against Humanity)
TO WHAT END - Versus (Crimes Against Humanity)
MASSMORD - Slaktsplats Sverige (Crimes Against Humanity)
BALLAST - Dead Words (Trujaca Fala)

JUDGEMENT - No Reason Why (HG Fact)
UNDER PRESSURE - Safety (Yellowdog)
DISCHARGE - Death Dealers (Castle)
BASTARD - Dear Cops (Self-Released)
POISON IDEA - Death of an Idiot Blues (Epitaph)

LIFE'S HALT - More Than once (Youngblood)
ATARI - Times Together (Teamwork)
STOP AND THINK - Get lost (Painkiller)
TURNING POINT - Growing Stronger (Jade Tree)
WHIZ KIDS - Gorilla Whiz Kids (Unrest)
THE FIRST STEP - What we Know (Rivalry)
LIGHTS OUT - Old News (Youngblood)

Demo Feature
TAKE ON ME - Take Me On / Dry Downing (Self-Released)
TAKE ON ME - Another Place, Another time (Self-Released)
TAKE ON ME - Parading in a wake of Sad Relations (Self-Released)

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