Saturday, August 31, 1985

Tuesday, August 27, 1985

Saturday, August 24, 1985

Flyer - Saturday August 24, 1985

Thanks to Derek Emerson for sendnig us this flyer and loads of others. I didn't get to see this show but I heard that this is the show where the circle pit in Toronto was born. I heard Ken Huff had something to do with it. Well the circle pit helpd the dance floor in hardcore become not just boys fun.

Saturday, August 17, 1985

Friday, August 16, 1985

Friday, August 9, 1985

Thursday, August 1, 1985

Flyer - Thursday, August 1st, 1985

Zine - The Pig Paper #21

MRR Interview - DOA

Jeff Bahl of MRR does an interview with DOA just after "Let's Wreck the Party" had come out. This appeared in issue #27 of MRR, which came out in August 1985. Click on the image to enlarge the interview to a readable size.

MRR Interview - Sons of Ishmael

This piece on Sons of Ishmael appeared in issue #27 of MRR, in August 1985. I think the piece was written by singer Tim Freeborn.