Tuesday, February 28, 1984

Flyer - Thursday February 28 - Saturday March 1, 1985

The Asexuals play at the DMZ around the time of thier first LP.

Monday, February 20, 1984

Saturday, February 18, 1984

Asexuals "Featuring the Asexuals" ep

This was the first release by the Asexuals. It was a 7" and came out on Og Music which was more of a garage punk label run by the guys in Deja Voodoo. Must have been some scene solidarity going on. It was limited to a pressing of 500 copies and the songs on here are:
1. New World
2. B.F.D.
3. Where's the Bus
4. Stand Up

Sunday, February 5, 1984

Direct Action cassette

Direct Action were a hardcore band in Toronto formed out of a band from St. Catharines called the Unknowns. This was their first cassette release which later got released by Bitz-core in Germany as the "Damn-Age" LP. Members in the band were Tim on vocals, Xig on guitar, Dave on bass, and Mike on drums. This was recorded at Accusonic and produced by Paul Galiene, Brian and Todd.
Lyric sheet

The songs on here are:
1. Direct Action
2. Trapped in a World
3. Liberty
4. Angels of Death
5. Damn Age
6. P.C.P.
7. Repression
8. Eat the Rich
9. 19 A.D. 4
10. Hate Generation
11. H-Bomb
12. Living Dead
13. I Like Speed
14. Dominator
15. U.X.B.
16. Tomorrow is Too Late

Wednesday, February 1, 1984