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Top 10 – January 2016

1. CINDERBLOCK Demo (Self-Released)
2. DRONEZ –“Corporate Funded Terror” ep (Ryvolte)
3. GERIATRIC UNIT “S.O.T.O. ep (Viral Age / Crew for Life)
4. DOA “Hard Rain Falling” CD (Sudden Death)
5. MUCOPUS “La Scatola” CD (Self-Released)
6. DRIP Demo (Run State)
7. BALLOT BURNER - Dirt Merchants (Harvest King)
8. NAPALM RAID “Mindless Nation” ep (Run State)
9. PATSY - Tuley Tude High (Total Punk)
10. OUTREAU – No Justice (Une Vie pour Rien)



Flyer - Sunday, January 31st, 2016

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 24th, 2016

We start off with a feature on Make Me Sick fest happening next Friday and Saturday in Hamilton. You can hear the show on the player above or download and MP3 file here.

SICKMARK - Hammer (Pain of Mind)

Ben Needham of former SCHOOL JERKS / TERMINAL STATE fame is helping organize this weekend fest that is taking place in Hamilton this coming Friday. This is the third or fourth fest under the Make Me Sick moniker and Ben explained some of who will be playing and pulled together a set of material representing some of the bands for these shows.

NAAMAHK – C.I.H. (Self-Released)
LOVE CANAL – Sold (Black Dots)
CHLORINE – Power (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – 4 Boys – Big Boy, Big Attitude (Self-Released)
FLESH RAG – Electric Dream (It’s Trash)

CHOKE CHAINS - Drag Queen Cartoon (Slovenly)
BANTAM ROOSTER - Tom Skinner (Crypt)
DIRTBOMBS - Underdog (In The Red)
THE GUN CLUB - Jack On Fire (Ruby)
PUBLIC ANIMAL - One Way Ticket (Yeah Right)

NO PROBLEM - Killing Game (Deranged)
OWEN WILSON - 72 Hours (Yeah Right)
GUILTY RAZORS - I Don't Wanna Be A Rich (Seventeen)
LA MOTO DE FERNAN - La Moto De Fernan (Rufus)
RAMONES - You Didn't Mean Anything To Me (Sire)
ZACHARY SLACKS - Remains (Self-Released)

THE LICKS - 1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong (Stortbeat)
AFFLICTED - I'm Afflicted (Bonk)
STEREOTYPES – Parisian (Hinterland)
THE BEEZ – Girls (Edible)
THE FREEZE – Paranoia (A1)

SILENT ORDER - Decay (Self-Released)
SUFFER DAMAGE - Crisis (Vulle Pulle)
SVORDOM - Poltetaan Patria (Kierrepotku)
HJARNBLODNING - Världs Polis (Self-Released)
DETONATE - Motherless Children (Self-Released)

ALIENATION - Waste Of Time (Self-Released)
BRICKS - Insignificant Death (Self-Released)
NUEVA FUERZA - Mundo Material (Self-Released)
ULTIMO IMPERIO - Juventud Oportunista (Self-Released)
SECTA SUICIDA - Crisis de Identidad (Discos MMM)
UNWANTED - God Bless America (Self-Released)

SHADOW LAUGHTER - Final Solution To The Oogle Question (Self-Released)
ATZER 81 - Stuttgart Kaputtgart (Ku Kux Klan)
RUBBER MATE - Let's Go to the Beach (Saucepan)
THE CHEAP DATES - Daily Commute (Self-Released)
THE BLOW INS - Pan Bogaty (Self-Released)
BOYSCOUTS - Polar Bear Plunge (Self-Released)

X45 is a new band from Hamilton that features Ben from School Jerks / Terminal State, Scott from Born Wrong, and Casey of Naughty Girls. This demo is being released as a cassette and special edition lathe pressing at Friday night's part of "Make Me Sick". The song "Power" is up on youtube for you to get an idea of what it sounds like. 

X45 – Gods on Earth (Self-Released)
X45 – Power (Self-Released)
X45 – Maniac Mops (Self-Released)

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 17th, 2016

On tonight's show we played all music, no interviews to feature some new material coming out and some things we have missed in the past. But we started off with some bands coming to town. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

MOTHERFUCKERS - Old Enough to Know Better (Handsome Dan)

POISON IDEA - This Thing Called Progress (American Leather)
LONG KNIFE - Weekend At Bartek's (Long Knife)
AAS - No Interaction (Self-Released)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Ammosexual
GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS - Open Letter To The Cleveland Police (625 Thrash)
PRESSING ON - What We Believe (Self-Released)
MUCOPUS – Asturias (Self-Released)

GINO AND THE GOONS – Let’s Go (Slovenly)
THE COUNT BISHOPS – Teenage Letter (Chiswick)
THE EXITS – This Toytown World (Rev-Ola)
USELESS EATERS – Poison Darts (Slovenly)

ANCIENT FILTH – Commodity (Self-Released)
SMILING - Mellow Out (Self-Released)
PARANOID - Kenzennaru Seishin Houkai (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
PARASYTES – Melting Brain (Self-Released)
QUARTER TANK - We Brought the Fire (Self-Released)

CHEETAH CHROME – Take Me Home (Numero)
THE CIGARETTES – Surrender (Detour)
FLOWERS OF EVIL – Kick the Sky (Deranged)
SCRAPER – Trash Can (Slovenly)
OAF – Consume (Deranged)

CONSTANT INSULT - No Beginning (Let’s Pretend)
LA MISMA - Ta Rabida Sin Es Ta Bira L Na Bo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LATEX - Nothing to Say (World Gone Mad / Sensual World)
VCR - Scream Again (Self-Released)
TOTAL DICKS - Grocery Store Mutant (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOYS - Gorm Shelves (Self-Released)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Believe Me Alone (Self-Released)

DRONEZ - Domestic Blacksite (Ryvvolte)
BLIND DOG - Hunger Pains (Self-Released)
OFF! – Void You Out (Vice)
PATSY - Tuley Tude High (Self-Released)
BLOODSUCKERS - Замкнутый круг (Vicious Circle) (Self-Released)

OUTREAU - No Justice (Une Vie Pour Riens)
VIAL - No One Understands (Cut Rate)
CASCARABIAS - El Despertar (Self-Released)
NIGHT SCHOOL – Synanon (Self-Released)
THE GIFT - Bound for nothing (Self-Released)
ROTTEN MIND – Damaged State of Mind (Lovely)

DEAD HERO – Antisocial (Discos MMM)
FLQ – Crime (Bad Vibrations)
63 MONROE – Bloodstains on the Carpet (Speed City)
TV FREAKS – Glue (Deranged)
THE MAHONES – Fuck You (Wolverine)
DOA – You've Gone Too Far (Sudden Death)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band local band featuring Patty from Brutal Youth on vocals, two guys who were in End Program and Dave and Martin from Dead Mouth. You can find this at their bandcamp page.

DRAGGED IN – August (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Safe Together (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Breathe (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Dragged In (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Empty Glasses (Self-Released)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SAGO Studio 3 session

SAGO are a new hardcore band started out of a need to start a fast hardcore band. The band features Alex from the Sofistifucks on vocals, which is odd because he plays drums in the Sofistifucks. In fact all these band members played drums in other bands so they are a band of drummers, but they also play pother instruments in other bands. Marty plays guitar in SAGO and Dragged In. Chad is the other guitarist who also has talents doing video editing for "The Scene id Dead...Long Live the Scene". Mike plays bass and Piers plays drums. The band has good chemistry. Their experience in other bands doesn't make them afraid to edit their material. There are a lot of crazy parts  that create layered structures all from a hardcore tradition which makes the music fierce and amazing. The session was a lot of fun and Ian Wilkinson was able to record the following songs which are on the "City Wide Garbage Strike" demo, a few new songs and a DS-13 cover.

1. Ignorant Shit
2. Capital Punishment
3. Throwaway
4. Squeeler
5. In Harm's Way
6. Accusations
7. Antipathy
8. Faceless Criminals
9. Fukk the Cops

DS-13 is one of the band's influences and they get to play with them on May 17th. How often does that happen?

This session was videotaped by Aldo and Punks 'n Rockers. Here is a clip from that session.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 10th, 2016

We spoke with Moira and Graeme Mackinnon of Strangled after they played Not Dead Yet on Sunday October 25th. This went way into the early morning as you will hear referenced many times throughout the interview. We speak about Game of Thrones, the MacKinnons and punk, David Finkleman, a band they did with Zoe Dodd called Low Ceiling, Harper SS, and the songs on "Body Bag" in depth. You can download an MP3 of the show here

STRANGLED  Cold Front (Crude City)
STRANGLED  Fast Motion (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
LOW CEILING  Endless Nights and Endless Days (Self-Released)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Body Bag (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  White Noise (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Leader (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
HARPER SS  Victimized (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Third Eye (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Cost of Living (Crude City)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from St. Petersburgh, Russia described in the latest issue of MRR as ripping it up in the style of a Japanese D-Beat crusters. It makes me think a little of Absolut. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

BLOODSUCKERS – War in my Head (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Psychosis (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Vicious Circle (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Devil in my Flesh (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – I’d Rather Die Poor (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Carry on Chaos (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Student Wankers (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Under the political Stamp (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Cheap Trip (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Peace and Love Through Drugs (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Shackles of Love (Run State Tapes)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Big Brother studio 3 session

I have worked with Ian Wilkinson for a few years now. He records all of our studio 3 sessions. He is a trained sound engineer recruited out of Harris Institute by our Station Manager, Ken Stowar and was paired up with our show because of his punk background. Ian has played in a number of punk bands and more recently has played in the Corporation and Ghetto Blaster, but like I said I have mostly known him for being the guy that rushes around to set up mics get a sound, take a session away and send it to me equalized and ready to play. He has done this work selflessly. Ian has a new skacore band called Big Brother with Chris who played in Ghetto Blaster with Ian. Chris plays guitar and sings, Ian plays bass and sings. Derek is their drummer who was on the show once before because he played with Ian in the Corporation. Big Brother self-describes their sound as Orwellian Skacore. The band takes that SoCal melodic punk sound and combines it with ska and offbeat song structures making for a unique sound. The lyrics are inspired by a mix of personal incidents and inspiration documentary films. We did an interview with Big Brother afterwards. This is the first session not recorded by Ian in some time. Andrew Denure from the Filthy Radicals recorded this session. Thanks to Andrew. He recorded the following songs:

1. Slave Wages / I Want for Christmas is the End of the World 
2. Some of us (Ruin it for the rest of us)
3. Labyrinth
4. Kids of the Sun
5. Island President
6. Cast Overboard
7. Slippin' Away 
8. They're Watching
9. Eco-Terrorist
10. Corexit

We also did a station ID, a show ID and a combined ID. The session was video taped by Aldo and candy from Punks and Rockers. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Radio - Sunday January 3rd, 2016

The First show of the New Year. We started  with a request from my brother.... You can download an MP3 of the show here.

NOMEANSNO - Slowly Melting (Alternative Tentacles)

Rob's Top 10 Canadian releases from 2015
10. KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW - When Will I Be Tamed (In the Red)
9. POW WOWS – Rebel Stomp (Get Hip)
8. BISHOPS GREEN – Another Door (Rebellion)
7. TV FREAKS – Act of Contrition (Deranged)
6. LIGHTMARES – Everything Ave. (CIUT)
5. D.O.A. - Johnny Too Bad (Sudden Death)
4. SAGO – The Throwaway (Self-Released)
3. FASHIONISM – Where Have all the Rock'n'Roll Girls Gone (Hosehead)
1. THE MANDATES – Katie, Katie, Katie (Hosehead / Taken by Surprise / Teenage Rampage)

Ian Wilkinson, the sound engineer behind our famed Studio 3 sessions put together a retrospective of sessions recorded at the old studio and the new studio. We look back at some of the amazing and unique recordings done at CIUT. First, some sessions at the old studio:

THE RESTARTS – Intelligent Design (CIUT)
MOTHERFUCKERS – I Wanna Be A Cop So I Can Fuck You Up (CIUT)
MAD COWBOYS – Footsteps (CIUT)
END PROGRAM – T he New Americas / Vice vs. / Criminal (CIUT)

These sessions were recorded at the current location:

VICTIM PARTY – 100 Assholes (CIUT)
THE STRIKE – What You Gonna Do? (CIUT)

We ended with a demo by a band from Windsor that just recorded here called Uncle Ray. You can download the demo at their bandcamp.

UNCLE RAY – Lung Power (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY – Malfunction (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY – Tough Guy (Self-Released)

Friday, January 1, 2016

MRR Review - Danger Demo 2012

This band from a few years ago consisted of folks who were in After the Bombs, Peligro Social, Skull 'n Bones, Proxy, Sexface, The Diskonected, and Pura Mania which makes me wonder who the fuck wasn't in this band. Glad this has come out and you can find a link for a DL at Chords of Chaos. Thanks to MRR for writing about it in their January 2016 issue. 

MRR Review - Inepsy "Unreleased demo / Loudhouse 2000" cassette

As the review says this was recorded in 2000 at the Loudhouse in Montreal. It just came out as a cassette on Runstate. Thanks to MRR for writing and alerting us about it's presence.

MRR Review - Cheap Wig "Agoness"

MRR is a great source for finding out about new bands from around the country. Cheap Wig is one of those examples. Out of Montreal they have a bandcamp page. This review appeared in the January issue.

MRR Review - Grump "Flatline" ep

From Halifax......

MRR - S.H.I.B.G.B.'s R.I.P.

Alex Kress does a great article on the closing of S.H.I.B.G.B.'s for the January issue of MRR You can download the article as a PDF.

MRR Review - FLQ "More of You" ep

FLQ feature members of the SCHOOL JERKS (R.I.P.) and the VALLEY BOYS. This is the band's first release. This review comes from the January 2016 issue of MRR.

MRR Review - Flesh Rag Lp

Surfin Ki loves bands with people from Hamilton. Flesh Rag is the newest band featuring former members of Rocket Reducers, the Vapids, the Mystics and a current member of TV Freaks. Here is what MRR said about their first full length in their Jnauary 2016 issue.

MRR Review - Ballot Burner "Forward into Extinction" ep

Ballot Burner, out of Regina, with their first release. Harvest King does the honorus. Reviewed in January 2016 edition of MRR. You can get this on bandcamp.

MRR Review - Everyday Things "All Day/All Night" ep

A review in the January 2016 issue of MRR.....

MRR Review - Absolut / Paranoid "Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation" split LP

Absolut have recorded again. Absolut are from Toronto and feature Chris from Saigon Distress Signal on vocals and Joel Fisher on guitar among and Rich from Action on bass. The band is a kang power house bred in the Canuck climes and have been paired with a Swedish band that is inspired by Japanese Burning Spirits hardcore. I can't believe that these two bands have a record together. And of course Beach Impediment is behind it all. This review appears in the January 2016 issue of MRR. Two songs are up on the band's bandcamp page.

MRR - DOA "Hard Rain Falling" LP

I love DOA. I love their music. I love the history to the band. I think Joey Shithead is a role model. I could go on.... Having said this I haven;t been happy with DOA's last few releases. "Hard Rain Falling" is one that I have gone back to listen to and it is not just because of the cover of the Slickers "Johnny Too Bad", which UB40 popularized in more recent times. Thee are great new songs that could be considered part o DOA's memorable back catalogue. So if you have written DOA off as being too old, I think you should re-consider and give this a listen. This is despite the mocking tone of he MRR review in January's issue.....

MRR Review - The Vermins

Also from Montreal, The Vermins get a digital download available on Run State. This review is from January's issue of MRR.

MRR Review - Napalm Raid "Mindless Nation" demo

Originally recorded in 2012, Run State has made this available in a digital download. But this download is available at "Am I Punk Yet". This review came out of the January 2016 issue of MRR.

MRR Review - Drip demo

Drip are a new band from Montreal taking after S.H.I.T. in terms of sound. Run State has put out the demo which you can find on bandcamp.