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Sunday, September 26, 2010

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COWORKERS – Sea Shells in a Swimming Pool (Two Left Feet / Feral Kid)

THE NEOS – Almost Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song (BYO Victoria)

THE F.U.’s – Green Beret (Modern Method)
DRI – Balance of terror (R Radical Records)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Cops Ain’t Tops (Self-Released)
DIRECT ACTION – I Like Speed (Bitzcore)
AMERICA’S HARDCORE – Cops are Criminals (Mystic)

CRAMPS - Goo Goo Muck (IRS)
GUN CLUB - Fire of Love (Animal)
PONTIAC BROTHERS - If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Lolita)

LEATHER UPPERS - She Digs Death (Famous)

TERROR- Stay Free (Century Media)
BROKEDOWNS - Loyal Looper/Theme from Renegade (Red Scare)
VALIENT THORR - Habituary (Volcom)

THE CRUCIFUCKS – Cops for Fertilizer (Alternative Tentacles)

RHYTHM PIGS – Good For Life (Mordam)
TH’INBRED – EmpTyv (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD KENNEDYS – MTV Get off the Air (Alternative Tentacles)
VICTIM’S FAMILY – Caged Bird (Mordam)

MENS INTEREST - IV (Home Invasion)
THE MEN - Problems (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - No Mind (Self-Released)

THE CLASH - Straight to Hell (CBS)

BUREAUCRATS - Feel The Pain (No Exit)

WHITE FLAG AND TONY ADOLESCENT - Demolition Girl (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
UNDERTONES - Teenage Kicks (Salvo)

ELVIS COSTELLO - Pump It Up (Radarscope/WEA)

SICK OF IT ALL  - Borstal Breakout (Eastwest)
4SKINS - Justice (Secret)
THE PROWLERS - Hard Times (192CBR)

IN TIME - Downtime (Self-Released)
FUCKED UP - Year of The Ox (Merge)

VERMIN RITES - Neotoma Cinera (Self-Released)

VERMIN RITES - I Can Hide (Self-Released)
VERMIN RITES - Enslaved (Self-Released)
VERMIN RITES - Fooled Myself (Self-Released)
VERMIN RITES - Manipulative (Self-Released)
VERMIN RITES - Crosses (Self-Released)
VERMIN RITES - Bottomfeeder (Self-Released)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update: September 25, 2010

We uploaded an interview we did with Blaine Cook from the Accused to the blog. Blaine was interviewed on January 23rd, 2005 just after the Fartz record had been released on Alternative Tentacles.

We uploaded the Studio 3 session with Self Defense. Self Defense were an awesome hardcore band from Connecticut. They released a demo and a couple of eps in their day. They played a show in Toronto and we got them to record a set for radio airplay in the basement studio. This took place on July 6, 2003. You can download the songs, interview and cover art I made for the session.

We also spent a significant amount of time contibuting submission to the Kill from the Heart site. It's amazing what you find out is missing from your own site. We have been adding lots of content to releases by DOA and the Curse.

A transcript has gone up of teh interview we did with Grant Slavin from Negative Gain found here.

We also added a playlist from 2005 and continue to try and get these entered. The pile that still needs to be entered is huge.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, September, 19, 2010

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OI POLLOI – Brosnachadh Catha (Not Enough)

DOA – That’s Why I’m an Atheist (Sudden Death)
TALK SICK – It’s Funny (Self-Released)
LET’S DANCE – Sweet Kiss (Provincial State)
SHANG-A-LANG – Nothin’ I can do (Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club)
NO PROBLEM – Your Eyes (Handsome Dan)
MAYDAY – Illegal Alien vs. Child Predator (Feral Kid)
THE NYMPHETS – I Hate Everybody Else (Signed by Force)

DICKIES - Give it Back (A&M)
AGENT STORY - Bloodstains (Posh Boy)
PARTISANS - POlice Story (No Future)
SUBWAY SECT - Ambition (Rough Trade)
UNDERTONES - Here Comes the Summer (Sire)

STRIKE UNDER – Elephant’s Graveyard (Regressive Films)
DISCO LEPERS – Teenage Menopause (No Front Teeth)
WHITE LUNG – Sleep Creep (Deranged)
DEAD KENNEDYS – Blood for Me (Alternative Tentacles)
MAD SIN – Devil’s Tail (People Like Your Music)

SEX CHURCH - Paralyse (Hozac)

RADAR EYES - Shakes (Hozac)
OUTER MINDS - Bloodhsot Eyes (Hozac)
SUPER WILD HORSES - Mess Around (Hozac)
FLIPS - 1 and 1 (Hozac)

CITIZENS PATROL – Crusade (Way Back / Even Worse)
THE HORROR – Nineteenseventythree (Chainsaw Safety)
A CARCASS IS ONLY DEAD ONCE – Abandoner (Regurgitated Semen Records)
FRIGHTENER – Black Rain (Chainsaw Safety)

CHINO HORDE - Composite / Prelude (Adagio 830)
ERIC'S TRIP - Warm Girl (Derivative)
PHLEG CAMP - Bully My Pushy (Allied)
HOCKEY TEETH - Not so Long Ago (Home Wreckords)

LOTUS FUCKER – The Island Closest to Heaven (Regurgitated Semen Records)
VIOLATION – Bomb Threat (Borderless Countries Tapes)
SOCIAL CHAOS – Politica Ambicao Maldita (Terrorotten)
THE WANKYS – Demon Drink (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DISORDER – Trap (HG Fact)
HERATYS – Onks Taa Todellisuutta? (Not Enough)

NIGHT CRAWLERS - Want Me (Norton)

PRETTY THINGS - Midnigt to Six (Norton)
BEDLAM'S OFFSPRING - The Thrill is Gone (Norton)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update: September 18, 2010

We were able to put up the sound files for an old Studio 3 session by a band from the Schomberg area called Knuckle Brain.

I also put up some old playlists from 2005. I have loads more to do.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flyer - Thursday September 16, 2010

The Ugly play an after party for Bruce la Bruce's "L.A. Zombie" which is screeening at the Toronto International Film Festival. The party will be at Cherry Cola (200 Bathurst Street) between 11:00pm and 4:00am.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flyer - Monday September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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BROKEN BONES – Stop Em Now (Dr. Strange)

COMPLAINTS – Bail Me out (No Front Teeth)
CITY SWEETHEARTS – Trouble Tonight (P Trash)
DAGGER DICKS – Sharp For You (No Front Teeth)
OUT ON A LIMB – Human Cage (Thrashbastard)
LOST BOYS – They’re Watching (Self-Released)
MINUS APES – It’s all the Same (Thrashbastard)
UBER – I Will Go By Bike (Sell Our Souls)

ATTENTION - Mary Margaret Muise (If You Make It)
R.A.M.B.O. - Bike Skate Mosh (625 Productions)
SHONEN KNIFE - Cycling is Fun (Capitol)
CHARLES BRONSON - Bike Pig on a Rope (625 Productions / Lengua Armada)
DEFIANCE OHIO - Bikes and Bridges (Friends and Relatives)

YOUNG LIONS – Pray for Julie (Schizophrenic)
MAD SIN – Back from the Grave (People like your Music)
THE ADICTS – Full Circle (People Like your Music)
STATE – Wuste Deutschland (Gesundheit)

VICIOUS CYCLE - In Tranquility (Deranged)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - Angry (Star Records)
MAD MEN - Too Hot (Self-Released)
THE GRUESOMES - Unchain My Heart (Og Music)
MOLESTED YOUTH - Wasted Nights (Self-Released)

THE LOVE BELOW – Reproductive Rights (A389)
WAKE – Defiler (Hearing Aid)
HATEWAVES – Death and Air (A389)
BURNING LOVE – Gain (Deranged)
MILLENIAL REIGN – Moore’s Law (A389)
PULLING TEETH – Grudgeholder (A389)
GRAY GHOST – Lascivious Shrines (A389)

WARFARE - Zombie Rock (
SISTA SEKUNDEN - Stagenmen Inte Bedeground (P Trash)
CAVITY - Angelrust (Pessimiser)
SWEETTOOTH - Headbutt a Knife
SEVEN FOOT SPLEEN - By the Pond (Pessimiser)
EXCRUCIATING TERROR - No Edge (Pessimiser)

LIMP WRIST - Smear the Fear (Lengua Armada)
SNAKEPIT - Justice (Self-Released)
URBAN BLIGHT - Cut Back / More Reality / Toxic City (Slasher)
WASTE MANAGEMENT - Too Much Unity (Self-Released)

FROM ASHES RISE - Dotted Lines (Usina De Sangue)
PIGEON RELIGION - Rust (Video Disease)
XBRAINIAX - All Killer (625 Thrash)
MISCHIEF BREW - All Our Comrades (Fistolo)
FAILURES - I'm Busy (Youth Attack)
DEATHRATS - Fuck It (Self-Released)

EASY WAY OUT - Reality Check (Self-Released)
EASY WAY OUT - For the Worse (Self-Released)
EASY WAY OUT - Easy Way Out (Self-Released)
EASY WAY OUT - Beach Day (Self-Released)
EASY WAY OUT - Know Your Role (Self-Released)
EASY WAY OUT - Ruined for Me (Self-Released)

OBLIVIANS - Bad Man (Crypt)
VERMIN RITES - Enslaved (Self-Released)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update: September 11, 2010

Ed has put up some more of the archival Studio 3 sessions which includes this week:

- Guns Liquor and Whores who were from Winnipeg and would go on to become Under Pressure. Their recording happened on Sunday October 6th, 2002 and can be found available for download at
- Running for Cover were from Buffalo and featured Mike Gifford from Slave State. They played studio 3 on September 21st, 2003 and there session can be found at

A transcript of the interview with Chris Genest from the Young Lions was also back posted up at

There was a bunch of lyric sheets for the Young Lions that we scanned and posted up as well. Check under the Young Lions section of the blog.

Some photos went up of one of the Terminal State studio 3 sessions.

Some descriptions have been written for a few of the PIg Paper downloads.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tranzmitors "Sunday Morning" ep

There was a recent single that came out in 2010 called “Sunday Morning” on No Front Teeth and Meaty Beaty Records. Jeff wrote the lryics to both these songs. "Sunday Morning" is inspired lyrically by "Tube Station" but musically I would have to say it sounds like the Jam's "That's Entertainment". "Jimmy’s at the Mod Shop" was inspired by an incident on the band's UK tour. Jarrod, the keyboardist, was late one morning because he went and visited a mod shop. Jeff took his frustrations out on this song using Jimmy, the character in Quadrophenia. Jeff also noted that the name Jimmy comes up a lot in mod and punk lore so it would make for a good name change to protect Jarrod.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Retards on Caffeine "The Sum of All Beers" ep

These guys remind me musically of FRATRICIDE, but lyrically of the DAYGLOS. Fast rippin' hardcore with a slight metal edge with lyrics that pay tribute to the dumb and obvious. Songs like "Drain the Lizard" and "Rape the Pavement" are funny and dumb at the same time. Kind of the way the ANGRY SAMOANS operated. But yet these guys can play. And they can write a song. This is awesome even if I don't want to admit it. The songs on here are:

1. Thrash Your Way to a Better You
2. Burger Shots
3. Grubermeister
4. Skating under the Influence
5. Retards on Caffeine
6. Couch Mosh
7. Rape the Pavement
8. Surf Heil
9. Hurry Up Let's Skate

Various Artists "T.O. Hardcore '83" LP

Back in 1983 there was an amazing tape compilation pulled together by Brian Taylor of YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH. Brian started to get used to working in studios and he wound up convincing all the bands back then to come into a studio and record a couple of songs each. Then he released it on a tape on his label at the time NRK. I think Brian still had all the tapes and it has been 25+ years so those masters are probably starting to decay. So Brian went and prepared these for a vinyl pressing. And it's about time that this comp gets the vinyl treatment. It deserves it. It was an incredible comp back in the day and it is an incredible comp now. Think of it as Toronto's version of "This is Boston, Not L.A.". So these are the core bands of what has been referred to as the Toronto hardcore scene. This is it at it’s inception. DIRECT ACTION, YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH, YOUNG LIONS, CHRONIC SUBMISSION and these recordings are all unique to this comp only. So if you have DIRECT ACTION’s “Trapped in a World” and you have “19 A.D. 4” on that you don’t have this version which is a lot rawer and more scrappier. This comp is incredible. So the comp. starts out with a butchering of the Canadian national anthem a la Hendrix. Then A.P.B. get things started. They were a band that featured members from other bands. Andy Ford played bass and would go on to play in NO MIND and start NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. Buzz, from DIRECT ACTION, played guitar in A.P. B. as well. And so did Paul Newman who would go on to drum in NO MIND and the DOUGHBOYS. They were a three piece and I saw them open up a lot of shows. They contribute two tracks. CHRONIC SUBMISSION are one of my favourites from this era. They were the a bunch of teenagers a lot younger than the kids who made up the scene at the time. They were in tune with the new style of stop and start hardcore that was just developing at the time. Their songs were a lot shorter than the other bands and as a result they contribute four tracks. I don't know much about DEAD END but I do know they released two full length cassettes. We hear three songs that were re-recorded for the "Youth Now" cassette. DIRECT ACTION were one of the most well known bands from our scene. They would go on to influence so many local bands in the next generation of hardcore. I thought of them as our version of Discharge. The songs they do are early versions of songs that would appear on "Trapped in a World". YOUNG LIONS were Toronto’s first hardcore band. These tracks are even better then the “1982-’84: From the Vault” LP and were songs written around the time of their first demo. YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH will always be my favourite local hardcore band. There is a mix of tracks from “Sin” and comps but these were recorded earlier. It is amazing to make out the lyrics to "Wanderlust" for the first time. They also do a YOUNG LIONS song “Made in England”, which I would find out that YOUNG LIONS were suppose to cover a YYY song but never recorded it. Too bad. I never heard YOUNG LIONS record the song so I’m glad YYY did. It’s a great song trying to bring attention to the local scene. And ZERO OPTION would round out the comp. ZERO OPTION also appeared on the “Something to Believe in” comp that BYO put out, but I think their participation had something to do with this comp. The ZERO OPTION material reminds me a lot of “Group Sex” era CIRCLE JERKS meets early YOUTH BRIGADE. I don’t know where you can get you hands on this but seek it out. It is labelled as the second NRK release. Don’t write me to get you a copy because I have already broken the bank buying 7 copies for other people.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Radio - Sunday, September 5, 2010

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LOTUS FUCKER – Lotus Blooms Twice (Regurgitated Semen Records / Rescued from Life)

SNAZZY BOYS – Forgotten Rebels (No Front Teeth)
FORGOTTEN REBELS – Angry (Forgotten Rebels)
BLIND PIGS – No Pistols Reunion (Grita)
RIOT99 – What are they Fighting For (Longshot)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS – 42nd Street (Anagram)

THE CURSED - Hawaii (Goodfellow)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Surf and Slam (Epic)
THE CLASH - Charlie Don't Surf (Epic)
CHUCK RAGAN - Do What You Do (Side One Dummy)

MELVINS - Night Goat (Amphetamine Reptile)
INFEST - Contact (Deep Six)
DRIFT - #8 (Great American Steak Religion)
RORSCHACH - My War (Chainsaw Safety / Troubleman Inc.)

SCHOOL JERKS - Stray (Self-Released)
LAST LAUGH - Dead Wrong (Self-Released)
TOTAL FURY - Committed to the Core / Spilt Milk (Busted Heads)
SUICIDE PRIDE - Az Utolso Peruben (H225)
FREEDOM IS LIE - Haboru (Levi)
RIVERS RUN DRY - Failure's Success (Levi)
ANOTHER WAY - Tevhit (Levi)
UPRIGHT CITIZENS - Bombs of Peace (Hartcore)

THE INDIGNENTS – American Bum (No Front Teeth)
SUICIDE PILOTS – Last to Wake (Suicide Pilots)
DISCO LEPERS – PCP Police (No Front Teeth)

PROPAGANDHI - Fuck Machine (Fat Wreck Chords)
BLOODPACT - Sex Positive Hardcore
RUINATION - the One That Got AwaySONS OF ISHMAEL - Sex Class Roles Mom
MARILYN'S VITAMINS - The Day they cancelled Baywatch (Raw Energy)

DEAD END - Government vs. You and Me (NRK)
YOUNG LIONS - Progress (NRK)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Made in England (NRK)

MIGHTY ATOM - We are Mighty Atom (Commotion in the Ocean)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zine: Battered Wives

From Gary "Pig" Gold's archives, here is an article re-printed in the Pig Paper

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Flyer - Friday September 3, 2010

Zine - EXD, Volume 10, Issue 04

This is the September 2010 issue of the zine. The feature piece is on the Young Lions who were a hardcore band at the begining of the Toronto hardcore scene. This interview was with Chris Genest, the bass player, recounting some of the Lions stories. There are also some reviews tucked in here.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flyer - Wednesday September 1, 2010

No Problem "Your Eyes" ep

NO PROBLEM are one of the newer bands to come out of Edmonton. Although they are new the band is made up of members who have all done time in previous bands. The singer Graeme was the singer for WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES. The bass player, Matt is from LET’S DANCE. The other two guys were in HIGH JINKS and THRASHTIC FIBROSIS. These are all great bands in my ears. Instead of playing the high energy melodic hardcore that we are used to hearing from WNH or LET’S DANCE, NO PROBLEM has opted for a more punk sound in the vein of the REGULATIONS. The REGULATIONS set up to do some roots soul searching with the first wave of the punk scene. That’s what NO PROBLEM sounds like. Just some crushing 3 chord repetition with barked out lyrics. Punk anthems. I will be listening to this for a long time. These guys are onto something. The songs on here are:

1. Debts
2. Something Outta Nothing
3. Gimme Reasons
4. Your Eyes
(Handsome Dan Records – 3244 31a Avenue SE / Calgary, AB / T2B 0H9 / Canada)

Flyer - School Jerks tour flyer

School Jerks get a week long tour of the East Coast.

Flyer - Wednesday September 1, 2010