Monday, May 24, 1982

Thursday, May 20, 1982

Swindled ep

The Swindled, formerly known as Swindle, were from Scarbrough and Whitby. This single was self-released by the band and came out in 1982. Ivan was the singer and he used to do a zine called "Pickering Punk" which released two issues. Jaimie Vernon does a label called Bullseye Records that has a bunch of copyrights for old Toronto punk that I hope will be re-issued. Tim James is the bass player and Jason Clarke was the drummer for this release. The A side was a song about guns called "Who Wants Guns?". The flipside was a mockery of Jerry Fallwell, well known tele-evangelist and enemy of punks everywhere.
This song captures the hatred for the christian right who were reposnible for getting Reagan in. Notice the centre piece of this record is Bonzo with a hole in his head.

Friday, May 14, 1982

Flyer - Thursday May 13 - Saturday May 15, 1982

This was the V-Neck's last show, which is what the "Burial" reference is about. Johnny Bubblegum from the Wayouts made the flyer. Karen Jankulak dug up the flyer artwork from her collection of materials. Karen was the rhythm guitarist in the V-Necks.