Monday, October 18, 1982

Flyer: Monday October 18, 1982

Here is a flyer for a show in London, Ontario around the same time that "War on 45" was coming out.

Saturday, October 16, 1982

Teenage Head "Some Kinda Fun" CD

This was originally released in 1982 by Attic Records and continued to have some great tracks by the band. The band recently re-issued this as a CD. A zine from Ottawa called No Cause for Concern reviewed the album. Songs found on here include:

1. Drivin' Wild (My Invader)
2. Let's Go to Hawaii
3. Sheila Scarf
4. Want you to Know
5. Teenage Beer Drinking Party
6. Shag Shack
7. Sick Little Man
8. Some Kinda Fun
9. Fist to Face
10. Don't Toy with Me
11. Let it Show

Friday, October 8, 1982

Flyer - The Young Lions

The Young Lions play with the Subverts from Chicago. This looks like it is a poster for multiple cities. Not sure of the date or locales.

Young Lions "Freedom? What Freedom?" cassette

This looks to be the Young Lions second cassette release. The recording was also in 1982 and was recorded at Accusonic Sound. The band was know a three piece and would remain a three piece featuring Mike McCurdy on guitars and vocals, Chris Genest on bass and vocals, and Steve Kuzell on drums. This release looked to be a four song cassette featuring the songs:
1. Young Amerika
2. National Security
3. Royal Killers
4. Pray for Julie

Tuesday, October 5, 1982

Dead End - Youth Now cassette

Dead End were part of the first wave of hardcore bands in Toronto. They had two full length cassette releases. "Youth Now" was the first of them put out on Brain taylor's label N.R.K. The catalogue number is NRK 004. Tim Yohannon of MRR described the tape as "Another mostly mid-tempo punk band from Canada. Dead End have more of a skunk sound. Some of the songs are quite long and rockish, which isn't to my personal liking, but "No Rights" is totally great." MRR #11, January / February 1984. The titles on this release are:

1. Youth Now
2. Don't Talk Politics
3. Rock vs. Racism
4. No Rights
5. Soldier Boy
6. Depression
7. Government, You and Me
8. Death Game
9. The Children
10. We're Not Dead
11. Put Up a Fight

Like all good releases this was self-released. Here is the lyric sheet that accompanied the release.

Monday, October 4, 1982

Dead End "Youth Now" cassette lyrics

Here are the lyric sheets for Dead End's "Youth Now" cassette scanned by Rasta Boy Hugo. Thanks man. In colour no less.

Saturday, October 2, 1982

Friday, October 1, 1982