Sunday, December 14, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 14th, 2014

We started off with a tribute to Brian Goble of the Subhumans who passed away last Friday. 

DISHRAGS - Death In The Family

SUBHUMANS - Fuck You (Quintessence)
SUBHUMANS - Out of Line (Friends)
SUBHUMANS - Behind the Smile (Live)
SUBHUMANS - Canada's Favourite Sport (SST)
DOA - America the Beautiful (Fringe)
SUBHUMANS - Dead at Birth (Alternative Tentacles)
SUBHUMANS - Blood Sweat and Beers (G7 Welcoming Committee)

THE SKULLS - Victims? (What)
THE CONTROLLERS - Neutron Bomb (What)
NEOS - Where did you go wrong (Alandhiscar)
YOUTH KORPS - Cop Song (Self-Released)
THE FREEZE - Pig Hunt (Modern Method)

LEGENDARY WINGS - Conversations (Dirtnap)
SLOW SCIENCE - Lifetime Guarantee (Bombed Out)
SAM COFFEY AND THE IRON LUNGS - Hold Me Close (Southpaw)
PURE MANIA - Mentiras (CV)

PURE HELL - Hard Action (Welfare)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Lust to Love (Dirtnap)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Saturation Tank (Sorry State)
AJAX - Oppress Me (Self-Described)
SPAZZ - Gas X (Reservoir)

The November issue of MRR featured a scene report on Australia so we put together an audio version of  most of the scene written about in that scene report starting off with Adelaide.

VAGINORS - Total Nonsense (No Patience / Video Disease)
ANIMAL TRAPS - Return Policy (Self-Described)
STARVATION - Mouth (Lethal Dose)
THE WEIGHT - Suffer My Perfection (Self-Described)

HEROIN SS - Short Sharp Shit (Self-Described)
LAST CHAOS - Kill Dick Control (Hardcore Victim)
MANHUNT - Rot (Life Lair Regret)
TEARGAS - Dark Half (No Anarquia Rebelde Musica Discos)

R.I.P. FUCKER - The dawn (Self-Described)
SCAB EATER - Wasteland (Blow Blood / Hardcore Victim)
SLAVEDRIVER - Copperheads (Life Lair Regret)
PISSBOLT - Razorback Attack (Broke Me)
SPLIT TEETH - Hook Lights (Tenzenmen)
PUTKAH - Homophobic State (Lethal Dose)

FLESH POLICE - Severance (Self-Described)
WARTHREAT - Consume (Self-Described)
UNKNOWN TO GOD - You are involved in the war (Hardcore Victim)
EYE-GOUGE! - Smoke & Mirrors (K.F.C.)
GLORY HOLE - Glory Hole (Self-Described)
OILY BOYS - Cosmic Paralysis (Disinfect)
TV COLOURS - The Kids Are All Grown Up (Dream Damage)

Tonight's demo feature is Generation Hexed from Barrie featuring Rob from Flecks of Drool, Ditch Dog of Sons of Ishmael and Scott from Phallocracy. 

GENERATION HEXED - Parts Unknown (Self-Described)
GENERATION HEXED - Destined for Death (Self-Described)
GENERATION HEXED - Tongue in Cheek (Self-Described)

You can download an MP3 file of the show here

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