Saturday, December 30, 1978

Flyer - Saturday, December 30th, 1978


Saturday, December 16, 1978

Friday, December 15, 1978

Friday, December 8, 1978

DOA "Disco Sucks" ep

I believe this was DOA's first single. This is the reissued by Quintessence in 1979, BY Wrong Records (No Means No's label) in 1991, and Alternative Tentacles in 1993, but this was originally released on Sudden Death Records in 1978. This is DOA as a 3-piece with Randy Rampage, Chuck Biscuits and Joey Shithead. The songs one here are:

1. Royal Police
2. Woke Up Screaming
3. Disco Sucks
4. Nazi Training Camp

Thursday, December 7, 1978

Friday, December 1, 1978

Zine - The Pig Paper #10

Inside there are pieces on the Verbs, the Rich Kids, Television, the Modern Lovers, the Viletones, the Dishes, the Boston music scene, and the L.A. music scene. There are photos of the Diodes with the Clash, David Byrne, Dave Thomas, and the Secrets.

Flyer -Friday December 1, 1978

This was their Last Pogo show.