Friday, March 26, 1982

Flyer - Friday March 26, 1982

This was a show in Ottawa.

Saturday, March 20, 1982

Flyer - Saturday March 20, 1982

The Young Lions and Youth Youth Youth do support for the Subverts who came in from Chicago. They played the Upper Lip on Yonge Street and then the Drake Hotel long before the Drake had a makeover.

Friday, March 19, 1982

Monday, March 8, 1982

Young Lions "United"

Young Lions "National Security"

Young Lions "Goodnight Belfast"

Young Lions "Freedom Fighter"

Young Lions "The Cadillacs R Back"

Young Lions first cassette

Easily one of Toronto's most important punk bands. They are often considered Toronto's first hardcore band. They were a band that started out in the punk scene and started playing faster. They were totally committed to DIY ethics and were heavily behind the Rock Against Racism scene. This first casseete release features one live track "Freedom Fighter" recorded in September 1981, "National Security" and "Rich Kid" recorded in May 1981, and the rest of it recorded in April 1982. The Young Lions were comprised of Mike McCurdy on guitars and vocals, Phil Cochrane on guitar, Chris Genest on bass, and Steve Kuzell on drums. The songs found on this cassette are:
1. We Wanna Riot
2. National Security
3. Defy the State
4. Rich Kid
5. Young Amerika
6. Royal Killers
7. Made in England
8. Freedom Fighter
9. Gutter Rat Blues