Thursday, March 24, 1977

Flyer - Thursday March 24 - Saturday March 26, 1977

The Colonial Underground was at the corner of Yonge and Dundas. On one of these nights there was a huge brawl where the bouncers went to town on the punks downstairs. Long John Baldry was playing an accoustic set upstairs and the bouncers took pool cues to the punks as a way of getting them to quiet down. The Toronto Sun gives the impression that it was Teenage Head, but it was really the Diodes. The picture below shows Paul Kobak layed out. He was the manager of Teenage Head and was trying to calm the boucers down when they started laying into Slash Booze. So much for trying to reason with bouncers. Sally Cato, of the Androids, is holding his hand. This appeared on Page 10 of the Toronto Sun, according to the accounts in chapter 8 of "Treat Me Like Dirt".

Friday, March 18, 1977

Flyer - Friday March 18, 1977

OCA throws a Costume Ball at the Masonic Temple with a camouflage theme.

Monday, March 14, 1977

Flyer - Monday March 14, 1977