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Top 10 - May 2019

1. SLANT "Vain Attempt" ep (Iron Lung)
2. FRIED EGG "Square One" LP (Feel It)
3. URAJKEN ep (Don’t Trust the Hype / Dirty Guys)
4. PANDEMIX "In Condemnation" LP (Boss Tuneage / Dirt Cult)
5. CANKRO split with Vidro (Self-Released)
6. TIRED OF EVERYTHING "Silenced" (Self-Released)
7. LEXICON "5 Tracks" demo (Iron Lung)
8. ANTIBODIES LP (Self-Released)
9. OVERBITE "Burning Forever" (No Front Teeth)
10. HEZ "Problemas" ep (Logica Clega / Disocs Enfermos / World Gone Mad)


Flyer - Friday, May 31st, 2019

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Radio - Sunday, May 26th, 2019

NOMEANSNO – Victoria (Wrong)

Last week was Victoria Day long weekend and although this song by Nomeansno is about their home town this is the closest thing we have. 

Starting out tonight's show with a punksploitation as I have been hearing about these on various radio shows. Andy Cameron was from Scotland and this was released in 1980. 

You can download the show here

ANDY CAMERON - I Want to be a Punk Rocker (Klub)
NOTSENSIBLES - (I'm in Love with) Margaret Thatcher (Redball / Snotty Snail / Notsensible)
NEGATIVE GAIN - My Old Man (Pushead)
MSI - The Wizard of Oz (Schizophrenic)
7 SECONDS - 99 Red Balloons (Positive Force)
SNUFF - Ain't No Feeble Bastard (10 Past 12)
COPOUT - Spray Paint (Self-Released)

BAD RELIGION - Age of Unreason (Epitaph)
SHOCK - La-Trampa (Mad Butcher / Malacia / La Negra /  El Lokal / Grita O Muere)
COP/OUT – Iron Leaves (Self-Released
STATE DRUGS - Gut Knots (Self-Released
MELTY – Rot (Self-Released
HUSKER DU - Do You Remember (New Alliance / Reflex)
DECENT CRIMINAL – Loner (Wiretap / Bearded Punk

HARD CHARGER - Shit City Nowhere Blues (Wasted Time / Doomsday Machine / D7i / Emergency)
CHARGER – Crackdown (Pirates Press)
D7Y - Undir Grun (Iron Lung) 
MALE PATTERNS - Stay This Way (Self-Released)
HARRINTGON SAINTS – Pressure (Contra / Pirates Press
GUERILLA POUBELLE - Les fils et les filles des sorcières que vous n'avez pas brûlées (Guerilla Asso / Red Scare / Slam Disques
THE COLA HEADS - New Sensation (Self-Released)

EXTRAVISION - They Don't Know (Art for Blind
DREADEYE - The World Has Left Us Behind (D.O.D.) (Iron Lung)
GLOBSTERS - Technology Suicide of My Fuckin Life (SPHC)
CRYSTAL METHODIST – Disillusion (Self-Released)
SHIT COFFINS - Curated Life (Iron Lung)
PRESSURE PACT – Metheny (Wolves of Hades)
KIND! – Warmth

ARTERIES - World in Flames (Nadine)
MODEL ZERO – Missile Protector (Slovenly
BOOJI BOYS - Life as a Fed (Self-Released
B POLAR AND THE SPACEFUCKERS - We Not Come In Peace (Flail / KLVR / Emergence / Love Mazout)
CLOUD RAT – Clench (Halo of Flies / Feast of Tentacles
THE WOUND – Strange Feeling (Maple Death

BAD SLEEP – Fix My Head (Square of Opposition / Specialist Subject / Stupid Bag)
CONCRETE LAWN - Dry Cleaner (Self-Released
ANOREXIA - Rapist in the Park (Slim)
BENEDICT ARNOLD AND THE TRAITORS - Kill the Hostages (Putrid / Artflix)
GAZ - Get Away (Self-Released)
NO BLUES - Miranda Rights (SPHC)
BODY BREAK - Mob Concrete (Self-Released

Tonight's demo feature is the Beep Test's second cassette release and this one is called "Laugh Track". Beep Test ad you can find it on the band's bandcamp page. 

BEEP TEST – Mitzy (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – Teacher’s Pet (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – Scrapbook (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – No Vegetables (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – Stable State (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – Picnic (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – New Teeth (Self-Released)
BEEP TEST – Laugh Track (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, May 26th, 2019

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Radio - Sunday, May 19th, 2019

On January 24th of this year, Nick Smash of the RENT BOYS INC. was in town to do an exhibition on the CLASH and to promote his new book "What You Don't Want is What You Get", which outline his time in England with the RENT BOYS INC. and THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS. He arranged to meet up with Dave Howard to go over the details of that adventure. THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS are an important part of the Toronto post punk scene. This story reflects the flight that creative types undertook to make a go of it. This is a conversation between Nick Smash and Dave Howard telling something akin to road stories which talk about some of these exclusive recordings, stories behind them, influences, and people in the scene that they were apart of in the mid-80s. We get stories about the squats, the rehearsal spaces, folks in the scene. You can download the show here

THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Baby Come Back (live at the Rock Garden on July 4, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - The Murder of your Smile (live in Manchester on July 26, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - I Feel Good (live in Manchester on July 26, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Just Another (live in Manchester on July 26, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Camberwell (live on the BBC, Janice Long)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Nothing to Say (live in Valencia, Spain)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Nothing to Say (produced by JJ Burnell of the Stranglers)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Pleasure of Pain (live in the Netherlands)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Shakin' All Over (live in the Netherlands)

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Radio - Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Tonight is our fundraising show and we start off tonight with name that tune. MR. Brown guesses two for two to improve his record. Tune in for the antics and the razzing. In the spirit of name that tune we are going to keep up with the covers. Download the show here

BEYOND THE BORDERS - Sound System (Sickbrokenbrothers)
THE CLASH - Pressure Drop (Epic / Nu Disk / CBS)
DUBMATIX - London Calling (Mojo Brand Music)
BLACK MARKET - I Fought the Law (Self-Released)
BIG BALLS AND THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT - Search and Destroy (Nova / Vince Lombardy Highschool / Balls)
SEX PISTOLS - No Fun (Virgin)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Wooly Bully (Island)
D.I. – Ballroom Blitz (CD Presents)
NOMEANSNO – Manic Depression (Alternative Tentacles)
THE DWARVES – Life of Crime (Bomp)
MUDHONEY – Hate the Police (Sub Pop)
PURE HELL – These Boots are Made for Walking (Golden Sphynx / Radiation Reissues)
THE DICTATORS – Search and Destroy (Asylum)
THE BLACK KEYS – Can’t Find My Mind
ADOLESCENTS – All day and All of the Night (CD Presents)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – Dear Prudence (Wonderland / Polydor)

We speak with Diana Piruzevska, host of Neon Dreamer who talks about DJ Mystique and her own experience of getting involved in CIUT.

MELVINS – Going Blind (Warner)
ADRENALIN O.D. – Commercial Cuts (Buy Our Records)
GANG GREEN – Voices Carry (Taang)
RAMOMS - Rockaway Beach (Pirates Press)
SWEET SUBURBIA - Judy is a Punk (Self-Released)
TEENAGE HEAD - Brand New Cadillac (Attic)
THE VAPIDS - Little Boxes (Double Hell)
TEENGENERATE - Top Down (Lance Rock)
THE DREAM DATES - Tallahassie Lassie (Ugly Pop)
THE JAM - Batman Theme (Polydor)
MR. FLOPPY – 100,000 Morrisseys (Zombie Penis Death)
VIOLENT ANAL DEATH – Hungry Hungry Hippos (Roachender)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Oscar Meyer Weiner (Underdog / V.M.L.)
THE TOY DOLLS - Deidree's a Slag (Deram / Captain Oi)
LEATHERFACE - Message in a Bottle (Roughneck Recording Company)
HUDSON MACK - So Lonely (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - Bowl of Flies (Rubber Factory)
THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE - Mad World (Self-Released)

Thanks to everyone who pledged tonight. It is not too late to support CIUT at

Friday, May 10, 2019

CIUT Fundraising

CIUT is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 over the next couple of weeks and we need your help. We are looking for people to come in and talk about what the radio station means to them. We are looking for people to come in and answer phones. We are looking for listeners to donate. Recently we learned that the provincial government is introducing the Student Choice initiative which could see funding for CIUT serenely the point where we might close down. This is a threat unlike anything we have seen before, but certainly has roots in what happened to CKLN when the Engineering Students pulled student funding to CKLN. It was a only a few short years before they were off the air. This muffling of media fits into a contemporary conservative playbook. We ask that you support the only local radio station left in the city. Go to the Donate page on CIUT's website.

We also have a Sound of Your City" t-shirt to give-away. You can become a member of the station which entitles you to voting rights and a discount card. You can be entered into a draw for a trip to Croatia. And we will have a copy of the out of print "TOHC" book complete with single to giveaway to the highest donor o Sunday night. Donations made on-line are eligible for the book. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Radio - Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Mayday was a couple of days ago but let's celebrate with this song by Rebels. Download tonight's show here.

REBELS – Mayday (Musk Project)

May 4th has been talked about with the passing of the Chewbacca actor, but my brother reminded me that May 4th was also the day that the National Guard in the United States shot four students at Kent State back in 1970.  So we start the show off with a Sons of Ishmael cover about the incident and then a set of bands from the state. 

SONS OF ISHMAEL – Ohio (Over the Top / Manic Ears)

9 SHOCKS TERROR - Screw this Town (Devour / Havoc)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Runnin' on Go (Crypt)
OFFBEATS - Look at Them Go / Go Away (Smog Veil)
NECROS - I Hate My School (Touch and Go)
NUKKEHAMMER - Kremlin Panzzer (Solar Funeral / SPHC / Hesitation Wound)
MINORITY THREAT – Scum (Head2Wall)

One of the bands I got to travel with to learn about the Ohio scene was MSI. This next set is a collection of re-issues from the reviews in April's May issue. 

MORE STUPID INITIALS – Choice (Schizophrenic)

PRIVATE SCHOOL - I Wanna Know (Supreme Echo)
THE REACTION – Get the Rods Out (Supreme Echo)
PLAN NINE - In Sympathy with Poland (Supreme Echo)

Some bands from the original waves of the punk scene. 

NERVEBREAKERS - Girls Girls Girls Girls (Wild Child / Get Hip)

THE ALCOHOLICS - Going Outside (Overindulged)
THE AMAZING SPACE FROGS - (I'm into) Necrophilia (Bin Liner)
X-PULSION - Schmucks- Castration (Belgian Waffles)

FIEND - Fight It (Self-Released)

HOOD RATS – Cheap Rent (Self-Released)
FLESHIES – Nomaste (Dirt Cult)
THE BARE MINIMUM  - Outdoor Cat (Self-Released) 
OLDFASHIONED IDEAS - Remaining Days (Contra)

IMPULSO – Soffoco (Erste Theke Tontraeger)

BURNOUT – Separatrix (Abusive Noise Tapes)
RADICAL FUN TIME - Legalize or Die (Dilapidated)
SLANT - The Trap (Iron Lung)
FRIED EGG - Apraxia (Feel It)
BOOJI BOYS - New Personnel (Sewercide)

MADBALL – Hardcore Still Lives (Roadrunner)
OMEGAS – Excessive Force (Hardware / Parts Unknown)
ORCHID – Death of a Modernist (ebullition)
PROJECT X – Dance Floor Justice (Bridge Nine)
RETIREMENT – Broke (Iron Lung)
STAB – Fascism Brings Death (Self-Released)

SUDDEN IMPACT – Just Yourself (Diabolic Force / Marquee)
THE SWARM – Willing Victim (No Idea)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH – Fight War, Not Wars (Way Back When)
ATTACK SS – Ideal Future by our Hands (Distort Reality)
BITOUSHA - Kyousha Toshite No Koufuku (ACS)

ANCIENT FILTH – Happy Death (Self-Released)
ARMS RACE - Gotta Get Out (Quality Control)
CRIMINAL CODE - Flagstone (Deranged)
DIRTY WORK  - Pity, Hard Days and Night (Self-Released)

WIREHEAD - Conjure Club (Self-Released)

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