Monday, June 19, 2006

Radio - Sunday, June 18, 2006

COCKNEY REJECTS - We are the Firm (Captain Oi!)

CROW - Give Up All Hope (Prank)
SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Absolute Affluence (Wounded Paw)
VICTIMS - Running for Escape (Havoc)
TRAGEDY - Deaf and Disbelieving (Feral Ward)
DESOLATION - In Blue No Innocent Will Die (Prank)

RAW POWER - Fuck Authority (Ugly Pop)
INDIGESTI - Mass Media (Vacation House)
WRETCHED - La Logica del Potere (Antichrist Dionysus)
IMPACT - Ambizioni
PETROLIO - Italia, Italia (Redrum)

DC SNIPERS - Note to Self (Dead Beat)
LIVEFASTDIE - Snuff movie (Dead Beat)
M.O.T.O. - Crystallize My Penis (Criminal I.Q.)
BUSY SIGNALS - Cant feel a thing (Shit Sandwich)
MARKED MEN - A Little Time (Swami)

LEFT JAB - Altona Torkelgang (Bolzkow)
DOA - War in the East (Sudden Death)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Sudden Impact (Self-Released)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Memories of Tomorrow (Frontier)
STUPIDS - So Much Fun (Children of Revolution)
SNFU - Get Off Your Ass (BYO)

RAZORS - In The City of Death (Mata Hari)
HYPE - Violent Nature (Reuben Kincade)
DEATH SENTENCE - Fake (Fringe)
R.I.P. - Anti-Militar (Maximumrocknroll)
AGE - Ha-Doh (Tribal War)

ARMY OF JESUS - Indentured (Criminal I.Q.)
PEDESTRIANS - American Town (Southkore)
GORILLA ANGREB - M/S Tampa (Feral Ward)
THROBBIN URGES - Sitcom Timebomb (Dead Beat)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Terrible Evenings (P-Trash)
DIRTY BS - Appropriation (Slasher)

PESD - Body Bags (Prank)
SIGNAL LOST - Syrens Hymn (Prank)
BURY THE LIVING - Befriend to Behead (Prank)
DROWNING NATION - Mouthful of Shit (Ratbite)

WARTORN - Scum Bag Five-O (Crimes Against Humanity)
ACTION - Scared into Silence (Punk-Core)
INFA RIOT - Power (Captain Oi!)
ABRASIVE WHEELS - the Army song (Captain Oi!)
THE DIABOLLOCKS - Kinda Rough (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
BLACK SPOKES - Were Sorry we Missed You (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Nylon Ties (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Girl I Got Your Number (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Dark Clouds (are a Good Literary Device) (Self-Released)
BLACK SPOKES - Balls to this, Im Going Home (Self-Released)
SWORDS - Towers (Self-Released)
THE MIND CONTROLS - Death Cult Shoot Out (Dirtnap)
PEGGIO PUNX - Schemo (Antichrist Dionysus)
THE DESTRUCTORS - Police State (Captain Oi!)

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