Thursday, September 15, 1983

Chronic Submission "Sick of Reality" tape

This came out on Brain Taylor's tape label N.R.K. This was the fifth release by the label or it was labelled NRK 005 as a category number. Tim Yohannon described the tape as "one with some rippers. Chronic Submission mainly produce mid-tempo punk. The high-quality recording highlights the guitarist's fine licks." MRR #11, January / February 1984. This was released in 1983.

1. Sick of Reality
2. Walked Away
3. Kill the Press
4. Pantyhose
5. Plastic Punk
6. Streetcar Windows
7. Baby Killer
8. No Remorse
9. Bulldozer
10. Get Lost Bitch
11. Psychopath
12. In Hiding and On the Run
13. Death Squad
14. Whose Right Is It?
15. Chronic Submission
16. Narc
17. Go 4 It
18. Cops Ain't Tops
19. Kids, Krime and Kaos
20. Nuclear Threat
21. Take Action
22. Running with Anger
23. They're Fucked
24. I Hate Preppies
26. Oscar

Making Time for Thoughtcrime has a download for this tape, but the songs are in a different order.

Thursday, September 1, 1983

Toronto scene report in MRR

This scene report was written by Ron Barnes and it appeared in Issue #8 of MRR which came out in September 1983. Ron reports on the state of clubs at the time mentioning that Jill heath was starting to book all ages shows. There is mention of an MDC show where the band got busted for possession and got in a whole heap of trouble after that. Chronic Submission were about to record the Sick of Reality tape. The YYY 12" was just about to come out. Direct Action had to cancel a recording session because Xig stabbed himself by accident. There was also mentions of the next wave of hardcore bands which included Dead End, A.P.B., and Afhakken.