Friday, December 24, 1982

Tuesday, December 21, 1982

Rent Boys "Pictish" ep

The Rent Boys were from Toronto and recorded and mixed this at Wellesley Studio in June of 1982 by Jeff McCulloch. Members in this band were Simon deNeuf on vocals, Brat X on bass, Howeird Zephyr on sax, Mikal C. on drums, and Nick Smash on percussion. The songs on here are:

1. Pictish
2. No Grat

Blue Peter "Up To You" 12"

Blue Peter were more along the lines of a new wave band and fit more in with bands like the Sharks, Martha and the Muffins, and the Spoons. This was their second release and it came out on Ready records which was the same label as the Demics 12". The songs on here are:
1. Up To You
2. Chinese Graffiti
3. Guilty Secret
4. Around You
5. The World Stops Here
6. Up to U

Monday, December 20, 1982

Saturday, December 18, 1982

Wednesday, December 15, 1982

Youth Youth Youth "Pop Song", "Greed", "White Reggae", and "Why Pay More"

Rare footage of YYY performing "POP SONG", "GREED", "WHITE REGGAE", and "WHY PAY MORE" at Larrys Hideaway, Toronto. December 15th 1982.

Monday, December 13, 1982

The Neos "Hassibah Gets the Martian Brain Squeeze" ep

Explanation for how the Neos write songs

Lyrics for songs 1 through 6
Music notes for songs 1 through 6
Lyrics for songs 7 through 12

Music notes for songs 7 through 12

Lyrics for songs 13 and 14

Music notes for songs 13 and 14

This is the Neos second ep originally released on Alachander Records. The original lyrics sheets had music sheets on the other side of each song. It looks like the band actually wrote out what they played so you could figure it out but this could also be a joke. This recording was co-produced by Rob Wright of NoMeansNo fame. The songs on here are:

1. Destruct
2. They'll Destroy Themselves
3. (Almost) Typical, Obligatory Anti-Government song
4. Ambitious
5. Where Did you Go Wrong?
6. Just Like All the Rest
7. Look Ahead in Despair
8. Conscripts
9. Jungle Beat - So It Seems
10. Other World
11. Opposition to All Violence, Even if Committed in Self-Defense
12. Die For the Cause
13. Ripped Off
14. Sexual Revolution

Saturday, December 4, 1982

Flyer - Saturday December 4, 1982

The Young Lions open up for the Dischords from Montreal at the Edgewater (14 Roncesvalles Avenue).

Friday, December 3, 1982