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Top 10 - December 2014

December Top 10 2014
1. LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product #3" ep (Deep Six / Draw Blanks)
2. GILLOOLY Demo 2014 (More Power Tapes)
3. GOVERNMENT FLU "Tension" (Refuse)
4. DAMAGED HEAD “Tunnel Vision” LP (Adult Crash)
5. CIRCLE FLEX “The city spreads under your legs” CD (Weekend Stand)
6. AJAX "Bleach for Breakfast" ep (Even Worse)
7. DIE “Vexed” ep (Sonic Terror Discs)
9. KOWARD “Desperate” ep (Side Two)
10. PISS Demo

* Deep Six - / Draw Blank -
* More Power Tapes - P.O. Box 467 / Buffalo, NY / 14226 / USA /
* Refuse - P.O. Box 7 / 02-792, Warszawa 78 / Poland /
* Adult Crash -
* Weekend Stand - 1-12-5-201, Houmenkami / Masuyama, Ehime 790-0041 / Japan
* Even Worse -
* Sonic terror Discs -
* Side Two - 6 Wadleigh Place / Boston, MA / 02127 / USA
* Piss -

Flyer - Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 28, 2014

This is the last Sunday of the year so we put together a year in review show. We started off with something that just fell outside of the top 10 Canadian releases. But you can listen to the show above or download an MP3 here.

SNOB - Exploit Me (Hardware)

Stephe's Top Canadian releases in 2014
10. KOSZMAR - Zycie W Grobie (Charged Distorted / Rust and Machine)
9. VALLEY BOYS - Copscker (Ugly Pop)
8. ABSOLUT - Tiring Planet (Trabuc)
7. BORN WRONG - Catholic Stare (Schizophrenic)
6. HASSLER - Snowbound (Deranged)
5.5. PICK YOUR SIDE - Your Elected leaders (Deep Six)
5. HAYMAKER - Shit Magnet (a389)
4. ACOUSMA - Civilized Cycle (High Fashion Industries)
3. THE REBEL SPELL - All This Costs (Rebel Time)
2. NO PROBLEM - After the Crash (Deranged)
1. S.H.I.T. - Masochism (Iron Lung)

Rob's Top 10 for 2014
10. Crime Wave - Liberace's Pearls (Agrowax)
9. Gas Rag - Annihilation (Way Back When / Even Worse)
8. Stiff Little Fingers - My Dark Places (Rigid Digits)
7. X - Batman (Ugly Pop)
6. Neo Punkz - Green Devil (Lveum Discos)
5. Real Kids - Shake Outta Control (Ugly Pop)
4. Johnny Thunders - Can't Keep My Eyes On You
3. Jawbreaker - Jinx Removing (Blackball)
2. Legendary Wings - Fatuous (Dirtnap)
1. The Number Ones - Sharon Shouldn't (Static Shock)

Stephe's Top New Bands of 2014
10. SUICIDAS - Contra el suelo de hormigon (No Nostalgia)
9. MERCY KILLINGS - False Control (Beach Impediment)
8. KOMPLOTT - Logiche Del Potere (Complotto Autoproduzioni)
7. ACCIDENTE - Juntos ellos y ellas (Halo of Flies)
6. WARTHOG - Rites (Katorga Works)
5. OBLITERATION - Cover Up (Beach Impediment Records)
4. DEMANDS - No Lifeboats (Self-Released)
3. DAMAGED HEAD - Tunnel Vision (Man in Decline / Adult Crash)
2. RUZ "Drug Cult" flexi ep - Think (Lampy)
1. GAS RAG - Chernobyl (Even Worse)

Rob's Top 10 Canadian releases for 2014
10. S.H.I.T. - Nobody Knows Anything (Iron Lung)
9. Strange Attractor - I Need To Kill My Neighbours (Mammoth Cave)
8. Teenanger - Sky Saxon (Telephone Explosion)
7. Feral Trash - P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D. (Dirt Cult/Mammoth Cave)
6. Steve Adamyk Band - Crash Course in Therapy (Dirtnap)
5. Hassler - Never Gonna Stop (Deranged)
4. Needles // Pins - What's His Face (Dirt Cult/Erste Theke Tonträger)
3. Average Times - Summer Nights (Hosehead)
2. Proxy - Slow Suicide (Ugly Pop)
1. TV Freaks - Leeches (Hosehead)

Stephe's Top 10 demos for 2014
10. STERILE MIND - N.B.T. (Self-Released)
9. PISS PISS PISS - Pissless // No Piss (Sacred Plague)
8. FAILED STATES - Domestic Terror (Self-Released)
7. NUCLEAR AGE - Look Around (Self-Released)
6. GILLOOLY - Lingering Debris (No More Tapes)
5. RASH - Rain Dogs (Self-Released)
4. NERVVRAK - Pa-ra-ra-ra-noid (Self-Released)
3. FEEL NOTHING - No Faith (Self-Released)
2. CHAIN RANK - Point and Accuse (Self-Released)
1. DEATH INJECTION Demo - Carry The Torch (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from New York that has a Phillipino background. They are called Namatay sa Ingan and were reviewed in the December issue of MRR. I was able to find their demo up on bandcamp at

NAMATAY SA INGAN - The Few (Self-Released)
NAMATAY SA INGAN - Kaibigan (Self-Released)
NAMATAY SA INGAN - From rags to riches to rags (Self-Released)
NAMATAY SA INGAN - Sound of the Slums (Self-Released)
NAMATAY SA INGAN - Dismemory (Self-Released)
NAMATAY SA INGAN - Madaring sabihin, mhirap gawin (Self-Released)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Disdonut studio 3 session

Two days before x-mas and we were able to schedule a band in at the station on the caveat that we start an hour earlier. As we got going we realized Aaron (guitarist) had to work back in St. Thomas so that hour allowed us to get out of there sooner.  But in all the bands (Oxbaker and Poison Spur) that Mike (Woody) has played in, this has been the only one that has come in to play. It's weird given the kitsch nature a project that started out as a one man band doing songs that combined the dis nature of a D-Beat band with the subject of donuts. So in honour of the night I brought in a dozen not realizing that Woody despises maple flavoured donuts. 

But Mike was the brainchild behind Disdonut. And he tells us the story about how he was inspired by a set of Steve's other band Disrape that he came up with the concept. It was more a personal dare that a Dis band could be written about anything. So in an effort to stretch the Dis format to ridiculous new lengths he started writing songs.

1. Fritter Obliteration
2. Honey Glazed Holocaust 
3. Old fashion Pain
4. Nuclear Dutchie
5. Jelly Full of Napalm
6. Coconut Cream Genocide
7. Maple Dip Massacre
8. Walnut Crunch Warfare
9. Death's Doorstep Double Chocolate
10. Crueller knows only cruelty

As these songs developed Woody put together a tape with Aaron's help on guitar and a drum machine. Aaron had played with Woody in Poison Spur. As people started to hear the tape Woody got pressure to play out. Steve approached Woody about playing bass and didn't mind making the commute from Kitchener. Dave played in Oxbaker with Woody and so that is roughly how the pieces came to fit together. The band has only played the one show with Sete Sept Star from Japan, but they will be playing more in the future. And as out interview demonstrates this donut theme has a lot more gold to mine. We had some fun recording some IDs afterwards:

11. Pass the Nuclear Dutchie CIUT ID
12. Endless Blockade ID
13. Old Fashion Pain EXD ID

The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. The video was filmed by Aldo and Candy of Punks and Rockers. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Pete from Hits and Misses has a love for the novelty of punk christmas songs. Some of this novelty wore off on Dave from Dirty BS. This is the second year in a row that Dave has hosted the christmas special on EXD bringing songs that haven't aired before or in a while. He also played a Bishops Green song that Pete requested last year, which is sort of a haunting from the ghost of x-mss show's in the past. There was lots of back story to the songs chosen in the spirit of story telling that comes with this part of the year. The Angry Snowmans do a tribute to the Subhumans. N.O.E. that does a German version of the Pointed Sticks "Out of Luck" in a Christmas carol. Here is the entire playlist for the show. You can download an MP3 version of the show here.

Playlist - Sunday, December 21st, 2014


SOMALI PIRATES - Intelligent Creation (Nardcore)
NEEDLES / PINS - Armenian Christmas (Mental Blast)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Slave to Saint Nick (Stiff Hombre)
PARANOID VISIONS - Pennys from Hell (Self-Released)
MOTHERFUCKER 666 - High for Christmas (Get Hip)

COLT TURKEY - stick to your guns (Crucial Response)
HATEX9 - No Presence (R.U. Dead)
POINT OF FEW - Holiday Spirit (Goat Head)
OUTCASTS - Santa Claus (Wild Rags)
TANKARD - Fuck Christmas (Noise Internation)

ILL REPUTE - Silver Bells (Nardcore)
PURPLE GEEZUS  - The Chipmunk Song (Vital Music)
RATOS DE PORAO - Papai Noel (Roadrunner)
THE F.U.'s - father Christmas (Blackhole)
WHITE FLAG - Mr. Grinch (LSR)

DIE SCHLAKT - Weihnacten '84 (Uberschall)
N.O.E. - Hrntod Unterm Lichterbaum (Nasty Vinyl)
SLIME - Greensleeves (Aggressive Rockproduktion)
SOCKEYE - Dear God I Hate Christmas (Xenomorph)

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Re-Gifted / Frozen corpse stuffed with holiday cheer (Decibel)
BENUMB - Christmasmorning in the house of ... (Thorp)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Christmas Violence (Selfmadegod)
DOOM - Clinton's Christmas Present (Fight)

CANTOOTS - Friday's Bloody Christmas (Middle Finger)
PARIAH CAREY - All I want for Christmas (Blackhole)
LA URSS - Los ninos de Chernobyl le desean (Hillside Strangler)
THE PANIC BEATS - Silent NIght, Deadly Night (Ramones to the Bone)
THE RENFIELDS - Black Christmas (Ramones to the Bone)

PANTYCHRIST - I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas (Unreleased)
REST IN PIECES - Toys R Us (One Step Ahead)
SEUSS OF TODAY - Chapter II: A wonderful Awful (Self-Released)
SLUMLORDS - I hate holidays (Lookin' out)
BISHOPS GREEN - Christmas in New York (Blackhole)

SLEDGE HAMMER - Merry Jingle (Vulture Rock)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Farang studio 3 session

Farang is Matt's project. Or that is how Leah started explaining the band to me. Matt wrote some songs and started working them out with Ivan. Once they had the basic structure he approached Payson about playing guitar. And then they brought in Leah. 

But how I know three of these folks is through their other bands. I knew Matt through former host Dave Brown who played with him in Capital Death which was a band from Truro that Matt and Payson both played in. More recently Matt (the Endless Blockade) and Payson (Purity Control) sang in bands from here, but Farang sees these guys returning to the instruments that they played in Capital Death. 

I know Ivan from his bands Terminal State and School Jerks and more recently Kremlin. Ivan also co-hosted the show for a few months so I feel like he is part of the EXD family. Ivan e-mailed me about getting Farang to play on the show when Matt came back from New York City at the end of the summer. I had to re-schedule this session at least once but eventually we were able to set this up. 

Ivan described the sound like starting with a Mob 47 riff and working on not repeating any rhythm in a creative inventive post punk way. Ivan continues by explaining that it took a long time for Farang to develop their sound and in part because the member's were getting familiar with each other. They never had any conversations on influences with regards to bands or sounds. 

People have compared Farang to Devo and Dead Kennedys, 

"Ear of the Bull" reminds me of Black Flag's "My War" given the prominent bass structure and the crazy guitar pieces. There is a lot of early Minutemen in there which has more to do with the jazz like structure. I wonder if this is an SST mash up but the band denies anything that directed. Bob Mould even creeps in there with some of the speed at which Payson plays. 

But despite all of these I have to say I have never heard of anything like Farang having them defy description.Regardless I couldn't help myself trying to keep pace with the songs in a way that just sucked me in. 

We were able to record songs from the band's past two releases. They were:

1. Constrictor
2. Woggle
3. Ear of the Bull / If you're not now you never were
4. If you're not now you never were
5. Jampacking
6. Gumboots / Maximum Taxiderm / Let's Kill
7. Psychic Bruise

Then I bugged the band to do some IDs

8. Psychic Bruise EXD ID
9. Farang on CIUT ID

We also spoke with the band afterwards in the hallway. The production studio was broken so Ian set up some mics.

This session was recorded and produced by Ian Wilkinson. The video was filmed by Aldo and Candy.  Candy did the editing on this clip.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 14th, 2014

We started off with a tribute to Brian Goble of the Subhumans who passed away last Friday. 

DISHRAGS - Death In The Family

SUBHUMANS - Fuck You (Quintessence)
SUBHUMANS - Out of Line (Friends)
SUBHUMANS - Behind the Smile (Live)
SUBHUMANS - Canada's Favourite Sport (SST)
DOA - America the Beautiful (Fringe)
SUBHUMANS - Dead at Birth (Alternative Tentacles)
SUBHUMANS - Blood Sweat and Beers (G7 Welcoming Committee)

THE SKULLS - Victims? (What)
THE CONTROLLERS - Neutron Bomb (What)
NEOS - Where did you go wrong (Alandhiscar)
YOUTH KORPS - Cop Song (Self-Released)
THE FREEZE - Pig Hunt (Modern Method)

LEGENDARY WINGS - Conversations (Dirtnap)
SLOW SCIENCE - Lifetime Guarantee (Bombed Out)
SAM COFFEY AND THE IRON LUNGS - Hold Me Close (Southpaw)
PURE MANIA - Mentiras (CV)

PURE HELL - Hard Action (Welfare)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Lust to Love (Dirtnap)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Saturation Tank (Sorry State)
AJAX - Oppress Me (Self-Described)
SPAZZ - Gas X (Reservoir)

The November issue of MRR featured a scene report on Australia so we put together an audio version of  most of the scene written about in that scene report starting off with Adelaide.

VAGINORS - Total Nonsense (No Patience / Video Disease)
ANIMAL TRAPS - Return Policy (Self-Described)
STARVATION - Mouth (Lethal Dose)
THE WEIGHT - Suffer My Perfection (Self-Described)

HEROIN SS - Short Sharp Shit (Self-Described)
LAST CHAOS - Kill Dick Control (Hardcore Victim)
MANHUNT - Rot (Life Lair Regret)
TEARGAS - Dark Half (No Anarquia Rebelde Musica Discos)

R.I.P. FUCKER - The dawn (Self-Described)
SCAB EATER - Wasteland (Blow Blood / Hardcore Victim)
SLAVEDRIVER - Copperheads (Life Lair Regret)
PISSBOLT - Razorback Attack (Broke Me)
SPLIT TEETH - Hook Lights (Tenzenmen)
PUTKAH - Homophobic State (Lethal Dose)

FLESH POLICE - Severance (Self-Described)
WARTHREAT - Consume (Self-Described)
UNKNOWN TO GOD - You are involved in the war (Hardcore Victim)
EYE-GOUGE! - Smoke & Mirrors (K.F.C.)
GLORY HOLE - Glory Hole (Self-Described)
OILY BOYS - Cosmic Paralysis (Disinfect)
TV COLOURS - The Kids Are All Grown Up (Dream Damage)

Tonight's demo feature is Generation Hexed from Barrie featuring Rob from Flecks of Drool, Ditch Dog of Sons of Ishmael and Scott from Phallocracy. 

GENERATION HEXED - Parts Unknown (Self-Described)
GENERATION HEXED - Destined for Death (Self-Described)
GENERATION HEXED - Tongue in Cheek (Self-Described)

You can download an MP3 file of the show here

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Every few months a womens punk collective takes over the show. This time they gave it a clever Girl School theme and started off the show with a song by the same band. Sadly Chloe moved to Costa Rica right after the show. And by right after we mean she was at the airport two hours later. So the show turned into a soft roast of Chloe. Here is the playlist and some photos from the night.

GIRL SCHOOL - C'mon Let's Go (Bronze)

CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Anarchy in Woolworths (Riot City)
MOCOSO - Confusa Realidad (Self-Released)
DESTADOS - Destados (Self-Released)
GLITTER - Spinning Ballerina (Self-Released)

BELT FIGHT - Belt Fight does it again (Self-Released)
POISON IDEA - Just to get away (Taang)
ARCHAIC - Inside my mind (La vida es un mus)
YOUR FUNERAL - I want to be you (Sacred Bones)
HURULA - 22 (Deranged)
NANA BONNARD - Tete de mort
EDITH NYLON - Edith Nylon
KOMINTERN SECT - Les Seigneurs de la guerre
OBERKAMPF - Tout ce fric
GUILTY RAZORS - I don't wanna be a rich

MALOKIO - Home (Self-Released)
MOBS - Dead people having sex
G-SCHMIDT - Belladonna (___Syndicate)
INSTIGATORS - The Church Says (Bluurg)
LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT - Green (Beri Beri)

THE UV RACE - Nuclear Family (In the Red)
WIRE - Brazil (Harvest)
THE NIVE - Boring City (Polly Maggo)

IVY - Arch-Foe (Self-Released)
SHEER MAG - What you want (Self-Released)
ANTI VIBES - Alien City (Self-Released)
DIE - Pressure (Sorry State)
PURA MANIA - Sosphechoso (Cu)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Do anything you wanna do (Island)
THE POINTED STICKS - Part of the muse (Self-Released)
THE STRANGLERS - Strange Little Girl
CLOROFORM - (I can't say) that I would say you're right (Unreleased)

You can download the show as an MP3 here