Sunday, December 21, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Pete from Hits and Misses has a love for the novelty of punk christmas songs. Some of this novelty wore off on Dave from Dirty BS. This is the second year in a row that Dave has hosted the christmas special on EXD bringing songs that haven't aired before or in a while. He also played a Bishops Green song that Pete requested last year, which is sort of a haunting from the ghost of x-mss show's in the past. There was lots of back story to the songs chosen in the spirit of story telling that comes with this part of the year. The Angry Snowmans do a tribute to the Subhumans. N.O.E. that does a German version of the Pointed Sticks "Out of Luck" in a Christmas carol. Here is the entire playlist for the show. You can download an MP3 version of the show here.

Playlist - Sunday, December 21st, 2014


SOMALI PIRATES - Intelligent Creation (Nardcore)
NEEDLES / PINS - Armenian Christmas (Mental Blast)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Slave to Saint Nick (Stiff Hombre)
PARANOID VISIONS - Pennys from Hell (Self-Released)
MOTHERFUCKER 666 - High for Christmas (Get Hip)

COLT TURKEY - stick to your guns (Crucial Response)
HATEX9 - No Presence (R.U. Dead)
POINT OF FEW - Holiday Spirit (Goat Head)
OUTCASTS - Santa Claus (Wild Rags)
TANKARD - Fuck Christmas (Noise Internation)

ILL REPUTE - Silver Bells (Nardcore)
PURPLE GEEZUS  - The Chipmunk Song (Vital Music)
RATOS DE PORAO - Papai Noel (Roadrunner)
THE F.U.'s - father Christmas (Blackhole)
WHITE FLAG - Mr. Grinch (LSR)

DIE SCHLAKT - Weihnacten '84 (Uberschall)
N.O.E. - Hrntod Unterm Lichterbaum (Nasty Vinyl)
SLIME - Greensleeves (Aggressive Rockproduktion)
SOCKEYE - Dear God I Hate Christmas (Xenomorph)

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Re-Gifted / Frozen corpse stuffed with holiday cheer (Decibel)
BENUMB - Christmasmorning in the house of ... (Thorp)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Christmas Violence (Selfmadegod)
DOOM - Clinton's Christmas Present (Fight)

CANTOOTS - Friday's Bloody Christmas (Middle Finger)
PARIAH CAREY - All I want for Christmas (Blackhole)
LA URSS - Los ninos de Chernobyl le desean (Hillside Strangler)
THE PANIC BEATS - Silent NIght, Deadly Night (Ramones to the Bone)
THE RENFIELDS - Black Christmas (Ramones to the Bone)

PANTYCHRIST - I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas (Unreleased)
REST IN PIECES - Toys R Us (One Step Ahead)
SEUSS OF TODAY - Chapter II: A wonderful Awful (Self-Released)
SLUMLORDS - I hate holidays (Lookin' out)
BISHOPS GREEN - Christmas in New York (Blackhole)

SLEDGE HAMMER - Merry Jingle (Vulture Rock)


  1. Forgot THE BATTERED ELVES "We're Gonna Kill Santa Clause."
    And that terrible band TEENAGE KICKS "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause"

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