Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Farang studio 3 session

Farang is Matt's project. Or that is how Leah started explaining the band to me. Matt wrote some songs and started working them out with Ivan. Once they had the basic structure he approached Payson about playing guitar. And then they brought in Leah. 

But how I know three of these folks is through their other bands. I knew Matt through former host Dave Brown who played with him in Capital Death which was a band from Truro that Matt and Payson both played in. More recently Matt (the Endless Blockade) and Payson (Purity Control) sang in bands from here, but Farang sees these guys returning to the instruments that they played in Capital Death. 

I know Ivan from his bands Terminal State and School Jerks and more recently Kremlin. Ivan also co-hosted the show for a few months so I feel like he is part of the EXD family. Ivan e-mailed me about getting Farang to play on the show when Matt came back from New York City at the end of the summer. I had to re-schedule this session at least once but eventually we were able to set this up. 

Ivan described the sound like starting with a Mob 47 riff and working on not repeating any rhythm in a creative inventive post punk way. Ivan continues by explaining that it took a long time for Farang to develop their sound and in part because the member's were getting familiar with each other. They never had any conversations on influences with regards to bands or sounds. 

People have compared Farang to Devo and Dead Kennedys, 

"Ear of the Bull" reminds me of Black Flag's "My War" given the prominent bass structure and the crazy guitar pieces. There is a lot of early Minutemen in there which has more to do with the jazz like structure. I wonder if this is an SST mash up but the band denies anything that directed. Bob Mould even creeps in there with some of the speed at which Payson plays. 

But despite all of these I have to say I have never heard of anything like Farang having them defy description.Regardless I couldn't help myself trying to keep pace with the songs in a way that just sucked me in. 

We were able to record songs from the band's past two releases. They were:

1. Constrictor
2. Woggle
3. Ear of the Bull / If you're not now you never were
4. If you're not now you never were
5. Jampacking
6. Gumboots / Maximum Taxiderm / Let's Kill
7. Psychic Bruise

Then I bugged the band to do some IDs

8. Psychic Bruise EXD ID
9. Farang on CIUT ID

We also spoke with the band afterwards in the hallway. The production studio was broken so Ian set up some mics.

This session was recorded and produced by Ian Wilkinson. The video was filmed by Aldo and Candy.  Candy did the editing on this clip.

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