Sunday, December 9, 2018

Radio - Sunday December 9th, 2018

Tonight's show features a lot of new material which includes new re-issues, new punk from China, new demented power pop, new post punk, new peace punk and a demo feature by Vancouver's Material. Listen on the player above or download the show here.

DEMOKRAZIA ZERO – Extorsion (Self-Released)

Here are some new re-issues starting with The Reaction from Newfoundland.

THE REACTION – The Kid’s Arrived (Supreme Echo)
L’AMOUR – Sunglass Party (Beach Impediment)
INSINUATIONS – (My Head is Made of) U.S. Muscle (Feel It)
U.B.R. – Harmonija (NE!)
DEECRACKS – This Ain’t Hawaii (Dumb)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Blitzkreig Bop (Selfless)
LIQUIDS – Bat Outta Hell (Self-Released)

New power pop
DESCENDENTS – Who We Are (Epitaph)
REAL SICKIES – Cool Club (Dirtyflair)
FASHIONISM – One Shot (Neon Taste)
DRY LAW – Against the World (Self-Released)
TOTAL LOVE – Sort You Out (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Balcony Kisses (SPHC)

New Chinese punk
DISANXIAN - Demolition (TIC / Stoner Poem)
STRUGGLE SESSION – Kinkreet (Genjing)
FANZHUI XIANGFA – Beijing Power (Revulsion)
THE DIDERS – La Yi Kuzi (Genjing)
DEMERIT – Childhood Nightmares (Maybe Mars)
SMZB – Redemption Song (Real Deal)

EMPIRE JUSTICE – Colonial Myths (Self-Released)
SLOW FACTION – Antifascist (Self-Released)
DOA – Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More (Genjing)
ABOLITIONIST – The Instant (1859)
WARTHOG – Corroded (Toxic State / Static Shock)
S.H.I.T. – Spectacle (Iron Lung)

New post punk 
COLD MEAT – Maternity stomp (Static Shock / Helta Skelta)
BETA BOYS - Illegal (Feel It)
DESEOS PRIMITIVOS – Exister (Self-Released)
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY – Into the Void (Pseudo Laboratories)
GECKO – FTTP (Self-Released)
DAUDYFLIN – Sktabloo (Iron Lung)

New d-beat
SEKAANNUS – Nekroteknoraatti (Self-Released)
NO STATIK – End of Time (Iron Lung)
MOBATTACK – Join the Resistance (Civil)
DRUX – Disguise Yourself (Static Age)
CIVIL EVACUATION – Us or Them (Unite or Die) (Civil)
KLUSTER FUCK – Inconceivably Simple (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Vancouver called Material. You cab download this demo from bandcamp.

MATERIAL – Material
MATERIAL – Substance Abuse
MATERIAL – Transition
MATERIAL – Blood in His Eye
MATERIAL – Production

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Radio - Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Back in October we aired part one of the Chronic Submission interview. Chronic Submission were the youngest band and some say the most devastating because many people underestimated them.  We finally get to air part 2 of an interview conducted for "Tomorrow is Too Late". We pick up talking about the "T.O. Hardcore '83" comp in detail and we end with looking at how punk impacted us in a lasting way. 

You can download the show here if you want to listen to it on your own device. Here is the playlist.

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Cops Ain't Tops (NRK / Schizophrenic)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - GO4It (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - They're Fucked / I Hate Preppies (NRK)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Not At All (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Four Points (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Bad Trip (NRK / Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - World of Change (NRK / Schizophrenic)

L'AMOUR - The Edge (Beach Impediment)
BETA BOYS - Laugh - Cry (Feel It)
BARRICADED SUSPECTS - Usurp (Self-Released)

DEMERIT - Modern Society War (Maybe Mars)

CONTRA - Fertile Mind (Self-Released)
CONVENIENCE - Invisible (Iron Lung)
C.H.E.W. - Patience (Iron Lung)

RASHOMON - Surrender (Iron Lung)

ROHT - Sama Um Pig (Iron Lung)
LEXICON - Isolation (Iron Lung)

Tired of Everything are a new hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina. They feature members of Salmonella, Mad Dog and Zipper and Will Butler who runs To Live a Lie Records. They play a style that Felix Von Havoc once described in a column as youth crew meeting crust and he called it youth crust. Tired of Everything falls in that fusion camp. Here is their demo “Silenced”.

TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Industry of Lies (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Eyesore (To Live a LIe)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Missing Stair (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Supremacy (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Mental Hell (To Live a Lie)
TIRED OF EVERYTHING - Silenced (To Live a Lie)