Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, September, 19, 2010

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OI POLLOI – Brosnachadh Catha (Not Enough)

DOA – That’s Why I’m an Atheist (Sudden Death)
TALK SICK – It’s Funny (Self-Released)
LET’S DANCE – Sweet Kiss (Provincial State)
SHANG-A-LANG – Nothin’ I can do (Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club)
NO PROBLEM – Your Eyes (Handsome Dan)
MAYDAY – Illegal Alien vs. Child Predator (Feral Kid)
THE NYMPHETS – I Hate Everybody Else (Signed by Force)

DICKIES - Give it Back (A&M)
AGENT STORY - Bloodstains (Posh Boy)
PARTISANS - POlice Story (No Future)
SUBWAY SECT - Ambition (Rough Trade)
UNDERTONES - Here Comes the Summer (Sire)

STRIKE UNDER – Elephant’s Graveyard (Regressive Films)
DISCO LEPERS – Teenage Menopause (No Front Teeth)
WHITE LUNG – Sleep Creep (Deranged)
DEAD KENNEDYS – Blood for Me (Alternative Tentacles)
MAD SIN – Devil’s Tail (People Like Your Music)

SEX CHURCH - Paralyse (Hozac)

RADAR EYES - Shakes (Hozac)
OUTER MINDS - Bloodhsot Eyes (Hozac)
SUPER WILD HORSES - Mess Around (Hozac)
FLIPS - 1 and 1 (Hozac)

CITIZENS PATROL – Crusade (Way Back / Even Worse)
THE HORROR – Nineteenseventythree (Chainsaw Safety)
A CARCASS IS ONLY DEAD ONCE – Abandoner (Regurgitated Semen Records)
FRIGHTENER – Black Rain (Chainsaw Safety)

CHINO HORDE - Composite / Prelude (Adagio 830)
ERIC'S TRIP - Warm Girl (Derivative)
PHLEG CAMP - Bully My Pushy (Allied)
HOCKEY TEETH - Not so Long Ago (Home Wreckords)

LOTUS FUCKER – The Island Closest to Heaven (Regurgitated Semen Records)
VIOLATION – Bomb Threat (Borderless Countries Tapes)
SOCIAL CHAOS – Politica Ambicao Maldita (Terrorotten)
THE WANKYS – Demon Drink (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DISORDER – Trap (HG Fact)
HERATYS – Onks Taa Todellisuutta? (Not Enough)

NIGHT CRAWLERS - Want Me (Norton)

PRETTY THINGS - Midnigt to Six (Norton)
BEDLAM'S OFFSPRING - The Thrill is Gone (Norton)

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