Thursday, July 30, 1987

Flyer - Thursday July 30, 1987

Mourning Sickness were an anarchist feminist punk band from Toronto. One of the band members did a radio show at CHRY, which is York's campus community radio station. Mourning Sickness got a show at the Grad Lounge on a pub night and CHRY sponsored the show. The flyers went up around campus and a bunch of people comaplined because of the use of the word cunt on the flyer. So another version of the flyer had to be made which used a phrasing that the Vatican used to stamp on materials that had been Vatican approved. The stamp was a statement on censorship. Not many people got to see this flyer.

Tuesday, July 28, 1987

Flyer - Tuesday July 28th, 1987

San Antonio, Texas

Tuesday, July 21, 1987

Flyer - Tuesday July 21st, 1987

Birmingham, Alabama

Sunday, July 19, 1987

Fratricide / Mission of Christ split ep

Fratricide were from Surrey, BC. They were into crossover and they were skaters. They rulked and they had Pushead's attention. They self-released this ep with Mission of Christ on a label that Kim Kinakin started called Final Notice. Their songs on here are:
1. Razor Piss
2. Our Circled Adventure

Mission of Christ were from Victoria. Thier label was called Synthetic Beliefs. They were also crossover kids. Their songs were called:

1. Nocturnal Serenade
2. Crypts of Darkness
Below is the lyric sheet.

Friday, July 17, 1987

Flyer - Friday July 17, 1987

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at

Monday, July 13, 1987

Death of Gods "A World of One, Divided By All..." ep

Death of Gods (D.O.G.) were a hardcore band from Mississauga. They were inspired by bands from New York City at the time like Agnostic Front, Straight Ahead, Youth of Today, and the like. The band featured terry on vocals, Scott and Tim on guitar, Dave on bass, and Gord on drums. Scott was hit and killed by a car just after this ep was recorded and the band broke up soon after. This record was recorded at Open Sound on May 15 and 16th in 1987. Vladimir who worked on a zine called Still Thinking designed the cover art. The band released this under their own label of Hatebreeder Records. D.O.G. played with bands like MSI, Senile Decay, Negative Gain, Hype and a bunch of others. Songs on here include:
1. Growing Pains
2. Love vs. Hate
3. Side by Side
4. More Than One
5. Forked Road
6. Lake Ontario Smells Like Shit
7. Don't Bug Me
8. Top 10
9. I Hate
10. They

Friday, July 10, 1987

Flyer - Friday Juy 10th, 1987

Sons of Ishmael play the legendary Anthrax Club with False Prophets and A.P.P.L.E. in Norfolk, Connecticut.

Problem Children "On The Air" ep

The Problem Children were from Dunnsville and were a three-piece. The band featured Jamie Problem on guitar and vocals, Barney Rebel on bass and vocals, and Gary Indiana on drums. The Problem Children started up their own record label called Problem Children Wrekords to put out this 5 song ep. I think this may have been the only thing to come out on the label. They wrote a song about Dunnville called "The Pit Between Two Signs". The songs found on here include:

1. On the Air - this is a song based in a real life story about how a CBS rep approcahed Problem Children about signing but the band would never have signed as is evidenced by the band putting this record out on their own label.
2. Stayin' Young - The band plans on stayin' young

3. Energy - this is about how punk rock has embodied the original wild spirit that rock 'n roll had when it forst started out. This is the difference between music that is important and music that is forgettable.
4. 1 to 24 - a song about a party animal
5. The Pit Between Two Signs - a song about Dunnville which uses the phrasing from the signs at the town's limits as a chorus
So this record is long out of print but you can find it on the "Hate You" release of rarities and unreleased songs, Stumble Records has this available at!-unreleased-rarities/id562560929.

Wednesday, July 8, 1987

Fail-Safe LP

This band was from Montreal. Ewan was in Fair Warning and I think members of this band went on to start Rise. This album was self-released and the songs on here are:
1. Three-Sided Coin
2. Ain't Gonna Bite
3. concession
4. Tina
5. Rape
6. Challenge
7. Dear Abbie
8. Your Reality
9. Touch Me
10. Press That Button
11. Have Walk, Will Travel

Sunday, July 5, 1987

Flyer - Sunday, July 5th, 1987

Columbus, Ohio

Saturday, July 4, 1987

Wednesday, July 1, 1987

Zine - Confuzed #1

This is the first issue of Confuzed fanzine, which was a punk fanzine around in the late 80's in Toronto by Joel Robinson. In reading through the interviews I can trace back that this first issue came out after the summer of 1987.

The first interview in the zine was with a straight edge band I met in Kent, Ohio called Youth Inc. They were from Cleveland and so I put on a show with them and the bands from Kent, Ohio called false Hope and Hyper as hell. Joel interviewed Youth Inc., which was a great name for a straight edge band back when they were all using outh in their names. This show took place on May 30th, 1987.

Two seperate interviews with Jamie and Gary of Problem children were put together as one interview.

Joel Interviewed Chi Pig of SNFU at the Latvian House show on December 3rd, 1986. "If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish" had jus come out so fish make it into the layout.

There was also an interview with Andy Kerr of Nomeansno.

Glenn Slater of MSI did a brief interview as only he can.