Sunday, December 30, 2018

Radio - Sunday, December 30th, 2018

At the end of the year we always spend two shows pouring over the releases that came out in the last 12 months. Here is the first of two Year in review shows. We both picked our top 10 Canadian releases and Rob picked his Top 10 of everything else and I picked my top 10 eps. Here are the first lists and the show for the last show of 2018. Tune in next week for the best LPs, Re-issues and Demos. So many cassettes.......

JIMMY VAPID - Twenty Five Eight (Self-Released)

Stephe's top 10 Canadian releases
10. PIPER MARU - MPDG (Self-Released)
9. REAL SICKIES – Go Away (Dirtyflair / It's Alive / This is Pop / Monster Zero)
8. DOA - I'm Desperate (Sudden Death)
7. S.H.I.T. - Fixed (La Vid Es Un Mus)
6. NO PROBLEM – Life (Deranged)
5. HARD CHARGER - Usurper (Ancient Temple / Waste of Time / Guilty Parade / Black Speed)
4. PAGANS OF NORTHUMBERLAND - This Can’t Go On (Self-Released)
3. BOOTLICKER –- Hangman (Warthog Speak / Televised Suicide)
2. THE FALLOUT - Wage Slave (Rebel Time)
1. GLASSED – Equalizer (Dure Réalité)

Rob’s Top 10 Canadian releases
10. POWERBOMB – Major Threat (Self-Released)
9. PRETTYBOY - Paid Drinks (Self-Released)
8. SORE POINTS – Outta Luck (Hosehead)
7. SCORPIO RISING – Hard 2 Change (Self-Released)
6. DIRTY WORK – Brother (Self-Released)
5. DBOY – Three Wolves (Self-Released)
4. CHILLER – Strangers (Self-Released)
3. CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Go 4 It / Cops Ain’t Tops (Schizophrenic)
2. TOMMY AND THE COMMIES – Hurtin’ Boys (Slovenly)
1. SAGO – White Lies (Self-Released)

Stephe's top 10 eps
10. SYNTAX - D.N.A. (Self-Released)
9. PERRA VIDA - Célebres Plumíferos (Self-Released)
8. BABYLON - The Desert (Self-Released)
7. BLAZING EYE - At The Gig (Self-Released)
6. WARNING - Radioactive Fallout (Terminal)
5. RAT CAGE - Power Hungry Maniacs (La Vida es Un Mus)
4. OUTSIDE LOOKING IN - Content With Discontent (Zero)
3. NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Comfort Women (Taken By Surprise)
2. PROFOSS – Över (Adult Crash)
1. STIGMATISM - It's Too Late (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Rob’s top 10 for everything else
10. PRIORS – Spetsmaz (No Patience / Slovenly)
9. THE CAVEMEN – Elvis is Alive (Slovenly)
8. HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS – Trapped and Alone In It (Self-Released)
7. GELD – The Perfect Texture (Iron Lung)
6. CARBONAS – Who Needs You (Goner)
5. GINO AND THE GOONS – She Was Crushed (Slovenly)
4. MARKED MEN – Lost it All (Dirtnap)
3. WARTHOG – Corroded (Static Shock / Toxic State)
2. MSS FRNCE – Entere-Moi (Self-Released)
1. NIGHT BIRDS – Radium Girls (Fat Wreck Chords)

Some runners up to slay you with.

WOUND MAN – Fever (Iron Lung)
PANDEMIX - Second Opinion (Dirt Cult)
LOOSE NUKES - Fuck! (Mutant Sounds)
ARGH FUCK KILL - Ruled by the Insane (Sengaja)
NARCOLEPTICS – Atrocious Privilege (Warthog Speak)
RASHOMON - 降伏 Surrender (Iron Lung)

ABSURDO - El infierno del alcohol (Discos Absurds)

Friday, December 28, 2018

Radio - Friday, December 28th, 2018

Basement Sessions
Two Tone review

THE SPECIALS – Enjoy yourself

Ska is party music. “Enjoy Yourself” is one of the most obvious party songs by the Specials. But I played the songs because it was the opening song in a set that I got to see as a 14 year old kid at the Police Picnic. I think that was in 1983 out in a farmer’s field in Oakville. And the Specials was my first exposure to a ska revival scene that was growing out of the post punk era. The played right before the Police and it was the song “Enjoy Yourself” that left an impression on me, but I was yet to learn about the first record which would have even better hits.

I thought we could start off this second tribute show to ska with a guy who recorded the first SPECIALS album. A musical encyclopedia unto himself and now a Canadian citizen. He hosted the music show Spectacle. I am talking about ELVIS COSTELLO and on his first record he had a reggae inspired number called Watching the Detectives.

Early Roots to Two Tone
ELVIS COSTELLO – Watching the Detectives – Recorded that first Specials album
COVENTRY AUTOMATICS – Blank Expression – for the snow reference
AKRYLYKZ – Ska’d for Life (Polydor)

That was the Akrylykz from Hull. They were mostly art students that formed a ska band and featured Roland Gift who would go on to sing in the Fine Young Cannibals.
We started off without Elvis Costello and that was followed up by a band that became the Specials called the Coventry Automatics. I played Blank Expression because of the snow reference.

Up next are a few sets about what the ska revival inspired. First off some bands that came from the skate scene and tried to take it mainstream starting off with Fun Boy Three featuring the singers from the Specials. They had a hit called the Lunatics are taking over the Asylum, but we are going to play a song that features a band called Banarama that also would go on from the seeds that ska sowed. This is “The Farmyard Connection”.

2 Tone spin offs
FUN BOY THREE - The Farmyard Connection
THE COLOURFIELD – Colourfield - More 60’s inspired band that would lead the way for bands like the Smiths to enter the fold
CULTURE CLUB - I’ll Tumble for You

That was Culture Club and I know it is a bit too commercial for my tastes but they were probably the most popular band to do something with that ska feel. They wrote Karma Chameleon that referenced the rastafarian colours and would get covered by dancehall artists. They were gender identity forward thinking with the sexual ambivalent front singer decades before issues of gender assignment would take to the mainstream. Not a two tone band but within the sphere of reference for sure. And has made recent cameos in the Housewives series.
Before that was the Colourfield also featuring Terry Hall from the Specials. They were 60’s inspired and would go on to pave the way for bands like the Smiths to come along.

Next up is the Clash a band noted for many reggae influences but this is off the “Black Market Clash” album written by Willi Williams. I would hear this song at a Stone Love set in Fletchers Land on an oldies Tuesday night while two groups of people rocked singing along over an open sewage gutter. I was probably the only person who knew the song from the Clash but I was hearing the Willi Williams song for the first time.

THE CLASH – Armagedeon Time

That last song is a cover of the Specials one of many over the years. Citizen Fish formed from some of the greatest punk bands in England which started with the SUBHUMANS and then became CULTURE SHOCK. They had an acid rack sound inspired by the band before which is a UK reggae band called Basement 5. I think Don Lets was part of the band. They were very influential on the Subhumans.
Up next is a set on British Reggae which was happening simultaneously with the punk and ska scene. Starting with a band from Handsworth that used to play with punk bands at Rock Against Racism shows. Steel Pulse and the song “Sound System”.

British Reggae scene
STEEL PULSE – Sound System
UB40 - Food for Thought
ASWAD - African Children

Aswad started as far back as 1975. They had so many great songs and “African Children” was a song I first heard on their “Live and Direct” album which was the first time I realized that other places had a Carribean carnival just like us.
We also heard early UB40 which is from the first record. The first two records were double albums which contained an album and a dub record and neither of them were repetitive. we heard “Food for thought”.

Ska had an impact here in Canada. Locally the Rock Against Racism scene was taking their cues from England though a band called the Young Lions. They had a practise space called the Garage. One of the bands that practised there was from Malton called the 20th Century Rebels. They released their own 12” called “Rebel Vibe”. I made my own 20th Century Rebels shirt and the family of the sax player lived on the same street that I grew up on. Here is the most ska version from that record “Unemployed Expert”.

Influence of 2 Tone across the pond
20TH CENTURY REBELS - Unemployed Expert

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Radio - Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

This is the annual Christmas show. Dave Stevenson spends the year looking for new Christmas punk songs so that he never repeats a song. He's done it again. Listen on the player above or download the show here

THE 99ERS - Merry Xmas Really Sux!! (Self-Released)

SNIPER 66 - 7 Years (Blackhole)
VIOLENT AFFAIR - On Christmas Day (Blackhole)
THE HULLS - Christmas Time on the Picket Line (Blackhole)
WORK UNIT -Christmas in a Crackhouse (Plasterer)
STOP CALLING ME FRANK - Santa Buy me a Beer (Rumbar)

ANGRY REINDEER - At War with Santa (ColumbusBlood)
EBENEZER BOOZE - Xmas Attack (ColumbusBlood)
TWO INCH WINKY - Joy to the World (Self-Released)

ANGRY SNOWMANS - December 23rd (Stiff Hombre)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Steal It from the Who's (Stiff Hombre)
MISSILE TOADS - North Pole Riot Squad (Rebel Sound)
DAD BRAINS - It's Christmas Time (Pirate Press)
PALE CRIMINAL - Punk Rock Santa Claus (Self-Released)

EA80 - Little Drummer Boy (MusicZimmer)
DOLLYROTS - I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus (A Zombie Christmas Carol) (Arrested Youth)
JIM AND LASHA - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight) (Self-Released)
JIM AND LASHA - X-Mas Love (Self-Released)

CRUCUAL YOUTH - X-mas Time for the Skis (Faith)
FUCK YOU AND THE X-MAS TREES - I Want U 2 Die 4 Xmas (Self-Released)
SEUSS OF TODAY - Two Sizes Too Small (Self-Released)
SS-20 - War Toys on Christmas (No Pretense)
SCUMFACE - Family's Here and I'm Having a Poo (Self-Released)
ALICE BAG - No Gifts For Nazis (Self-Released)

WILLIAM SHATNER AND HENRY ROLLINS - Jingle Bells (Punk Rock Version) (Cleopatra)
C.J.RAMONE - Christmas Lullaby (Fat Wreck Chords)
VAGINAL CROUTONS - Mama's Gonna Die This Xmas (The Show Must Go On)
TRASHED AMBULANCE - 12 Inches of Christmas (Thousand Islands)

THE CRUCIFUCKS - Holiday Parade (Alternative Tentacles)
SCREECHING WEASEL - Christmas Eve (Self-Released)
THE FUCK OFF AND DIES - Deck the Bars (Self-Released)
THE ERADICATOR - The Court's Closed on Christmas (Programmer Sounds)
TMME - All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth (Self-Released)
THE LUCKY EEJITS - Santa on 98th (Wiretap)
PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN - Christmas Eve (Fullertone)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Radio - Sunday, December 16th, 2018

This show features a lot of new material with various themes and another re-issue set. And the demo feature from Toronto's Rotten Column. You can download the show here.

ALL THESE WASTED NUTS - The Price of Bread - Politics of the Apocalypse (Self-Released)

VERTIGO – Murallas (De O Fora
SATELITE - Ojos en las paredes (Discos Enfermos / No Thanks) 
SCORPIO RISING – Visions (Self-Released)
SNUFFFLUFFERS - Russian Roulette-I Wanna Fuck Your President (Self-Released)
THE CONTROL FREAKS - I Hate Your Face (Dirty Water)

CRIMEX – ANXTCNTRL (Fuckers Will Pay)
I.S.S. - I Wanna Be Dated (Sorry State)
BABYLON - S.W.A.M.P.E.D. (Self-Released)
THE DWARVES - Nowhere Fast (Burger / Greedy)
INTENSIVE CARE – Silence (Iron Lung)

THE GAY AGENDA - Take a Stand (Self-Released)
HETEROFOBIA - El Detalle Chino (Gox)
CLITERATI - Make America Hate Again (Tankcrimes)
DAMMIT JIMS – Bigot President (SquidHat)
INSTITUTE - Prissy Things (Sacred Bones / Shout)

CONSTANT INSULT - I Quit (Let’s Pretend)
LA DIEZINUEVE - Komodo 3000
MARRON – Valley’s Deep (Verdugo Discos)
ARMADA – Lisboa (Hearts Bleed Blue / Pirates Press)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Leaving Town (Taken By Surprise)

PRIVATE SCHOOL – Stay Up (Supreme Echo)
ALIANS - Nic Wiecej (Pasazer) 
DEZERTER - To Miasto Umiera (Pasazer) 
THE LANDLORDS - School For The Deaf + Let's Go! (Feel It) 
ADICTOX “2” - Sin Nombre (Grizzlar)

FUERZA BRUTA - Feos Por Naturaleza (Verdugo / Foreign Legion)
POWERBOMB - Major Threat
NASTI - Cake Walk
IRON CAGES - Days are Numbered

TARANTULA - Slime City (Deranged) 
BARRICADED SUSPECTS - Correct Tape (Self-Released
NO QUESTION - Situational Force (Kitschy Spirit) 
LYSOL - Teenage Trance (Neck Chop)
TOXIC WOMB - Feel This (Self-Released)

WOUND MAN - Mr. Nice Guy
NOISE OF HELL - Aferrados A Las Manos Que Aprietan 
CITY HUNTER – Dark Descent 
YBUTTEROY - Black Zappath
SPAZZ - Hey Bob, What's Up
ADRENALIN O.D. – Paul’s Not Home
BEASTIE BOYS – Egg Raid on Mojo

MOLISMA - Δίψα Για Καταστροφή – Athens
PARANOID - 虐殺願望 –Sweden
KULTURESHOCK – Nightmare - Myanmar

Tonight's demo feature is one of the demos by Toronto's Rotten Column. This is the demo titled "Are We Not Bags", which sounds like it takes cues from Devo. There demo can be found on bandcamp.

ROTTEN COLUMN – I’m a Bag (Self-Released)
ROTTEN COLUMN – No Ambition (Self-Released)
ROTTEN COLUMN – Talking & Hearing (Self-Released)
ROTTEN COLUMN – The Eyeroll (Self-Released)
ROTTEN COLUMN – Watching the Wall (Self-Released)

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Radio - Sunday December 9th, 2018

Tonight's show features a lot of new material which includes new re-issues, new punk from China, new demented power pop, new post punk, new peace punk and a demo feature by Vancouver's Material. Listen on the player above or download the show here.

DEMOKRAZIA ZERO – Extorsion (Self-Released)

Here are some new re-issues starting with The Reaction from Newfoundland.

THE REACTION – The Kid’s Arrived (Supreme Echo)
L’AMOUR – Sunglass Party (Beach Impediment)
INSINUATIONS – (My Head is Made of) U.S. Muscle (Feel It)
U.B.R. – Harmonija (NE!)
DEECRACKS – This Ain’t Hawaii (Dumb)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Blitzkreig Bop (Selfless)
LIQUIDS – Bat Outta Hell (Self-Released)

New power pop
DESCENDENTS – Who We Are (Epitaph)
REAL SICKIES – Cool Club (Dirtyflair)
FASHIONISM – One Shot (Neon Taste)
DRY LAW – Against the World (Self-Released)
TOTAL LOVE – Sort You Out (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Balcony Kisses (SPHC)

New Chinese punk
DISANXIAN - Demolition (TIC / Stoner Poem)
STRUGGLE SESSION – Kinkreet (Genjing)
FANZHUI XIANGFA – Beijing Power (Revulsion)
THE DIDERS – La Yi Kuzi (Genjing)
DEMERIT – Childhood Nightmares (Maybe Mars)
SMZB – Redemption Song (Real Deal)

EMPIRE JUSTICE – Colonial Myths (Self-Released)
SLOW FACTION – Antifascist (Self-Released)
DOA – Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More (Genjing)
ABOLITIONIST – The Instant (1859)
WARTHOG – Corroded (Toxic State / Static Shock)
S.H.I.T. – Spectacle (Iron Lung)

New post punk 
COLD MEAT – Maternity stomp (Static Shock / Helta Skelta)
BETA BOYS - Illegal (Feel It)
DESEOS PRIMITIVOS – Exister (Self-Released)
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY – Into the Void (Pseudo Laboratories)
GECKO – FTTP (Self-Released)
DAUDYFLIN – Sktabloo (Iron Lung)

New d-beat
SEKAANNUS – Nekroteknoraatti (Self-Released)
NO STATIK – End of Time (Iron Lung)
MOBATTACK – Join the Resistance (Civil)
DRUX – Disguise Yourself (Static Age)
CIVIL EVACUATION – Us or Them (Unite or Die) (Civil)
KLUSTER FUCK – Inconceivably Simple (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Vancouver called Material. You cab download this demo from bandcamp.

MATERIAL – Material
MATERIAL – Substance Abuse
MATERIAL – Transition
MATERIAL – Blood in His Eye
MATERIAL – Production

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Radio - Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Back in October we aired part one of the Chronic Submission interview. Chronic Submission were the youngest band and some say the most devastating because many people underestimated them.  We finally get to air part 2 of an interview conducted for "Tomorrow is Too Late". We pick up talking about the "T.O. Hardcore '83" comp in detail and we end with looking at how punk impacted us in a lasting way. 

You can download the show here if you want to listen to it on your own device. Here is the playlist.

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Cops Ain't Tops (NRK / Schizophrenic)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - GO4It (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - They're Fucked / I Hate Preppies (NRK)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Not At All (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Four Points (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Bad Trip (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - World of Change (NRK / Schizophrenic)

L'AMOUR - The Edge (Beach Impediment)
BETA BOYS - Laugh - Cry (Feel It)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS - Usurp (Self-Released)

DEMERIT - Modern Society War (Maybe Mars)

CONTRA - Fertile Mind (Self-Released)
CONVENIENCE - Invisible (Iron Lung)
C.H.E.W. - Patience (Iron Lung)

RASHOMON - Surrender (Iron Lung)

ROHT - Sama Um Pig (Iron Lung)
LEXICON - Isolation (Iron Lung)

Tired of Everything are a new hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina. They feature members of Salmonella, Mad Dog and Zipper and Will Butler who runs To Live a Lie Records. They play a style that Felix Von Havoc once described in a column as youth crew meeting crust and he called it youth crust. Tired of Everything falls in that fusion camp. Here is their demo “Silenced”.

TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Industry of Lies (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Eyesore (To Live a LIe)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Missing Stair (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Supremacy (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Mental Hell (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Silenced (To Live a Lie)