Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Disdonut studio 3 session

Two days before x-mas and we were able to schedule a band in at the station on the caveat that we start an hour earlier. As we got going we realized Aaron (guitarist) had to work back in St. Thomas so that hour allowed us to get out of there sooner.  But in all the bands (Oxbaker and Poison Spur) that Mike (Woody) has played in, this has been the only one that has come in to play. It's weird given the kitsch nature a project that started out as a one man band doing songs that combined the dis nature of a D-Beat band with the subject of donuts. So in honour of the night I brought in a dozen not realizing that Woody despises maple flavoured donuts. 

But Mike was the brainchild behind Disdonut. And he tells us the story about how he was inspired by a set of Steve's other band Disrape that he came up with the concept. It was more a personal dare that a Dis band could be written about anything. So in an effort to stretch the Dis format to ridiculous new lengths he started writing songs.

1. Fritter Obliteration
2. Honey Glazed Holocaust 
3. Old fashion Pain
4. Nuclear Dutchie
5. Jelly Full of Napalm
6. Coconut Cream Genocide
7. Maple Dip Massacre
8. Walnut Crunch Warfare
9. Death's Doorstep Double Chocolate
10. Crueller knows only cruelty

As these songs developed Woody put together a tape with Aaron's help on guitar and a drum machine. Aaron had played with Woody in Poison Spur. As people started to hear the tape Woody got pressure to play out. Steve approached Woody about playing bass and didn't mind making the commute from Kitchener. Dave played in Oxbaker with Woody and so that is roughly how the pieces came to fit together. The band has only played the one show with Sete Sept Star from Japan, but they will be playing more in the future. And as out interview demonstrates this donut theme has a lot more gold to mine. We had some fun recording some IDs afterwards:

11. Pass the Nuclear Dutchie CIUT ID
12. Endless Blockade ID
13. Old Fashion Pain EXD ID

The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. The video was filmed by Aldo and Candy of Punks and Rockers. 

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