Friday, September 28, 1984

Friday, September 21, 1984

Release - Various Artists "Something to Believe In" LP

This was an amazing compilation put together by BYO Records that featured bands from the States and Canada. It was one of the first major comps that featured Canadian hardcore bands. It gave the Canadian scenes some vindication. I know the Young Lions track got screwed up in the mastering stage, but the rest of it sounds great. the comp contains one of my all time favourite Youth Youth Youth songs. SNFU, DOA, Personality Crisis, Stretch Marks, and the Unwanted were some of the best hardcore bands at the time. And this comp really stands the test of time. Here is the line up for the record:

1. NILS "Scratches and Needles"
2. RIGOR MORTIS "Silent Scream"
3. BIG BOYS "History"
4. UNWANTED "Tanks Keep Rolling"
5. TOURISTS "Memories"
6. KRAUT "Pyramids"
8. YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH "Domination"
9. SNFU "Victims of the Womanizer"
11. CHANNEL 3 "Indian Summer"
12. YOUNG LIONS "In a Field"
13. ZEROPTION "Realpolitik"
14. DOA "Tits On the Beach"
15. 7 SECONDS "Out of Touch"
16. STRETCH MARKS "Foreign Policies"

A review that appeared in Flipside #43 magazine in 1984 was "The compilation stands up to B.Y.O.'s usual excellent standards - good bands, good sound, good package. A must compilation, the only thing I don't like is the cover."

In Chris Walter's book "SNFU....What No one Else Wanted to Say" we learn that SNFU go to record their song for this comp at the same time that Unwanted do their song. Both bands record at Mid Ocean Studios in early November 1983. Unwanted hung out in the studio while SNFU recorded "Victims of the Womanizer" and Ken "Goony" Fleming and Norm Simms (from the Unwanted) helped out with those back up vocals which make the SNFU song such a stand out. Some would argue that the gang choruses were a signature sound to Youth Brigade's sound and to BYO's earlier releases. I think it may have been part of the appeal for why the Stern Brothers would go on to offer SNFU a recording contract although Chris Walter learns that the amount of feedback the Stern Brothers heard from others about the SNFU song played a more significant role. Regardless, both band's fit the session around some shows that they were playing together in Winnipeg and after their session they would play a show at Wellington's that same day.

Saturday, September 15, 1984

Flyer - Friday September 15 - Saturday September 16, 1984

Dead End headlines two nights at the Turning Point.

Sunday, September 2, 1984

 Summer Beat was an expansion of the Police Picnic idea. This had a mix of reggae acts, African acts, and soul music instead of new wave bands, but that wasn't unheard of given the direction bands like Talking Heads were taking with the incorporation of African rhythms on "Burning Down the House". I remember Al Green performing and thinking it was so so. A little too goody two shoes for me as Al Green had become a born again christian at this point. Leroy Sibbles of the legendary Heptones played and he had a solo career at this point with a big selection of music. This was the second time I got to see and hear the Ju Ju music of King Sunny Ade, the other time was at a Police Picnic at the CNE. Lots of money being rubbed of Sunny Ade's forehead before going into a hat on the front of the stage. And then it started to rain during Eek-A Mouse's set. Like I mean pour. Sparks started to fly as the stage coverage wasn't too good and the water started shortcircuiting the sound equipment on stage. It was unfortunate because Eek-A Mouse was a tall guy at 7' 2" and he had this high pitched screechy voice when he did his version of toasting. The show was rain or shine and no one wanted to leave hoping that the weather would get better because Black Uhuru were worth seeing. And "their record "Anthem" had just come out and it was incredible. Sly and Robbie were blowing up because of it becoming some of the hottest session musicians. We tore up the astro turf on the pitch to shelter us from the rain. But the show never re-started and funds were never reimbursed. This made me sketpical about buying tickets in advance again.

Saturday, September 1, 1984

Scene Report - Vancouver - September 1984

This was a scene report written by Dave and Brian about the Vancouver scene. there is an overview of the political situation which mentions the Vancouver 5. There is introductions to Bill of Rights, House of Commons, Death Sentence, the Unknown Fibres, the Spores, White Noise, Shanghai Dogs, the Fitz, and Immoral Minority.  Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Stretch Marks "What D'ya See" LP

Steve Spinalli wrote this review for MRR of the Stretch Marks LP. This appeared in issue #17, which came out in September 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.