Wednesday, March 26, 1980

Flyer - Wednesday March 26, 1980

Martha and the Muffins "Echo Beach" ep

This was the single for "Echo Beach". Martha and the Muffins recorded the song in 1979 and it came out in 1980 as a single to the "Metro Music" LP. DinDisc released the record. Dindisc was an indie label in the UK that was an arm of Virgin Records and was responsible for bands like the Buzzcocks, Human League and Ultravox. The beach referred to in the song is Sunnyside Beach and the song was inspired by Ultravox's "Hiroshima, Mon Amour".

The B-Side was "Teddy the Dink". This song was later released on the "Trance and Dance" which was the second
record that would come out also in 1980. The song was a huge hit and was re-released as a 30 year anniversary single with a different B-Side.

Saturday, March 22, 1980

Flyer - Saturday March 22, 1980

From the archives of Henry Martinuk.

Friday, March 21, 1980

Flyer - Friday March 21 - Saturday March 22, 1980

Flyer - Friday, March 21, 1980

From the archives of James Zero.

Wednesday, March 19, 1980

UJ3RK5 ep

UJ3RK5 were a band from Vancouver and their name is pronounced You Jerks. The band started out in 1977 and played their first gig in March 1978. They played with bands like DOA and Gang of Four. Quintessence released this self-titled ep back in 1980. They had a couple of songs on the "Vancouver Complication" release and this ep and that's all I know of. The songs on this ep are:
1. The Anglican
2. The Locator
3. Eisenhower and the Hippies
4. Booty Dread
5. Naum Gabo
6. UJ3RK5 Work for Police

Tuesday, March 18, 1980

Monday, March 17, 1980

The Rock and Roll Bitches "Wild West" ep

This band was from Edmonton. The songs on here are:

1. Someone Could Lose an Eye
2. Broad Daylight
3. Welder's Song
4. Wild West

The Government "Hemingway Hated Disco Music" ep

This was the Government's first studio release. The recording is described as garagey and demonstrated Paterson's deadpan delivery and scathing social satire, here skewering the disco scene - or perhaps even the disco-hating knuckleheads of the day ("Disco music is for boys with limp wrists / I'm only interested in men with two fists"). Neither song captures the eerie intensity that would follow, especially after the band reached for the synthesizers on the brilliant 'Zippers of Fire'. Still, this would inspire bands with an edgier sound like Fifth Column, Kinetic Ideals, and Rent Boys Inc. The songs on here are:
1. Hemingway (Hated Disco)
2. I Only Drive My Car At Night

The Government "Guest List" LP

The Government was a punk group from Toronto that was part of the art side also associated with the OCA scene. The band featured Andrew James Paterson (guitar, vocals), Robert Stewart (bass, steel drums, vocals), Edward Boyd (drums), Jeremiah Chechik (scratch guitar/percussion) and Billy Bryans (drums; replaced Boyd 1981). The band played the Crash 'n Burn, The Edge, Larry's Hideaway, the Beverley Tavern and the Music Gallery. The songs that appear on this LP are:

Sunday, March 16, 1980

Rude Norton ep

Rude Norton were a joke punk band from Vancouver between 1980-1981 and featured a revolving lineup of members of the Subhumans, the Pointed Sticks and DOA. This ep was released on Rogelletti Records in 1980. Rude Norton would appear on the Vancouver Complication comp and woudl be credited for "Tits on the Beach" on the DOA release.

The Forgotten Rebels "In Love with the System" LP

This was the band's third recording and was produced by Bob Bryden of Star Records. The line up for this recording was the band's second line up and featured Mickey DeSadist on vocals, Alan "Al McCombo" Smolak on guitat, Chris "Pogo Au Go Go" Houston on bass, and Larry Electrician on drums. In 1996, Star Records re-issued this on a CD. The songs on here are:
1. Bomb the Boats feed the Fish
2. I Think of Her
3. In Love with the System
4. The Punks are Alright
5. Rich and Bored
6. Time to Run
7. Fuck Me Dead
8. No Beatles Reunion
9. You're a Rebel Too
10. I left my heart in Iran
11. Elvis is Dead
12. Bones in the Hallway

Da Slyme Double LP

Da Slyme were from St. John’s, Newfoundland and were Newfoundland's first punk rock band. They formed in 1977 and cut this album 3 years later, although some of the recordings were from 1978. Apparently only 10 copies of this album were distributed outside of Newfoundland. It is not known how many were distributed within Newfoundland, but it is likely that less than 200 were made in total. The album was released in 1980 and was comprised of 2 lp’s (first punk 2lp released in Canada); one studio, one live, as well as extensive DIY style liner notes. After cutting the lp’s, Da Slyme ran out of cash so they went down to the local Salvation Army, bought some cheap albums for 25 cents each, spray painted the covers and housed the albums in a brown paper bag cover. Some of the albums that they spray-painted were Mr Dressup, Pink Floyd, Chris DeBurgh, Carlton Showband, Donna Fargo, The Bell Jubilee Sound, and Kris Kristofferson. The music itself is raw punk, ska, reggae, etc. The songs on the album range from topics such as snot, cocks, zits, shit, beer, and fucking to Ron Pumphrey and Pierre Trudeau. Da Slyme have recently re-released the album on CD and it is available on their website. It’s about $600 cheaper than trying to obtain a copy of this obscenely rare and important historical artifact of Canadian Punk rock history.

Wednesday, March 12, 1980

Saturday, March 1, 1980

Zine - The Pig Paper #12

Pig Paper 12 was the second pocket issue. A unique vertical design for the zine. This issue features pieces on the Beach Boys, Motown, the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful, a Jan and Dean centrefold, John Lennon, and Public Image Limited.