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Flyer - Start Humanity

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Missing Link "Murder Music" cassette

Missing Link released a cassette in 1987 that was recorded on April 18 and 18 at Northwest Sound. Loads of songs and a different recording than the ep. The folks in the band were Dave Coath on vocals, Mark Holman on guitar, Terry Wachter on bass, and Chris Langstaff on drums. Below is the lyric sheet inside the cassette.

The songs on here are:
1. Murder Music
2. Dead to the World
3. Cutting Edge
4. Fortunes Wheel
5. Barbadeath
6. One Man Parade
7. Man to Man
8. Nosebleed
9. Looking Ahead
10. My Big Chance
11. Punker Than Thou
12. Stupid Morons
13. It Is As I Planned

Saturday, April 18, 1987

M.S.I. "More Stupid Initials" ep

MSI were a band from Toronto that started off with some folks in the original D.O.G. line up wanting to do a straight edge band. Glenn Salter was the original guitarist and he was good friends with Derek Emerson. They used to do a metal zine together. But they were now heavily influenced by the New York scene and at the time the straight edge revival was happening and they were pretty much all straight edge so they started a band. They got Paul Morris the current guitarist from Sons of Ishmael to play bass and John Rankin to sing. This was recorded at X-It Studios on december 18, 1986, which is a place the band used to practise. The studio space had just put in a recording studio and MSI were one of the first bands to record there. The band covers the Wizard of Oz cartoon theme on here with 8 originals. The logo and cover artwork was designed by Brain Walsby.
Steve Spinali from MRR reviewed the ep as "This platter of HC/thrash has that tinny, garage-laden sound that I've always loved, and the good news is that MSI has a good command of their style. Not remarkably original, but the three all-out thrashers make for an entertaining ride. (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #51, August 1987)".
The songs on here include:

1. The Generic Straight Edeg Song
2. Satan Hellfuck
3. Addict
4. Shopping Mall Massacre
5. The Wizard of Oz
6. Back in Control
7. Midway
8. Choice
9. Deep Inside

Friday, April 17, 1987

Flyer - Friday April 17, 1987

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at

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