Thursday, June 29, 2006

Flyer - Thursday June 29, 2006

The Screwed play the Horseshoe with the Raving Mojos and Deja Voodoo.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Radio - Sunday, June 25, 2006

BOULEVARD TRASH - Trash Trash Trash (Self Released)

UNIFORM CHOICE - My Own Mind (Wishing Well)
POINTING FINGER - Silence as a torture vehicle (Still Holding On)
THE FIRST STEP - No Way to Understand (Rivalry)
97a - Actions Speak Volumes (Teamwork)
MAD RATS - I Hate You (625 Productions)

FUCKED UP - Triumph of Life (Vice UK)
CLOROX GIRLS - Trashy Daydream (Bachelor)
BABY SHAKES - Shake Shake (Douchemaster)
BLANK ITS - Im OK (Contaminated)
KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS - Hes Gonna Get You (Goner)
THE KIDNAPPERS - Talk To You (Rip Off)

Studio 3 Sessions
BOULEVARD TRASH - Lindsays song (CIUT)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Inertia / Nothing Has Changed (CIUT)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Case of the Fits (CIUT)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Running with the Tribe / Recycled Boyfriend (CIUT)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Trash Trash Trash (CIUT)

BOULEVARD TRASH - Liberation (Self Released)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Running with the Tribe (Self Released)

Demo Feature
RIOT 99 - Rats (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Guttersnipe (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Last Years Youth (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Part 1 (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Part 2 (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Die Young (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Trapped (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - City Life (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Nice Boys (Unreleased)
RIOT 99 - Californias Burning (Unreleased)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

Various Artists "Killed by Canada" Double CD

This was the latest comp that Fans of Bad Productions pulled together. The double CD comp came out in 2007 and had one track by loads one band each. This is the most extensive Canadian comp I have ever seen pulled together. Here is the track listing:

CD 1
1. DSC - The More Things Change
3. FUCK ME DEAD - Spilled Milk
4. EX DEAD TEENANGER - Love Ain't Dead
5. DIE BRUCKE - Inner City Youth
6. THE HOLD - Confidence
7. THINK DON'T PRAY - Poverty Parade
8. CAREER SUICIDE - Quarantined (Live in Stockholm)
9. AK-47 - Nothing
10. TRANZMITORS - Nervous Breakdown
11. BAYONETTES - Outta My Mind
12. DAIKON - Credit where credit is Due
13. RIOT 99 - California's Burning
14. LES HGELLCATS - Go-Go's Monsters, go!!
15. BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Teach Me Sex
16. INEPSY - Bombshell Rock!
17. RAMMER - Digital Slut
18. COLD DEAD HANDS - Old Habits
19. FUCK THE FACTS - Horizon
20. COBRA NOIR - Live like an Angel (Die like a devil)
21, DIRTY BS - Deny
22. MURDERSQUAD T.O. - Relationship of Hysteria
23. WEISHAUPT - Title unknown
24. POLIDICKS - Forced Submission
25. KEN MODE - When the car crashes

CD 2:
01. UNDER PRESSURE - When I'm Alone
02. BAG OF NINES - We Bleed
03. RAYGUNOMICS - Resist Control
04. GUNNAR HANSEN - These Walls
05. CCSS - Punk for Life
06. SEXHEAD - Brasse moe l'penis
07. LEATHER UPPERS - Can't Choose Ya
08. BOULEVARD TRASH - Trash Trash Trash
10. FUCKED UP - Try a Little Togetherness
11. BLACK SPOKES - Lie Cheat Steal
12. PANTYCHRIST - It's Okay
13. SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Fortress of Ravens
14. MALEFACTION - When Violence Comes Home
15. CURSED - Old Money
16. HONG KONG BLONDE - Hell is Alive
17. I HATE SALLY - Hannah Hannah
18. KURSK - At Play in the Fields of the Lord
19. GFK - Rethinking Basic Antiracism
21. OXBAKER - Lozenge Volley
22. HE BROKE - Grand Mal
23. THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Conversations with a genius / The Endless Blockade
24. TIJUANA BIBLES - Sleepmask
25. LEGION DCLXVI - Sworn Allegiance to Failure

Radio - Sunday, June 18, 2006

COCKNEY REJECTS - We are the Firm (Captain Oi!)

CROW - Give Up All Hope (Prank)
SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Absolute Affluence (Wounded Paw)
VICTIMS - Running for Escape (Havoc)
TRAGEDY - Deaf and Disbelieving (Feral Ward)
DESOLATION - In Blue No Innocent Will Die (Prank)

RAW POWER - Fuck Authority (Ugly Pop)
INDIGESTI - Mass Media (Vacation House)
WRETCHED - La Logica del Potere (Antichrist Dionysus)
IMPACT - Ambizioni
PETROLIO - Italia, Italia (Redrum)

DC SNIPERS - Note to Self (Dead Beat)
LIVEFASTDIE - Snuff movie (Dead Beat)
M.O.T.O. - Crystallize My Penis (Criminal I.Q.)
BUSY SIGNALS - Cant feel a thing (Shit Sandwich)
MARKED MEN - A Little Time (Swami)

LEFT JAB - Altona Torkelgang (Bolzkow)
DOA - War in the East (Sudden Death)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Sudden Impact (Self-Released)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Memories of Tomorrow (Frontier)
STUPIDS - So Much Fun (Children of Revolution)
SNFU - Get Off Your Ass (BYO)

RAZORS - In The City of Death (Mata Hari)
HYPE - Violent Nature (Reuben Kincade)
DEATH SENTENCE - Fake (Fringe)
R.I.P. - Anti-Militar (Maximumrocknroll)
AGE - Ha-Doh (Tribal War)

ARMY OF JESUS - Indentured (Criminal I.Q.)
PEDESTRIANS - American Town (Southkore)
GORILLA ANGREB - M/S Tampa (Feral Ward)
THROBBIN URGES - Sitcom Timebomb (Dead Beat)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Terrible Evenings (P-Trash)
DIRTY BS - Appropriation (Slasher)

PESD - Body Bags (Prank)
SIGNAL LOST - Syrens Hymn (Prank)
BURY THE LIVING - Befriend to Behead (Prank)
DROWNING NATION - Mouthful of Shit (Ratbite)

WARTORN - Scum Bag Five-O (Crimes Against Humanity)
ACTION - Scared into Silence (Punk-Core)
INFA RIOT - Power (Captain Oi!)
ABRASIVE WHEELS - the Army song (Captain Oi!)
THE DIABOLLOCKS - Kinda Rough (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
BLACK SPOKES - Were Sorry we Missed You (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Nylon Ties (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Girl I Got Your Number (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Dark Clouds (are a Good Literary Device) (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Balls to this, Im Going Home (Self-Released)
SWORDS - Towers (Self-Released)
THE MIND CONTROLS - Death Cult Shoot Out (Dirtnap)
PEGGIO PUNX - Schemo (Antichrist Dionysus)
THE DESTRUCTORS - Police State (Captain Oi!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This issue came out in June 2006. The issue features Dirty BS. We also got to speak with Knucklehead from Calgary. Aaron Brown interviews Total Chaos. The issue also features reviews, gossip, show listings, photos of Dirty Sanchez, and a flyers page.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Radio: Sunday, June 11, 2006

VANILLA MUFFINS - FCB (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)

DOA - DOA (Sudden Death)
SKEEZICKS - Stupid questions (Bolzkow)
SEVEN SECONDS - Fight Your Own fight (Squirtdown)
ILL REPUTE - We'll Get Back At Them (Grand Theft Audio)
DIE BRUCKE - Status Coal (Self-Released)
VICTIMS - Your Life is Red (Havoc)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Philosophy (Fringe)

DOA - Fucked Up Baby (Sudden Death)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Bent (Diabolic Force)
DIRTY BIRD - Fight (Muck)

THE METAL EDDIES - Jenny was a Goth (No Vynil)
OVERDOSE - Self Titled (Live)
SEPTIC TANK DISASTER - South America (Pezmosis)

DOA - World War 3 (Friends)
THROWAWAYS - Tallahassie Tally-Ho (No Vynil)
DIRECT ACTION - Dominator (Self-Released)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Cats Life / Paint Fumes (Self-Released)
DIRTY BIRD - In Cast (Muck)
BFG - Have you Ever Seen ? (Back Alley)

THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Cyber Stabbed in the Virtual Back (I Deal)
SKIT SYSTEM - Våld (Havoc)
BLOODHAG - Frederik Pohl (Alternative Tentacles)
RAMMER - Dataslut (CD Track 2)
GOAT HORN - Threatening Force (Basement Metal)

Demo Feature
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - The Night Has Fallen (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - Burning (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - From the Dead (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - Frustration (Self-Released)

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Tranzmitors "Teenage Tragedy" ep

 This is Deranged Records 88. "Teenage Tragedy" sounds like it is influenced by 50's rock and roll particularly Jerry Lee Lewis with the fast rockin' piano pounding parts that are a bigger part than most Tranzmitors songs. The song "Invisible Girl" is about an elusive girl. More syrupy goodness from this punk band out of Vancouver with a punk rock lineage to get jealous for.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Radio - Sunday, June 4, 2006

NOMIND - Checking the Obituaries (Lone Wolf)

BUZZCOCKS - Promises (EMI)
POINTED STICKS - Lies (Sudden Death)
VANILLA MUFFINS - I Wanna Be Somebody (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Gotta Getaway (Virgin)
SHAM 69 - What Have We Got (Captain Oi)

CAREER SUICIDE - Disconnect (Feral Ward)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Bulldozer (Self-Released)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Who To Be (Hjernespind)
TRISTESS - Rex (Kick n Punch)
THE SHIVERS - No Reaction (Teenline)
EXPLODING HEARTS - We Dont Have to Worry (Unreleased)

YOUNG LIONS - Guns & Children (Self-Released)
LIVING PROOF - Lizard for a Day (100%)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - One in the Middle (Fringe)
DOA - Watcha Gonna Do (Friends)
DEATH SENTENCE - In Flames (Undergrowth)

THE SUBHUMANS - Slave To My Dick (CD Presents)
UNWANTED - Tanks Keep Rolling (BYO)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - Mrs. Palmer (Risky)
DIRECT ACTION - Trapped in a World (Irate Faction)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Situation All Fucked Up (Pusmort)

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Career Suicide "Attempted Suicide" CD

This is the current line up with Matt Miller on bass and Dave Brown on drums. recorded at Signal to Noise by Jon Drew and released by Deranged. The songs on here are:
1. Play the Part
2. Saving Face.
3. Realities
4. Recipe For Disaster
5. The Last Say
6. Impact Side
7. Fan the Flame
8. Attempted Suicide
9. From the Start
10. Blink
11. You Got Caught
12. Out of the Fray
13. Keep To Yourself

Friday, June 2, 2006