Sunday, December 7, 2014

Radio - Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Every few months a womens punk collective takes over the show. This time they gave it a clever Girl School theme and started off the show with a song by the same band. Sadly Chloe moved to Costa Rica right after the show. And by right after we mean she was at the airport two hours later. So the show turned into a soft roast of Chloe. Here is the playlist and some photos from the night.

GIRL SCHOOL - C'mon Let's Go (Bronze)

CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Anarchy in Woolworths (Riot City)
MOCOSO - Confusa Realidad (Self-Released)
DESTADOS - Destados (Self-Released)
GLITTER - Spinning Ballerina (Self-Released)

BELT FIGHT - Belt Fight does it again (Self-Released)
POISON IDEA - Just to get away (Taang)
ARCHAIC - Inside my mind (La vida es un mus)
YOUR FUNERAL - I want to be you (Sacred Bones)
HURULA - 22 (Deranged)
NANA BONNARD - Tete de mort
EDITH NYLON - Edith Nylon
KOMINTERN SECT - Les Seigneurs de la guerre
OBERKAMPF - Tout ce fric
GUILTY RAZORS - I don't wanna be a rich

MALOKIO - Home (Self-Released)
MOBS - Dead people having sex
G-SCHMIDT - Belladonna (___Syndicate)
INSTIGATORS - The Church Says (Bluurg)
LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT - Green (Beri Beri)

THE UV RACE - Nuclear Family (In the Red)
WIRE - Brazil (Harvest)
THE NIVE - Boring City (Polly Maggo)

IVY - Arch-Foe (Self-Released)
SHEER MAG - What you want (Self-Released)
ANTI VIBES - Alien City (Self-Released)
DIE - Pressure (Sorry State)
PURA MANIA - Sosphechoso (Cu)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Do anything you wanna do (Island)
THE POINTED STICKS - Part of the muse (Self-Released)
THE STRANGLERS - Strange Little Girl
CLOROFORM - (I can't say) that I would say you're right (Unreleased)

You can download the show as an MP3 here

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