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Sunday, March 11, 2007

POINTED STICKS - Part of the Noise (Sudden Death)

Top 10 for February 2007
SECOND COMBAT- Second Combat (Commitment)
PULLING TEETH - Vicious Skin (A389)
PERMANENT TRIP - Losing Ground (Shock to the System)
NO GOAL - Relate (Third Party)
FUCK ON THE BEACH - Something I Don't Want to Know (MCR Company)
FOR THE WORSE - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Speak Nothing (Bridge Nine)
VALSE TRISTE - Myrkyn Kylvaja (if society)
RAKKAUS - Palavat Liput (Barrage of Salt)
RATS, THE - I Don't Know (Thrashbastard)
ENCROACHED - Shoot the Icons (Shock to the System)

SNIPERS - Howling (Kick n Punch)
IMPERIALIST PIGS - Cherub Face (Fatal Erection)
OBSERVERS - Can't Be Sad (Deranged)
CARBONAS - Froathing at the Mouth (Douchemaster)
BAYONETTES - Let it Go (Deranged)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Stained Circle (Kick n Punch)

THE RIPTIDES - Red Dawn (Union 2112)
Interview with Tony Bardach
POINTED STICKS - Out of Luck (Sudden Death)
THE MOTORS - Crazy Alice (Captain oi!)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Shake (Captain oi!)

BLACK LIPS - Oh Katrina (Die Slaughterhaus)
RIFF RANDELLS - Lethal Lipgloss (Alien Snatch)
THE VICIOUS - Alienated (Feral Ward)
LIFETIME - Irony is for Suckers (Jade Tree)
CLOROX GIRLS - The Press (Smartguy)
DEFECT DEFECT - Yeah, I'm a Terrorist (Clarence Thomas)

SQUALOR - Identity Crisis (Poison Candy)
MASS APPEAL - Pissed on Life (Relapse)
MISERY - Pressure (Profane Existence)
HAIL OF RAGE - One of Them (Regurgitated Semen)
SIMBIOSE - Terrorismo de Estado (MCR Company)
FRAMTID - Nuclear Power Genocide (MRR)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Sarajevo Snapshot (Hardcore Holocaust)

Demo Feature
EVICTION PARTY - New Bridges to Drink Under Then Burn (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - I'm a Shit (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - If You Love Someone, Smother Them to Death (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Kathleen Hanna Broke My Fucking Heart (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Travel Mug (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - I Could Have Grown My Own (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - My Debts to You (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - All Day Breakfast (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Mandolin Song (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Lauren (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Newfie Dance (Self-Released)
EVICTION PARTY - Pete's Song 2 (Self-Released)

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