Thursday, March 24, 1983

...but Kennedys crowd dances on

Elliot Lefko writes a story for the Toronto Star about he Dead Kennedys playing at the Concert hall in Toronto. This would be te second time they played here and L'Etranger and Screamin' Sam and the Problems opened up.

Saturday, March 19, 1983

Wednesday, March 16, 1983

House of Commons "Patriot" 12"

This was the first House of Commons recording. It came out on Common Records in 1983. The 12" was released by tim Yohannon as "House of Commons play a mixture of punk and thrash, and have great lyrics to boot. The echoey, gruff vocals, atypical guitar work, solid rhythm section, and powerful production make for a fine debut." in MRR #11, January / February 1984. You can download the 12" through the Making Time for Thoughtcrime blog. Artcore just re-issued these songs on a CD with other House of Commons recordings.

The songs on here are:

1. Way Down South
2. Low
3. Gotta B. Alive
4. 1999
5. American Patriot
6. Institution
7. Live For Today

Monday, March 7, 1983

Tuesday, March 1, 1983

Ottawa scene report in MRR

This brief Ottawa scene report was written by Janine Frenken of No Cause for Concern fanzine. This scene report was featured in MRR #5, which came out in March 1983. Click on the image to enlarge the scene report to a readable size.